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    Post [ROM+KERNEL]HUAWEI WATCH 2[LTE-Sawshark]+[BT-Sawfish]-[OWDE.180926.001.A1][22-Jan-20]

    Hi all, Might be a dumb q, but has anyone had luck getting GPay working with Busybox/Magisk recently (Dec 2020)? Safety net checks pass but GPay gets stuck (more like not proceeding) on setting it up. I have followed...
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    Post Screen banding/distortion in dark videos
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    I am also having issues downloading 03/04 from basketbuild, can anyone provide a mirror? Thank you :)
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    I have dirty flashed from 02/13 to 02/17 and the battery issues have been fixed! Thank you varund7726 for all your hard work :)
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    Post [HOWTO][Bacon][F2FS-ALL] F2FS Filesystem

    Help with Lollipop F2FS for LiquidSmooth Hey, I know the rom is in Alpha, but I was wondering if someone could help me with the updater script and fstab for LiquidSmooth v4.0 , 5.0.1? The lines on the original post differ from the lines in this specific rom
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    Thread CLOSED

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    Thread [Q] Boot Animation Help for F2FS?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me in getting my boot animation to work. I am on LiquidSmooth F2FS (09/19) with Sensei Kernel (040 b12) and whenever I try to replace the system boot animation in /system/media/, i get a while line in the screen. Any ideas as to what's...
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    Post What Rom are you using?.

    LiquidSmooth F2FS 09/19 with Sensei Kernel (based off AK) 040 b12 C:
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    Post [HOWTO][Bacon][F2FS-ALL] F2FS Filesystem

    Thanks for the guide Got 09/19 Liquidsmooth on F2FS with Sensei Kernel b12 C:
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    Post ★ Post your OnePlus One home screens ★

    Flow Theme with Nova :)