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  1. J

    Post T-Mobile ONE free sim unlock test promotion

    Count me in - I'll inbox you.. Any luck to anyone else?
  2. J

    Post H811 LG G4 Network Unlock Help needed or different stock firmware

    Can you link us to the App that unlocked it?
  3. J

    Post [Sound MOD] AC!D Audio Technology | v4.0 (22.10.12)

    Download Link Can someone link me to the download link, its not working...
  4. J

    Post [AOSP] 4.0.3 *Vanilla_Icecream_3.0* (3-27-2012) w/Exclusive "GPS settings"

    Screen Shots? Can you post any Screenshots?
  5. J

    Post [ROM] [NS4G] CyanogenMod 9 v4.0.4 - v4.0

    Link? Can someone link me to the site wit the latest nightly? I'm new to the NS4G, I had the HTC evo :/
  6. J

    Post [ROM][ICS][AOSP] Bugless Beast (Nightlies)

    sweet looks cool, can't wait to flash! :)
  7. J

    Post HTC EVO Wallpaper Thread

    THEME A Samcro Theme would make me happy! :)
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    Post [Theme] Batman theme for CM7 Nightlies by Abu_Noah-Updated!

    How would I install the theme? do you install the .zip in recovery?
  9. J

    Post [Theme] Mixer for CM7 & SavagedZen RC2..Now with .apk!!!!

    I'm not sure if this was already asked, but is this setup for for 4G?
  10. J

    Post [Theme] SuperManEvo "Superman" for CM6.1.2/CM7 and Sense by Abu_Noah and Rujelus22

    HTC EVO How do you install the widgets and stuff on the EVO. I think I'm running 2.2 unrooted. do I need to root my phone or install anything to use it?