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    Thread Enabling fingerprint wakeup

    Hello! I'm using LineageOS 17.1 with my Poco F1. I wanted to ask, if anybody has a way of making possible to wake the phone up using the fingerprint sensor, but without fingerprints defined? This worked without problems with my Redmi Note 4, but not with Poco F1 anymore. I've search a lot for...
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    Thread Not big phone with good LineageOS support

    Hello! I'm looking for some not too big (about 4,5..5") phone. Priorities for me are: * good LineageOS support (with best chances that it won't stop in let's say 2..3 years), * shouldn't be famous as a problematic phone (for example frequent damages), * at least 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash...
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    Thread FM Radio recording bug

    Hello! I find one nasty bug. When I try to record anything from FM Radio, the app hangs after some time. The best way to reproduce that is to open FM Radio app, start recording and iconify FM Radio app. Then just do anything else on the phone (for example web browsing). After a while (usually...