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  1. Peteragent5

    Thread [Tutorial] Install Sun Java JDK 6 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    Installing Java JDK 6 sudo add-apt-repository "deb hardy main multiverse" sudo add-apt-repository "deb hardy-updates main multiverse" sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner" sudo apt-get update...
  2. Peteragent5

    Thread [NEW] Need Mac OS X Tester (Script)

    I have script that I want to make sure works on Mac OS X. Could anyone test it for me? Download here. Thanks. Run it by: chmod +x ./test It's just a simple user input :) Script output should be somewhat like this: Enter input: XDA You typed: XDA
  3. Peteragent5

    Thread [POLL] Whose CM9 is most stable?

    Whose CM9 is most stable? Maclaw's OR erikcas' It's for an upcoming project... That involves ICS... and another ui... oh damn, i think I said too much ;)
  4. Peteragent5

    Thread [Confirmed!] Use Busybox as a Root alternative!

    Sorry if you know this already but I just found out. LOL :p I found out while playing around with various versions of Busybox. Inside /system/xbin:symlink: busybox to: su Then symlink: su to: /system/bin/su Now you'll need a Superuser app. and you'll get root access :D OR Download the...
  5. Peteragent5

    Thread [GUIDE] Revert back to RFS | Convert to EXT4

    Nothing more, nothing less. Let's head straight into the Guide. Back to RFS: Flash your Gio back to Stock with ODIN When phone reboots, quickly hold home button You'll then install the CSC, but it fails on data. When phone reboots again, quickly hold home button Now you're in Stock Recovery...
  6. Peteragent5

    Thread [MDPI] Low-end devices that are similar to the big devices

    Just some info, if anyone wants to know ;) These are all MDPI and ARMv7 and either ICS or JellyBean. Touchwiz UI: Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 looks like the SGS2 Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G I200 looks like the SGS3 Sony Xperia UI: Sony Xperia tipo looks like the Xperia Ion Sense UI: HTC...
  7. Peteragent5

    Thread [TOOL][WINDOWS][.9.png] Android Resizer Tool

    Original Thread
  8. Peteragent5

    Thread [TOOL][.9.png][REPOST] 9-Patch-Resizer

    Description:A resizer tool to automaticaly resize png files and 9 patches in several densities Source Code Supported DPIs:XXXHDPI XXHDPI XHDPI HDPI MDPI LDPI Thanks to:redwarp (Author of the program) Jean-Baptiste LAB (Made the app working in command line) Download
  9. Peteragent5

    Thread ClockWorkMod v6.x.x

    I'm pretty sure this can be done? Someone can update the CWM on our Gio by using the Guide from koush (LOL, why don't we have official? -_- I think if we get this official, we'll have a chance to get official CM7 also... :fingers-crossed:)
  10. Peteragent5

    Thread Build Android on Arch Linux rather than on Ubuntu or other Linux!?

    Shouldn't we build Android on Arch Linux rather than on other Linux Distros? Since Arch Linux is a Rolling Release and you'll have all updated packages, so this makes sense to me.... But why did Android recommend Ubuntu? Did Canonical pay them to advertise Ubuntu? LOL
  11. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] About CM9

    When I extract the zip, the entire folder size is about 203MB. I've flashed this successfully long time ago with no problems but now I realize, how does a 203MB ROM fit our 173MB Device????:confused: Can some elaborate/explain how?
  12. Peteragent5

    Thread [COMING SOON][IT's BOOTING!] Sense 4

    It is booting.. but not booting with GUI. Meaning there's still a ton of bugs Please remember that I have school & don't expect an ETA on this project. Hopefully it'll come about. If (When) it does, I'll be soo happy :p (resource folder of HTC Sense 4 below in attachment. See how awesome this...
  13. Peteragent5

    Thread [GUIDE] Instantly Reboot/Shutdown your device/linux!

    A very simple guide, I found out when I was playing around with the terminal. Download & Install Android Terminal Emulator Open Terminal Emulator Android Reboot su reboot Reboot Recovery su reboot recovery Reboot Download: su reboot download Shutdown/Poweroff su reboot -p Linux Reboot su...
  14. Peteragent5

    Thread [ROM][SHARE][2012.7.20] DianXin OS Mini ROM 2.3.7

    I did not compile or make this. The original thread is here Download: All credits goes to: 葛毛毛 Or in English: Ge Mao Mao
  15. Peteragent5

    Thread [DEV] Oxygen Rom - I need a team :)

    So I've recently ported The famous Oxygen Rom to our beloved gio. I need someone who can resize pngs to MDPI. Some of the apps like, Statusbar and Launcher need to be resized. There are also some framework-res icon bugs. Nonetheless, this is an extremely nice ROM that could be used daily, if...
  16. Peteragent5

    Thread [OFFICIAL] MIUI v4 Galaxy Ace ( !!

    Went over Forums and saw Galaxy Ace listed! See screenshot below :) Link to ROM
  17. Peteragent5

    Thread How to take Screenshot!! - NO APP

    O.O So I found this out when I was inserting my SD-Card into my Galaxy Gio. Then I accidentally pressed the following buttons: Power Button + Home Button O.O But not at the same time! Power button first, then press the home button! Ahahahaha :p This was on STOCK Gingerbread 2.3.6
  18. Peteragent5

    Thread How to add 14 toggles statusbar for Galaxy Gio

    This is for anyone who need help on this :) (Also, so I can refer back to it) All credit goes to: lidroid ==> Original Guide Install your framework(s) using apktool Then decompile LidroidSystemUI.apk and SystemUI.apk If your device does not have flashlight, add this code. If it does, ignore...
  19. Peteragent5

    Thread Transparent AndroidX Status Bars

    Compatible with: 20120613 - 20120624 AndroidX 2.3.7 by tioammar Download: Fully transparent status bar Semi transparent status bar 25% transparent status bar
  20. Peteragent5

    Thread [ROM] Deodexed S5660DXKT8 v2

    This is a pure deodexed Stock Rom from the Firmware: DXKT8 For our Samsung Galaxy Gio. It is a flashable system dump. I have done it myself with the help of dsixda & xavierjohn22 :D Tested & Everything is working Information: Used dsixda's Kitchen Used xavierjohn22's AutoDeoTool Used...
  21. Peteragent5

    Thread [Windows | XP | Vista | 7 | TOOL] EasyAPKTOOL v0.02

    I know there are lots of apktools out there already, but I made this for two specific reasons: #1: To be very straightforward (Unlike other tools...) #2: To get off the Computer and go out and enjoy Life :D Features:This tool is the first to support APKs, JARs, and ZIPs simultaneously! This tool...
  22. Peteragent5

    Thread [FIX] Adb fails to install

    This was actually found by verszipo in this thread I'm just sharing. Also, if I get this problem again I can refer to it :) This is a fix for when you can't install adb.
  23. Peteragent5

    Thread [HOW-TO] CM Haptic Feedback on Stock

    All credits goes to Delanoister I'm just sharing ;) Use any root explorer. Go to: /system/usr/keylayout/sec_touchscreen.kl Edit with text editor: key 158 BACK key 139 MENU Replace to: key 158 BACK VIRTUAL key 139 MENU VIRTUAL key 102 HOME VIRTUAL key 217 SEACRH VIRTUAL Save & exit REBOOT...
  24. Peteragent5

    Thread [SOLVED] What makes a ROM or Device it's CPU?

    What makes a ROM or Device it's CPU? Whether it's Armv7 or Armv6 or something else. Is it the libs or the apps? (This is something I'm wondering, in order to port Armv7 Roms to Armv6)
  25. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Official Cyanogenmod for Galaxy Gio?!?!

    I appreciate all the hard work all our devs had done! I really do! But it'd be a great chance for us to have an Official Cyanogenmod for Galaxy Gio. If we do, we could have Official Lewa OS, UnOfficial MIUI GB, and lots more out there! (And I wouldn't be so bored with my boring Gio... LOL...
  26. Peteragent5

    Thread [POLL] Lewa OS for Gio

    I don't really care if you say no or yes, I'm just sharing :) The only issues are that some things are in Chinese (but not all). If you guys want, it'll be an unofficial Lewa os (port from galaxy ace)
  27. Peteragent5

    Thread Need a uploader man..... LOL

    My computer can't upload anything now, since it has become old. It would freeze if I would upload a ROM anywhere. This is why I use my phone to upload my Roms, using Minus app or 4shared app. I need a person who can upload to maybe, Mediafire, immediately after I've uploaded mine to 4shared or...
  28. Peteragent5

    Thread [GUIDE] How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs [Update: Sept.25.2012]

    /* * ~ Please READ ME ~ * * I do not guarantee any successful porting. I am not responsible * for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or a broken device. YOU are * choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger * at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. But I...
  29. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Need X8's BOOTCLASSPATH (CM7/GB)

    I need this to port a Rom to my Galaxy Gio. Thanks! :D
  30. Peteragent5

    Thread List of devices: ARMv7, ARMv6, ARMv5

    I found a really nice thread that will maybe help some developers who need to port ROMs or for another reason :D :D :D All credits to: Doc.Who The list is not complete. If you do not see your device, post in this thread. How to find your CPU: Install Android Terminal Emulator and...
  31. Peteragent5

    Thread [SOLVED] Need Wifi Help when Porting Roms

    Ok so I used a CM7 as base for the Rom I'm porting. The libs and bin are all for my Device and not from the ROM I'm porting. The Kernel is for my Device and not from the ROM I'm porting Though Wifi is not showing networks? How is that possible? Please help! Thanks! :D
  32. Peteragent5

    Thread [SOLVED] How do you port Armv7 Roms to an Armv6 Device?

    So I try to get Galaxy S Roms ported to my Galaxy Gio. Ex. Miui GB But all I get is a blank screen that says android (it hangs). I'm thinking it has something to do with framework or the libs that makes Armv7 not work on Armv6 Anyone with knowledge, please help Thanks :) ----Edit------- It's...
  33. Peteragent5

    Thread [ROM][DEV] LiGux OS 3.2 RC 2 | *Stable* *Smooth*

    Base: The ROM is actually build off a build by Kirin at was later transalated and built by ajrty33 in the HTC Hero CDMA forums. Had help from: The build from the Hero, G2 Touch. Special thanks to bharat_goku for fixing most of the problems in RC 1! It's extremely lightweight...
  34. Peteragent5

    Thread [ROM] S5660DXKT8 [09.03.2012][Android 2.3.6]

    S5660: PDA: S5660DXKT8 Phone: S5660DXKT8 CSC: S5660OLBKT8 Regions: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam # begin build properties # autogenerated by
  35. Peteragent5

    Thread How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Gio [June.5.12]

    How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Gio If your phone doesn’t boot into download mode and you have a black screen after flashing anything wrong. Here's how you unbrick it; worked for me :) ==Method 1:== Prepare ODIN with the firmware you want to flash (in my case was Gingerbread 2.3.4) and get it...
  36. Peteragent5

    Thread [TC][DEV][WIP] MIUI Gingerbread 2.4.20

    Yo! This topic about real MIUI Gingerbread development for Gio. This topic is only for developing at this moment! This ROM is port from: MIUI GB 2.4.20 Galaxy S I9000 - MIUIAndroid The Team: Peteragent5 nims11 Thanks to: nims11 dhk.- CoolCatGetHome phiexz kssood Lens_Flare MIUIAndroid MIUI...
  37. Peteragent5

    Thread [HOW TO] Enable CRT-Effect only!

    I found this: It's basically when you lock your phone it displays a animation! :) To enable fully: In build.prop: Find : debug.sf.hw=1 Give # into it So, it becomes : #debug.sf.hw=1
  38. Peteragent5

    Thread [Confirmed!] Gio with A2SDXMOD works!

    AMARULLZ DATA TO SD-EXT Original Post: [MOD][AD2SDX][ALPHA02] New Data To SD-EXT Mod - AMARULLZ DATA TO SD-EXT So I found this when I was reading through the Aroma Installer thread. I saw amarullz's signature and saw A2SDXMOD and clicked it. Lol it looked cool so I tried it and it works! :)
  39. Peteragent5

    Thread [Bootanimation] LightFlow [Update: March.26.12]

    Forked over from All credit goes to TheRoosevelt I just provide for our MDPI device by resizing. Should work with any MDPI device Just flash in Recovery It is landscaped though. If it's vertical, like below, it'll look bad :) Obligatory "I take no responsibility for any...
  40. Peteragent5

    Thread [Confirmed!] Galaxy Ace's boot.img / Kernel won't work and won't brick Gio!

    So I was busy building a Rom when I forgot to replace the Ace's boot.img with Gio. Once I reboot the phone got a bootloop at Samsung and it had a fading away animation.. :( I was scared lol! So I looked back at my workspace and noticed the it was still Ace's kernel. Conclusion: Galaxy Ace's...
  41. Peteragent5

    Thread [NEWS] SUPERSU developed by Chainfire

    Posted in the Galaxy Ace S5830 General Thread Which basically takes you over to here:
  42. Peteragent5

    Thread What would you like in a ROM? (Somewhat Perfect?)

    The title says all! :) So comment below of what you would like to see in a Rom if I were Hypothetically making..? BTW also comment what launcher you would like: Touchwiz Launcher (Modded/Themed) ssLauncher ADW Launcher Other
  43. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] CM9 Music Player Port?

    Could someone port the CM9 Music app to 2.3.x so it will work on our Gio and maybe some more other devices? Because it's currently for phones running Ice Cream Sandwich ( v 4.0.3+). CM9 Music Player ICS App
  44. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Undervolting Gio?

    I was just wondering if undervolting is possible for the gio? Anyone? Thanks :)
  45. Peteragent5

    Thread [Solution] Loss of color

    So if you're wondering why your phone is losing it's color or if it's color is fading away. You've come to the right place. I stumbled upon this problem when I compared my Gio between my Parent's and my brother's Gio. It seemed as if the color on my Gio had seem to faded.. :p lol Then I found...
  46. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Odin error Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Lirary

    Hello Gio community! I was wondering if some one could help my friend? Here is the error:
  47. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Damn Small Linux?

    Can you be a developer using Damn Small Linux? :)
  48. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] PayaPal Donate Error?

    I'm not sure if this thread goes in the Off-Topic place or Q&A? So I made a donate button in PayPal. When I'm done I put the code in my CP. Then I go to one of my posts and above my avatar it says "Donate to me" I click it and it redirects me to PayPal with this error: Any Help? :confused...
  49. Peteragent5

    Thread [Q] Reading Logcats

    So I have a question about logcats. Does your phone need to be booted up to run adb logcat :confused: For example: I'm porting a Custom Rom (Ace Rom) and installation finished. My phone won't boot up now? So do I flash Stock and then Run adb logcat ??? Will it still show the errors?
  50. Peteragent5

    Thread [DONE] MIUI ROM for Galaxy Gio

    *All Done :) kamyary Frankin96 Delanoister TeamCooper (+ Me) MIUI Gingerbread by Me MIUI v4 by Me