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  1. KoSett

    Thread [Rom][Stock]***a37 oppo***

    #ColorOS3.0 Stock OPPO A37 FEATUE ___*****___ 1. Deodexed 2. Debloted 3. Zipaligned support nd tweaked 5.PreRooted 6.buildprop tweaks 7.ColorOS 3.1 themed 8.Lastest version nd twrp install able 9.Added kernel tool 10.added quickboot 11. Added busybox ************************* Rom...
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    Thread Miui8 for oppo a37F

    I ported miui8 rom from redmi2 64bit. MIUI 8 OPPO A37 CHANGELOG TRIED TO FIX 1. Google play (all) 2. Android system Webview 3.Sound 4. Miui MUSIC ND Video 5.System Performances 6.Google Keyboard (removed hacker's keyboard) 7.Region Default to MYANMAR (for zawgyi font) 8.updated miui 8.1.64...
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    Thread [TWRP] a37)

    HI I ported twrp from oppo f1f. We have been bootloader locked (just its not present fastboot). Now i found a way to install custom recovery to our device. Step 1. Root with kingroot or kingo root. Step 2. Oppo tool v1.6.5...
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    Thread [Rom]{Cm12.1} -F/FZ/H

    Credit and Thanks #Henkate (thanks ) Nick Verse ganesh varma For CM12.1J500FN CarlosArriaga for his explosion kernel SUPPORTED DEVICES Fortunafz -SMG530FZ Fortunalte-SMG530F Fortuna3g-SMG530H Fortuna3gdtv-SMG530BT Ported from J500FN with explosion Kernel. Bugs *...
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    Thread Magic_Port_V4.0 F/H/M

    MAGIC_PORT_V4.0 main feature fasstest smoothest nd stable for camera no need to set 8mp in cam setting SUPPORTED DEVICES FOR NOW 1. SM-G530F XX 2.SM-G530H XX 3.SM-G530H XC 4.SM-g530FZ DOWNLOAD LINKS SM-G530 XX =
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    Thread (Rom) Funtouch OS2.5 for grand prime

    status - Fixings headset Here to download For Update i will update with small size. for screenshot please comfirm by someone. Thanks. Hit like buttom if u need stable Rom inf 5.1.1 require 5.0 lollipop firmware status-alpha kernel by carlos (thanks nd crd him for...
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    Thread [TMO][Rom]J5_Slim

    Slim_J5 For 530 Support Devices _ 1. SM-G530W 2. SM-G530P 3. SM-G530T 4. SM-G530T1 Features Zram enabled Int.d support Sqlite Zipalign Deodex Deknocked Added build prop tweaks Int.d tweaks Busybox installed Installed Su in kernel Nd many more ...... Not tested by any one . Please comfirm...
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    Thread [Guide] how to port Roms

    I start writing 'how to port a Rom. Go
  9. KoSett

    Thread [GUIDE] HOW TO PORT Roms

    how to port a rom for qualcom rom from almost same chipset? THATS EASY:D What Required? 1 laptot or computer 2. DEODEX TOOL 3. UNPACK/REPACK BOOT.IMG TOOL 4.NOTEPAD+ 5.7Z OR WINRAR 6. meld compare tool (but no need if you have some xp) 5. A BRAIN IF SO ENOUGH TO PORT A ROM LET START PORTING...
  10. KoSett

    Thread S6 rom 530h[2017-02-02]

    S6 Rom for SM-G530H Based on nameless firmware (Thank Has.007) Thank Carlos Arriaga for custom kernel Tested nd screenshot added by me. Working nd not working If nameless j5 worked, S6 too. Nd J5 nameless have theme store with green shade camera error. S6 Rom don't have...
  11. KoSett

    Thread [Stock][ROM][Lightest] For 530H nd 530F

    I don't wanna say anymore U can try to Install #note Support on 530H xx users For 530H edition to work stable Delete in build prop lines (1) persist.cne.feature (2) ro.telephony.default_network=9 Nd add line under ril description Edit Model to 530H All...
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    Thread S6 {Stable ROM} [For 530F&FZ]

    I ported S6 Rom from 530T for 530H. Working Batery dain very Good. Camera both Wifi Blutooth And other.... Bug Root disabled If you root, Rom can't boot. SO DONT INSTALL SUPERSU AND OTHER LINK
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    Thread [ROM][Stock J5 Slim] [V5 UP]4201717

    Hello All Fri I ported J5 stock Rom Slim .I think that You will happy after installed this Rom. CAUSE There is no bugs. 1.fully fixed battery dain (good than stock) 2.Smooth and image resolution 4.wifi &bt fully worked XDA:DevDB Information J5 Stock , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy...
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    Thread OPPO A37F (neo 9) unlock bootloader and root

    Hello, I am using oppo a37(neo9). There is no fastboot option to unlock bootloader And Not rooted even i used king Pc roottools. We need know how to unlock bootloader and root. Please, Help Sorry my english. Thanks.
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    Thread MIUI Marshmallow Please try to port. I am on mi8 lollipop. So,I can't be now. Patchrom :cool:
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    Thread Request SM-G531F/H firmware and boot.img

    I wanna upload MIUI8 ROM for 531F/H . So,I need firmware folder and boot.IMG. Please upload if you used 531F/H. Thank.
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    Thread [rom] [miui8] [04-02-2017]

  18. KoSett

    Thread flyme os review for grand prime
  19. KoSett


    NOW ONLY FOR NOTIFICATION I PORTED FROM K30T Ram remain 549MB What WORKING Sim 1 (Sim2 not tested cause i am single sim) DATA CONNECTION Gps Video Audio fx So good battery dain Lock screen Security Back bt Home ky Recent bt Rotate Flashlight BLUTOOTH And other WHAT NOT WORKING CAMERA...
  20. KoSett

    Thread [ROM][MIUI_8][APLHA] For Grand prime

  21. KoSett

    Thread {ROM} (ViVo) Funtouch Os 2.5 for grand prime 5.0.2

    - Hello, I tried to port vivo funtouch Os for grand prime 5.0.2 Unique UI and Functionality Whole new experience, Pre-rooted USB OTG Xposed works Fine Wsm tools included Multi-Tasking One Hand Usage Feature separate Ringtone Selection for two sims 3G on Both Sims TaskTimer Change Fonts...
  22. KoSett

    Thread {rom} [beta] (miui 7 ) for all grand prime updated link

    Hello, I tried to port miui7 from lenovo a6000. Now , I ported as a beta version. Need to fix bugs with me. Working 1.Ril 2.All sound 3.GPS 4.Video 5.rotate 6.FM 7.All button connection And other..... Bugs 1. WiFi 2.Bluetooth(turned on not scan) (can't...
  23. KoSett

    Thread [Theme] [Twrp] Marshmallow

    I founded twrpmm theme from g2. Tested On 530F/H Tested On TWRP Installation 1. Download TwrpMM from attachments 2. Go to Twrp 3. FLASH twrpMM 4. And then Go To reboot option >>press reboot recovery... 5. ENJOY WITH TWRP MM theme. And please read...
  24. KoSett

    Thread System UI MOD FOR 530FH

    Hi, I created system ui mod for SM-G530F/H . You can see ss . Note ...... You need to change . If don't chane , you can't see like ss. Installation First Edit buildprop Then Download systemui from--attachments Go to system/priv...
  25. KoSett

    Thread [port](Rom Z5 base cm12.1)

    Hello, I have ported Xperia Z5 ROM using Cm12.1 as base . Latest Sony Xperia Z5 ROM which is based on Lollipop 5.1 , Xperia is well known and famous for customizing their User Interface, Being on default User Interface of CyanogenMod is boring, So use this port and Enjoy the new refreshed looks...
  26. KoSett

    Thread Z5 Port Rom Help

    I used z5 port rom from Lenovo6000... But it still on starting apps ..... When i reboot again,it bootloop. Help me someone.... Its base as cm12.1
  27. KoSett

    Thread {Note5 SystemUi} with s6 lock for SM-G 530F/H

    Hello I created Note5 SystemUI with S6 lock I think that you will like my systemui 1. Download SystemUI.apk >>>>!K0BwSJhD!57WZqYkVaGKD-p8822p09vIlTr5A7-fETwgQGCqUoao 2. Go to rootexplorer or filemanager 3. Replace SystemUi.apk (need to backup old ui) 4. Set permission...
  28. KoSett

    Thread SM-G530 F/H [5.0.2] SystemUI Lte S6

    Hello I created SystemUI with S6 lock I think that you will like my systemui. Installation 1. Dwonload SystemUI.apk -->!jph2zBQJ!OYBPyfeZZGy147T0qg7JmEtuPBBTMM36rxWXXYVGZ_8 2. Go to rootexplorer or filemanager 3. Replace SystemUi.apk (need to backup old ui) 4. Set...
  29. KoSett

    Thread Sec Contact for G530 F/H

    Don't flash it from recovery Tested on my 530F Installation 1. DOWNLOAD SEC contact.apk from!W1wxEaQJ!kZtZg4EkzcYKPuhjg3C3EZu1KIOKDr4F9Pl0FHDmKgE 2. THEN ....Copy to system/priv-app/sec contact folder 3.Set permission to RW-R-R 4.Reboot Note •••• You must delete old...
  30. KoSett

    Thread System Ui For Grand Prime 5.0.2 G530 F/H

    I created system ui like S6 with note5 lock icon. Installation 1. Download SystemUi.apk from mega link>>>!X8RwkZwK!nFXrFNWoUrFFxP6wcCXpvjiVFO1pYVYF7mrhzM-DGro 2.Copy to system/priv-app/SystemUi folder 3. SET PERMISSION >RW-R-R 4.REBOOT I used signal from S6 MM3 mod thank...
  31. KoSett

    Thread {ROM}[STOCK](SM_G530F) lollipop deodexed

    I created Stock deodexed rom For SM_G530F Rom status 1.Deodexed for xposed 2.Stock music player added 3.Themes added 4.assistant menu added 5.Note5 Ui added 6.S6 weather and wallpaper cropper added 7.J5 keyboard added prop added and other..... Required 1.Stock 530F 5.0.2 2.Custom...
  32. KoSett

    Thread Request Stock SMG5SMG30T boot.img

    Help me! I need smg530T stock boot.img....
  33. KoSett

    Thread 《Rom Stock》Deodexed Rom for SM▪G530F

    Who Need Stock deodexed Rom for SM▪G530F? I created Stock deodexed rom For SM_G530F Rom status 1.Deodexed for xposed 2.Stock music player added 3.Themes added 4.assistant menu added 5.Note5 Ui added 6.S6 weather and wallpaper cropper added 7.J5 keyboard added prop added and other...
  34. KoSett

    Thread Help Me brothers

    I am from grand prime . Need dev for in call audio fix on cm12.1. Help for our grand prime.
  35. KoSett

    Thread Root For SM-G530F

    How to root SM-G530F 5.0.2 lollipop ? Guide 1.goto link and download 2. Extract zip >you found that odin 10.3 And smg530F root.tar odin and put sm....f.tar to AP slot 4. Go to download mode your phone .And then click start from pc. 5.Now you are rooted Sorry for my...
  36. KoSett

    Thread GALAXY note5 ui mod for Galaxy grand prime

    Flash via recovery twrp/CWM It will work on lollipop 5.0.2 and up Go to link/!6sRADIxA!FHpajCHm5doOoU8bDbdjM-3apkdynHarM68iYlTChWM Credit to Sergio tutors
  37. KoSett

    Thread Grand prime lollipop update available for xxu thl

    Go to Download Odin Flash via odin. Thank...
  38. KoSett

    Thread S6 uimod for our gp

    Reboot recovery Install It will work on deodexed rom(above5.1) S6 ui mod!u5ZG3YYA!XyOv4VFJZa4-QOr4DtzchaMNe9OCYC2K9clsJprn0gM Credit for all ....
  39. KoSett

    Thread Miui touchsound for core2

    Miui TOUCHSOUND Go to >>> MIUI FILE MANAGER FOR CORE2 GOTO>>> Thz all.....
  40. KoSett

    Thread system ui?

    Dev need for kitkat4.4.4.I don't see any ui mod for kitkat.please for kitkat
  41. KoSett

    Thread Lollipop Request

    dev , Please upgrade to lollipop for SMG530F . SMG530F's user can't use lolli rom? Need for SMG530F
  42. KoSett

    Thread touchwiz theme & launcher for cm11 grand prime

    Go to this thread Link
  43. KoSett

    Thread compatible rom for grand prime?

    Another andriod eg lenovo ,it has cm .gp don't have cm rom. Kitkat or lollipop cm rom for grand prime? Sorry for my english:confused:
  44. KoSett

    Thread MiUi touch sound for grand prime

    Miui touch sound for all grand rpime Install guide Reboot into recovery Install zip Reboot Enjoy!!:)
  45. KoSett

    Thread bootanimation for grand prime

    Hello, S5 bootanimation for grand prime Guide Reboot into recovery Install zip (OR) Using root explorer Set file with rwrr permission Download
  46. KoSett

    Thread MIUI Filemanager for grand prime

    Hello ,miui file manager for grand prime Guide Filemanager and miuisdk Install normally and then reboot! Sorry for my English. Miui sdk Miui filemanager...
  47. KoSett

    Thread A3 video for grand prime kikat

    Hello , A3 video for grand prime Guide Reboot recovery Install zip Download file
  48. KoSett

    Thread SM-G530F lollipop request

    I am so sad because lollipop update don't give for smg530F . Custom rom or stock rom (5.0) For Smg530F ? Please help for smg530F. Help me Devs thanks.
  49. KoSett

    Thread Swap Fail

    Hello ,help me please Swapon-->fileswap.swp:Invalid Argument How to fix ? Please help me
  50. KoSett

    Thread smg530F stock rom for smg530f

    Please help me ,i need smg530f stock rom 4.4.4 kikat Help me.please help me brothers.:crying: