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    Thread [FIXED][Q] My Home button has stopped working

    EDIT: OK, I fixed the problem. Let this be a lesson for people to remember to have a backup before doing some flashing. It appears that my Titanium backups of the default android apps were screwing things up for me. I fixed it by restoring to an older version, and only restoring my apps that I...
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    Thread [Q] How to backup before Root?

    So I didn't realize that rooting the phone would wipe all of my data before I started using it. I only had a transformer tablet before, and assumed all rooting was that easy. Lesson learned. So my question is, since I don't have root, what are my options for backing up all of my application...
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    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi connection problems

    I'm having a strange problem lately with the Wi-Fi. I was at work where I've previously set up the wi-fi details, but now it says the network is not in range. The laptop I have sees and connects to it just fine so the connection details haven't changed, and the signal strength is 5 bars on the...