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    Thread D802 Stock Dialer/Voice Recorder App.

    Could anyone make an apk for me of the international dialer and voice recorder apps? I'm on stock D800 ATT Lolippop and I noticed I can't record calls using g3 tweaksbox, it just gives me an empty audio file. Most likely because ATT dialer or Voice recorder don't have the functionality.
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop Voice recorder apk

    Anyone (especially with D802) can compile and put this in an apk for me? For some reason on D800 ATT model it's hidden from the user app tray and I'm unable to record calls with call recording enabled.
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    Thread Call recording D800

    Ever since updating to lollipop on the stock AT&T rom I'm unable to record calls. I've rooted and installed xposed + g3 tweaks box and enabled call recording. However when I press the button during the call it doesn't record anything and creates a 0kb file that has no info. Anyone know how to...
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    Thread Corrupted internal storage?

    Noticed this recently, my phone is working fine otherwise but I think the storage is corrupted. Also getting an error when flashing kernels. Running cloudy g3 rom and dorimanx kernel. Can I fix this without losing all my information?
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    Thread Screen won't let me scroll sometimes?

    I noticed in certain apps, Evolvesms, Chromebeta, Tapatalk, Reddit Sync I have issues where I can clink anything on the screen but I can't scroll up or down. In order for me to be able to scroll I have to exit to home and then relaunch the application. I'm on Cloudy G3 2.0 and Dorimanx Kernel...
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    Thread Black lines scare?

    Remember some months back there was a huge scare of kernels or roms causing permanent black lines on the screen. Was there any consensus to what was causing them and how people can avoid them?
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    Thread 2g 3g Lte switcher?

    What's the best app or widget to switch between network modes? Something that's compatible with cloudy g3
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    Thread Online videos not playing?

    Not sure if it's something I did or what but I can't see any online videos. and the YouTube app perpetually load but never play. Same for videos like Facebook vids, just get the black screen and it never loads. Only recent thing I've done is change back to Dalvik from ART and...
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    Thread An App to see what apps cause high CPU usage?

    I know about cpuspy, better battery stats and apps like it. They allow you to see how long your cpu has been running at different speeds. My question is there any app that tells you exactly what App/process cause the cpu to go to a particular(highest speed). Getting really good battery life on...
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    Thread Lg and Nova launcher questions

    What would I be losing if I changed my default launcher to Nova? One thing I noticed immediately is the double tap to sleep function (anyone know how I enable it as a Nova gesture?). Am I losing any if the other Lg functionality like quick window or slideaside? Also which launcher is more...
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    Thread Questions about buying Tmobile variant

    I'm going to purchase the lg g2 tmobile variant for $398.40 just have a couple of questions. What would be the cheapest place for me to unlock the phone to work on ATT either online or in the Nyc area, Also when it comes to rooting and rom development are all the phones the same or would I be...
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    Thread G2 purchasing question

    In need of a new phone badly and had a few questions. I know the g3 will be announced if not launched soon, any guesses on whether the price of the g2 will drop significantly in the near future(next week) if the g3 is announced. Also what model is the best to get(in terms of custom rom support...
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    Thread Emmc errors with Twrp

    II'm getting Emmc errors with twrp when I try to backup or flash new roms. Kinda weird since I used Twrp to flash a 4.3 rom in the first place but now I want to upgrade to 4.4. Is it just a Twrp error and I should be using another recovery?
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    Thread Help installing rom?

    I've unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP but I keep getting a E:Unable to mount ' /emmc E:Unable to mount interal storage Error when flashing certain things in TWRP. TWRP allows me to install the rom but it doesn't boot up after flashing, just gets stuck on the white HTC screen. I may...
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    Thread [Q] Dsp manager/equalizer?

    Anyone know a good updated dsp manager/equalizer? I was using Awesomebeats v.5 but i accidentily didn't flash it one day after flashing rom+kernel and got the great battery life I hadn't had in a while. I don't know if it was always on or...
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    Thread Wifi networks sync?

    When I first got the nexus 4 and connected it to my google account my saved wireless networks and passwords from my previous phones got synced. After rooting and flashing a rom I noticed today I no longer have any of the saved network accounts. Anyway to manually sync this?
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    Thread [Q] Franco Kernel Governor Control?

    I have the Franco kernel on my nexus 4 and loving it so far, definitely have seen a battery improvement. However there are times when it doesn't feel as responsive as stock. I know I can tweak things in governor control but I have no idea what any of it means. Ideally I want to decrease the...