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  1. apprentice

    Thread UK Case thread

    Thought I would start a new 'case thread' for the Z Fold 2, as the current one in this forum is very US orientated and the cases discussed there - are simply not available in the UK right now. I will kick this off though with a high level of frustration, that this is the hardest phone to get a...
  2. apprentice

    Thread Additional Edge Panels?

    I have a load of third party edge panels that I use on my Galaxy devices, but it seems that the only ones you can use with the Z Fold2 are the pre-installed ones. I really need a calendar one but there are none coming up in the Galaxy Store. This is puzzling, why would Samsung not allow third...
  3. apprentice

    Thread Anyone upgrading from the original Galaxy Fold?

    If anyone currently owns the original Galaxy Fold, I am interested to hear about your experience regarding durability. Assuming you've owned this device around a year, how did the screen hold up, did you have to be stupidly careful when handling it? The Fold 2 looks like a much more capable...
  4. apprentice

    Thread Silo suddenly disappeared!

    I removed my S-Pen and did some writing on the screen, 5 minutes later I went to put the pen back in its silo, only to discover that it had sealed up and was no longer there!! I never had this issue with any of my previous Note devices.
  5. apprentice

    Thread What exactly is a "2X AMOLED" screen

    I posed this question in various places but no one has come back to me with an answer. The Note 20 Ultra boasts a 2X AMOLED touchscreen, according to the specs. But what exactly does this mean and what (if any) are the advantages over a standard AMOLED variant? TIA .
  6. apprentice

    Thread Colour Poll

    Vote in Poll above, I am interested in knowing what colour you like. You may have to load in a browser to see the poll if you are using the XDA app. .
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    Thread Colour Poll

    MODS Please delete this post, I posted in the wrong place! .
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    Thread Can anyone confirm the previous 2016/17 Gear VR works with the Note 8?

    I bought a Gear VR for my Galaxy S7 and then upgraded it shortly after to accommodate the Galaxy S8+ and now I am getting the Note 8 Samsung decides to fleece us again with yet another new Gear VR version because allegedly the old ones won't be compatible. They haven't even made the new one...
  9. apprentice

    Thread Please can anyone share the built in Mate 9 ringtones?

    I have just sold my Mate 9 and really miss a couple of the notifications and ringtones. Can anyone please share the pre-installed Alarms, Notifications and Ringtones here? I would really appreciate it. . Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  10. apprentice

    Thread Gear VR (2016) and the Galaxy S8

    I have last year's version of the Gear VR and pre-ordered a Galaxy S8. In the UK the new VR is not being offered this time round (we get a Samsung wireless speaker) so I am hoping the 2016 VR will work with the S8. I have searched the web but all I find is reference to the new version being...
  11. apprentice

    Thread My review of the Mate 9 and I am a self confessed Samsung Fanboy!!!

    See my signature below for the range of phones I have owned, that is: every Galaxy Note including the Edge (except the Note 5 as it wasn't available in the UK), every Galaxy S series phone since the S3 and many other Samsung phones, tablets and smartwatches!! So pretty much into Samsung you...
  12. apprentice

    Thread Just an idea. PROJECT PHOENIX!

    The Galaxy Note 7... Like a phoenix, will rise from its ashes of despair And soar! Who's with me on Project Phoenix? A fitting name for Samsung to deliver our next incarnation of the Galaxy Note series. ---
  13. apprentice

    Thread Strongly urge UK customers to complain to Samsung regarding compensation here:

    UK customers are being treated shockingly and appallingly by Samsung compared to other countries in regards to not being offered any compensation for the recall of the Note 7 We already have the disadvantage of paying a higher price for Samsung products Denied the Galaxy Note 5 in 2015 Denied...
  14. apprentice

    Thread So next year the Note will be called ... errr

    . Here's a random thought, what will we call the Note next year? We have already had a Note 8 !! :confused: .
  15. apprentice

    Thread Good review for Samsung official cases

    Here's a pretty good review of the official Note 7 cases by Erica Griffin: I already bought the LED one and it looks really cool. .
  16. apprentice

    Thread Watch straps difficult to remove

    I am not sure why I am having so much trouble removing the straps from the Gear S2 (sport) as I have looked at a couple of videos that make it look easy. I pull back the latch and then tug like hell to get the strap off nearly breaking my thumb, it can sometimes take 2 or 3 minutes. I am also...
  17. apprentice

    Thread Has anyone migrated to the S7 or S7 Edge from an iPhone?

    Just interested to know if Samsung have convinced enough iOS users to switch to Android with this phone. .
  18. apprentice

    Thread Theme resets after reboot

    I have an issue that is bugging me like crazy. I apply a theme and everything stays that way until I reboot, where it reverts back to a previous theme that I deleted a long time ago! It even does this if I choose the default theme. I tried re-installing the offending theme and then deleting it...
  19. apprentice

    Thread Fonts issue

    The first thing I do when buying a new Samsung phone is install my favourite font (SEGOE UI) as I like thin fonts and I'm not a fan of the heavy default font, (don't get me started on the ridiculous Choco Cooky and the others that Samsung offer) But the S7 is having none of it, saying all my 3rd...
  20. apprentice

    Thread The rise and fall of the K-Zoom

    It's such a shame that the K Zoom never really took off. I owned one for about 6 months and loved it. I only changed it when the Note 4 was released. But during my time with the KZ I found the camera produced amazing photos with its 10X zoom and Xenon flash. The phone part was very capable too...
  21. apprentice

    Thread Gear VR for the UK hopefully soon?

    I owned the VR Innovator Edition and loved it. But after selling my Note 4 it became useless of course. So now I have an S6 Edge+ I am excited about the new VR. But I can't find any news regarding a UK release. I wonder if there would be any issues if I bought one from Germany. Sent from my...
  22. apprentice

    Thread Samsung's OEM cases

    I see a lot of people deciding on what case to buy for the S6 Edge+ and for the most part the discussion is about cases not made by Samsung. I just thought I would start a thread to discuss OEM cases and share my experiences. This is a beautiful phone and I love to show it off, but I am not...
  23. apprentice

    Thread Samsung KIES or SmartSwitch

    Out of curiosity I opened up KIES 3 on my PC and connected the S6 Edge+ via USB. I get an "unsupported device" dialog box come up. It says "The connected device is supported through SmartSwitch, which is faster and more convenient." hmm.. OK, great, thanks. But no mention on what this is or...
  24. apprentice

    Thread App updates fail to install - "connection with device is lost" [SOLVED]

    I was having issues updating some apps within the Gear Apps Store, the error message "Gear app not installed connection to device is lost" even though there was a working Bluetooth connection and everything was functioning normally. I tried: Rebooting both the watch and the phone Checking and...
  25. apprentice

    Thread Wearable widgets

    I can't recommend Wearable Widgets enough especially on the Gear S It works by creating a bridge from your phone to the watch for just about any widget that will fit on a 2" screen without it being too small to read. I have experimented with a few widgets and 2 favourites are the BBC weather...
  26. apprentice

    Thread Note 4 to get live traffic updates

    Samsung is bringing live traffic data and other new driving-related functionality to users of some of its Galaxy devices following a deal with traffic info provider Inrix. Due to arrive “just in time for the holidays,” the deal will see Inrix’s data power “several new apps and services” aimed...
  27. apprentice

    Thread Gear S smartwatch to get live traffic updates

    Samsung is bringing live traffic data and other new driving-related functionality to users of some of its Galaxy devices following a deal with traffic info provider Inrix. Due to arrive “just in time for the holidays,” the deal will see Inrix’s data power “several new apps and services” aimed...
  28. apprentice

    Thread Demise of Phones4U

    A real shame that Phones4U are the latest High Street brand in the UK to crumble into administration. Whilst I do not know the complex contractual workings or business model of Phones4U, I do know that EE and Vodafone want more of your money, so in order to achieve that they stamp out the little...
  29. apprentice

    Thread Note Edge won't be available in the UK on launch

    Received today by email From Clove Technology in the United Kingdom: We have today received the unfortunate news that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is unlikely to launch in the UK. If this is the case, we will not have official UK stock available to us. However, for those customers that are...
  30. apprentice

    Thread The frustration of release dates

    Why do we have to endure weeks of waiting for the release of a new Samsung device when it has been announced? All those people at the unpacked event waving the Note 4 and Edge around on stage or within the experience stands make me jealous but also make me angry. I never see why the...
  31. apprentice

    Thread Fingerprint scanner/PayPal broken

    Since rooting my stock ROM on the Tab S 8.4, I can no longer use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate PayPal. I get a successful read on a scan but the PayPal app disagrees! I tried re-registering my prints and re-installed both the Play Store version and the Samsung App Store version of...
  32. apprentice

    Thread Time to say goodbye and look to the Galaxy K Zoom

    As one of the first to own one of these cameras on launch day, I have been pretty much promoting it everywhere and certainly contributed a lot in these and other similar forums. But as time has passed it's evident that Samsung has no love for this first edition as they have failed to keep it...
  33. apprentice

    Thread Improved fonts...

    I have been using a great font replacement app from the play store for some time: It may not have the snappiest title but it includes a huge amount of fonts that all work on Samsung Galaxy devices including the Tab Pro 8.4 and you...
  34. apprentice

    Thread Black or White?

    Due to a processing error I am in a temporary situation of owning both a BLACK and a WHITE Tab Pro 8.4 Unfortunately I will have to return one of them. Problem is I still cannot make my mind up which looks better as they both look good. So I thought a quick poll here might help me (and others)...
  35. apprentice

    Thread Support me reorganising this forum

    With the growing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, this forum has become totally disorganised and if like me you are trying to find a particular topic by scanning the 58+ pages you'll know it's all got a bit frustrating! Yes you can use search but that's no good for browsing a particular...
  36. apprentice

    Thread My Phone Explorer - useful application for Gear

    I have been using a Windows application called MyPhoneExplorer for a several years with some of my Android (and Sony Ericsson) phones, and decided to check today to see if it would work with the Galaxy Gear. Yes it does! Aside from being able to browse files on the Gear and show battery, CPU...
  37. apprentice

    Thread Found a great alarm clock

    I find it odd that you don't have an alarm function on the watch unless tethered to the phone. So I was trying out various alarm clocks for the gear, most did not fit well on the screen and some had time entry not compatible with the gear. I found the following on Google Play Store...
  38. apprentice

    Thread OMG charging cradle not working

    So I plugged in my cradle attached to the watch, waiting for the charging sound and flashing battery icon... nothing. I reckoned the cable might be loose, nope. Maybe the cable is faulty (it's a bit old but longer than the supplied one) Changed it... still no go. Maybe the charger has...
  39. apprentice

    Thread Change your fonts without root :)

    Sorry if this app has already been mentioned but I just downloaded iFont from the Play Store: It now works with the Galaxy Note 3 flawlessly and for 80p I upgraded to allow custom fonts to be installed. I now have my SegoeWP...
  40. apprentice

    Thread Amazing Sony SBH52 Smart Bluetooth Handset

    Just received the Sony SBH52 Smart Bluetooth handset and it's perfect for the Note 3 Not only can you use it as a standard wireless headset for audio playback, the device itself has a phone speaker and mic to allow you to make and receive calls just like a mini mobile phone! This is great for...
  41. apprentice

    Thread Is this the new Galaxy Note 8.0 ?

    Am I the only one that's hacked off that this forum has a picture of a Galaxy Note GT-N7000 phone on the forum header and not a Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet? Despite complaining directly to all the moderators on this forum and the webmaster, and getting no reply whatsoever after a couple of weeks...
  42. apprentice

    Thread Perfect Launcher for Camera

    I have been using SMART LAUNCHER PRO for a few months now and I reckon it's the best launcher for the Galaxy Camera. It may not have the bells and whistles of Nova etc but it's great for one handed use whilst holding the camera in landscape position. I just thought I would share it with you...
  43. apprentice

    Thread New UK Updated Firmware

    Just received a new OTA firmware update today GC100XXBMD1 Only a small download <30Mb and the only changes stated are the usual generic "Stability Improvements" I lost root (unsurprisingly) but it was at least upgradable on a rooted stock firmware. CHANGES: I noticed that I am no longer...
  44. apprentice

    Thread XXBLL7 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware Change Log

    Now that XXBLL7 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware is available for our cameras it would be interesting to see what changes it brings. As usual it's a hunt and track down for changes to upgrades but maybe we can compile a list? So far I noticed there is now 4 new scenes in SMART mode... "FOOD" -...
  45. apprentice

    Thread Annoyances

    I love my Galaxy Camera and to be fair there isn't a great deal wrong with it but I thought I would share just a few niggles I have found that I hope Samsung could improve on. 1) is the prompt on a cold boot asking if you want to use the external SD card as the default storage. Make it the...
  46. apprentice

    Thread Mass storage mounting with Easy UMS

    I have installed the Samsung Galaxy S3 mass storage mounting app called Easy UMS found here at XDA Developers: It allows the camera to be connected to a pc and the external SD card can be mounted as a Mass Storage Device. Which is great...
  47. apprentice

    Thread OTG compatibility

    I just tried the OTG cable (that was purchased for the Samsung Galaxy S3) works perfectly on my non rooted Galaxy Camera. No additional software required, it worked straight out of the box. It saw my usb stick and files all useable :)
  48. apprentice

    Thread Camera based apps

    A few people have asked me which camera based apps work well with this camera. So I thought I would share some findings here. Essentially any Android app that makes use of a phone's camera will work with the Galaxy Camera, ie will allow access to the camera module and take the picture. The...
  49. apprentice

    Thread Remote Viewfinder

    I am trying to get the remote viewfinder app provided by Samsung on Google Play Store to work with this camera (linking up to my Galaxy Note II) but it just doesn't work. Spent some time talking to a tech support guy at Samsung, but although he was friendly, he didn't have any knowledge of this...
  50. apprentice

    Thread How to Update Galaxy Camera GC100 to XXALK1 Android 4.1.1 Official Firmware

    How to Update Galaxy Camera GC100 to XXALK1 Android 4.1.1 Official Firmware Spotted this quick tutorial on: Not sure if it's available over KIES yet, but so far not downloading OTA on my...