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  1. Kasun Anuradha

    Thread [SOLVED] [Q] How to get boot animation of a ROM?

    Hi friends, Is there a way to get the boot animation from a custom ROM? I have a SGS2 and currently installed NeatROM Lite and want to get the splash/boot screen of that. Please guide me on how to successfully replace a boot animation for the NeatROM lite. :) Regards, Kasun Anuradha
  2. Kasun Anuradha

    Thread [SOLVED] [HELP] No Mobile Data in SGS2

    Hello folks, this is my first post :) Hope to have a solution for my M250S converted to Galaxy S2 which I'm having a problem with. :( I'll get to the point straight. The problem that I'm with S2 is that I'm not able to use mobile data. Even though I've enabled mobile data from settings, No...
  3. Kasun Anuradha

    Thread [Q] LG GT40

    I'm new to android even though I got registered in XDA-developers a long time back. :) So excuse me for my little knowledge in this. Just want to ask a question from experts here before starting to flash a custom ROM to my friend's LG GT540 which has a stock 2.1 ROM...