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    Thread How to view saved wifi password or connected wifi password without root ?

    Hi Devs :) I want to know how to View Saved WiFi Or Connected Wifi Password :confused: in Stock Rom ? Without ROOT :o . Don't tell for Xaiomi and Leeco phones :p , but For other phones.. Es File Manager Trick not working :( .... please help... Thanks in advance :o Btw I iz Otian :cool:
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    Thread How Xaiomi and Leeco show wifi password without Root in QR code?

    I know how to get password in Xaiomi and Leeco phones(non rooted), but my question is, how this thing works? As it is not possible to view Wi-Fi password without root, but Xaiomi and Leeco phones Show Password without root. Dont tell to scan the qr code abd you will get password, I want how this...