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  1. sebastianraven

    Thread Samsung has already moved to the next promo

    What the hell man? Before the first promo is done they have already updated with something better? Duo Charger Case And for $99 Wireless earbuds.
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    Thread Bentoben Cases under $2... why not?

    So I'm looking for cases before my phone gets here and I found this. $1.95 Cases. Great selection, colors and with a kickstand under $2.50.
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    Thread Pre-Order Waiting Room. What did you go with?

    So, what did you guys go with? Carrier: Verizon Color: Ocean Blue Size: 512gb & Color: Lavender Purple Size:128gb How could I not order the 2nd one for my wife? We sell both of our Note 8s and I'll just about break even. *** Sorry for the new post. Deleted the old one for not having all...
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    Thread Pre-Order Waiting Room

    MODs - Please Delete. Needed to update the Poll
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    Thread 256 GB Micro SD on sale NOW!

    Hey guys. This is one you have to check out. SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter - Right now this is on sale for $123. If you currently do not own a 256 gig card I highly recommend getting one now. If you're one of those that took the 360 gear camera and don't have a spare...
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    Thread New WhatsApp group for Note 8 Users

    The owner of the first WhatsApp group has decided to disband it and is making everyone move to Telegram. Please feel free to join: Join group
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    Thread VZW Update? (Screenshots)

    Hey guys, it looks like Verizon is rolling out an update. I clicked to see what was inside but it took me to a broken link. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Thread $33.33 for the Samsung Alcantara Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note8

    Here's a pretty good deal right now at Walmart. Get the Samsung Alcantara Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note8 for $33.33. Want to pick it up today. Go to BestBuy and they will price match!
  9. sebastianraven

    Thread When you can't decide on a Skin... Go Elago

    So, this is not a sponsored post. I had this case on my S8+ and it immediately changed the look of my phone and made it look good. I've decided to put this on my Note8. 3 quick notes. 1. This is SUPER thin. There is no protection if you drop this phone. 2. This is a PERFECT fit. Trying to use...
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    Thread Review of the CHOETECH Essentials Pack

    Hey everyone. I wanted to give a quick review of 3 items that came in a package to me this week from CHOETECH. - 3Pack USB C to USB 3.0 Nylon Braid cable(1M*2+2M): - 6 ports QC 3.0 charging station - Stand fast wireless charger *** Just as an FYI. I tested all of these with my S8+. I...
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    Thread Your new thin case under .50... How can you not do this one??? (VERIFIED)

    So, I was over at slickdeals and came across this beauty... Notes are described as: Note 8 snap case - $0.45 - Free Shipping @ Amazon at Amazon...
  12. sebastianraven

    Thread Of All my cases, Ringke was the best with a 3.98 soft case

    Buttons are good. Fit has always been perfect. Ringke is a very stylish case that I currently have on my S8+. Even though its only $3 off, its worth it.
  13. sebastianraven

    Thread Lumion Deal!!! 3.99 for a case. Just picked up a clear.

    Free shipping and after taxes, I was all in for 4.30. How can I refuse?
  14. sebastianraven

    Thread BOOM!!! Caseology Comes through. $5 cases through slickdeals

    I just bought a case for $5. Can't beat that.
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    Thread Verizon (VZW) - PreOrder Waiting Room - Who already ordered?

    Woo hoo! I am in! Went with the black... I'm opting in for the 360 Camera over the 256gb card and wireless charger.
  16. sebastianraven

    Thread Frustrated - Virtual buttons no longer disappearing / or going transparent

    Hey guys, I could use a hand. For some reason this AM my Nav buttons no longer are transparent on my phone ANYWHERE on ANY app. I use Nova launcher and I don't see a setting there. I checked the Display under settings and I don't have a color selected. On the lock screen the home buttons are...
  17. sebastianraven

    Thread Choetech USB - C Adapter

    So, I lost my OEM Samsung USB adapter. I saw this on Amazon . It came in a pack of 3 for $12. I'm glad I picked this up. It worked just as well. I used this with the following so far: Bluetooth dongle when I plug in my game controller If I have to do some work I can get my wireless keyboard and...
  18. sebastianraven

    Thread Review of the Qi CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger

    So I picked up the Qi CHOETECH Fast Wireless Charger from Amazon. RIght now its $20, but there's a slickdeal code that knocks a few bucks off. I really like this charger. Its simple, clean, and a cool LED in the front that you can see from across the room that shows blue (powered on and full...
  19. sebastianraven

    Thread Finally an Ultra Thin Case I love - Elago

    So, I was looking for a new skin on my phone when I realized that I didn't want to do a wrap. If you're like me, you'll spend $10 and then remove the skin in like a week. After that you'll have to buy another one if you want to go through the process again. I'm not 100% into cases because of...
  20. sebastianraven

    Thread Quick Photos... iPulse Journal S8+ Case

    Ok, so I picked up the iPulse case on Amazon. Most of the time my phone is bare or with a non-flip case but when I travel or have a business meeting, I dress it up a bit and I can leave my wallet at home. I really hate PU Leather and wanted something that acted like a stand too. Am I asking too...
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    Thread Which SD Card is going in your phone?

    So, when my Note 7 took a dive, I jumped on the iPhone 7+ in order to get maximum resale value for when the S8+ or even new Note came out. Now, I have this sitting in my drawer and it's ready to come out tomorrow. Which card are you going to go with?
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    Thread Ringle .49 cases are back

    Check it out!!! Make sure you select non-Amazon shipping.
  23. sebastianraven

    Thread Super deal of the day. OEM Samsung wireless charger for $15

    Hey guys. Check it out... Today's deal I found on Amazon is here. for $15. The model EP-PG920IBUGUS is listed on sale at most sites on sale for $20. There is one on eBay for 9.99 but it is eBay so buyer beware.
  24. sebastianraven

    Thread WOO HOO - Ability to remap the Bixby button

    I know I'm not really giving Bixby a chance here. Who knows, maybe I'll like it (probably not). With that said, I just saw this today. You can remap the Bixby Button Here.
  25. sebastianraven

    Thread $4 Cases and $6 Screen Protectors from LUVVITT

    Check it out. Just bought my clear case for $4. I also chose the slowest delivery for $5 in Amazon Pantry cash. So I basically was given a $1 to take this case. I had this posted in the S8 thread before they split the phones apart. Sorry...
  26. sebastianraven

    Thread Slick Deal of the day! LUVVITT Cases and Screen Protectors under $4 and and $6

    Check it out. Just bought my clear case for $4. I also chose the slowest delivery for $5 in Amazon Pantry cash. So I basically was given a $1 to take this case...
  27. sebastianraven

    Thread Verizon S8 - S8 Plus Order Confirmation Board

    So So Happy... The initial wait is over and the order has been sent. What did you order? S8+ Midnight Black Arrival 4/21
  28. sebastianraven

    Thread For those who have turned in your device...

    ... So, I already received my money back on my phone which is great. But beware, if you purchased using an upgrade, they will conveniently forget the upgrade fee. Just a heads up for those that sent it back.
  29. sebastianraven

    Thread Did you get your money back when you returned your phone?

    So, this is weird. I decided yesterday to return my Note 7. I bought a different phone outright so I can get my upgrade. When I got home I noticed my receipt said 0.00 refunded. I called 611 and the rep had no idea so she called the store and we got on a call together. The rep is stating...
  30. sebastianraven

    Thread I pulled my phone out of my pocket and...

    ... WTF!?!?!?!?!?! I have not used a case regularly for almost 10 years and it finally happened to me. And to think I just got insurance 4 months ago for my S7 edge. Time to use it.
  31. sebastianraven

    Thread Light Leak On Both Sides Of The Bezel?

    So far, for the first 24 hours I really enjoy this phone. I only have one gripe so far. Has anyone noticed the light leak between the glass and the bezel on both sides? See the attached pictures. If you're using your phone in a low light room with the screen turned up just a little bit and...
  32. sebastianraven

    Thread I'm looking for some accessory promo codes

    Hey guys, I pre-ordered my Note 7 and I started looking over at cases. I usually buy a case or 2 with a good review but since no one has the phone yet, I'm taking a chance based on my previous experiences with different companies Spigen, Poetic, etc. I also order 3-4 cases at once so I can use...
  33. sebastianraven

    Thread Looking for a sound amp case. Is anyone making them?

    So, a friend of mine has this case on their phone. It's impressive. It re-routes the sound to the side of the phone and its loud and clear. Is there anyone that makes one for our phone?
  34. sebastianraven

    Thread My Accelerometer has given me the middle finger

    So, I'm looking for any help here. Ever since I got MM, my phone's been a bit weird. But now... when I go into any app that lets me go into landscape mode as an option, it won't comply i.e. Chrome, You tube, messenger, FB.. etc. I was able to restart my phone once and that fixed it for a moment...
  35. sebastianraven

    Thread Woo Hoo! Battery Percentage App w/ no root!

    I was looking for a way to have my battery percentage show on my screen. I found this little gem and it worked perfect. BATTERY PERCENT ENABLER
  36. sebastianraven

    Thread Using Verizon in Mexico with the Pure... Not that easy

    So, my wife and I are heading to Mexico next week and I wanted to be able to have international usage for emergencies. My wife is using the S6 edge purchased through VZW and I of course have my X Pure. We were able to add an Int'l plan on her line but with mine it didn't work. The call got...
  37. sebastianraven

    Thread What phone are you coming from?

    Just curious what is everyone getting rid of to get this phone?
  38. sebastianraven

    Thread Adding a Launcher?

    So, I have been using Nova Prime for as long as I can remember on ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL my devices. Reason being I've never had a non-carrier / vanilla phone. Now that I'm really close I'm thinking of giving it a try. Thoughts?
  39. sebastianraven

    Thread External Battery Case

    I'm keeping my eye out for an external battery case. I purchased this phone because of my pure HATE of my LG G4. But, I will need a spare battery and this will be the best way to get it. If anyone sees one, will you post a link? :good:
  40. sebastianraven

    Thread Weird firmware update and no movement

    Can anyone tell me what this is? My phone is on the charger and hasn't moved the % in over an hour. Sent from my VS986 using XDA Free mobile app
  41. sebastianraven

    Thread Verizon Note Edge Update Tonight

    A new update came through but it's not 5.1 and it didn't address Stagefright. Any ideas what it is? Sent from my SM-N915V using XDA Free mobile app
  42. sebastianraven

    Thread [Q] How to root your Verizon Note 4?

    Hey guys, has anyone seen this or tried to do this? ROOT YOUR VERIZON NOTE 4 I want to give it a go but I'm a bit leary.
  43. sebastianraven

    Thread Task Switcher LAGGGGGS

    What's the deal? While I really like my new phone it seems that they didn't get all the bugs out. It lags on the camera, it lags with various built in processes and worst of all it lags on the app switcher. Has anyone noticed this. I've had to turn off my phone and restart it because its...
  44. sebastianraven

    Thread Is there an FM radio

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was an FM radio on this device? I know Verizon likes to disable or just remove the APK., so if anyone knows lemme know.:good:
  45. sebastianraven

    Thread WOW!!! SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB UHS-I/ U3 Micro SDXC Memory Card Up To 80MB/s

    See it to believe it! Just bought 2. You cannot beat this price ANYWHERE!!!!
  46. sebastianraven


    Hey guys, Take a look. Its good until 4pm Pacific. Inbox to anyone with a Gmail acct!!!! I have it now, and I've only got 3 invites in 2 weeks. Hurry!
  47. sebastianraven

    Thread Looking for an invite to Inbox

    Hey VZW G3 friends, anyone got an invite open for Google Inbox? I'm looking to give this a try. I was just wondering what you guys feel about the new Inbox app from Google.[] I really like the integration with Google Now, and makes email a little less of a tedious...
  48. sebastianraven

    Thread Moto 360 & LG3

    Hey guys, my Moto 360 came in on Thursday and I had the weekend to mess with it. Using the LG G3 with it is AMAZING. I was really worried about having bluetooth on all the time but there really isn't much of an issue on the battery. Has anyone else picked one up? How do you like it?
  49. sebastianraven

    Thread [Q] Is there an FM radio on this

    So, here's my dilemma. Using internet radio doesn't work at my gym. The TVs that play use a local FM transmitter that can only be picked up the ol' fashion way in close proximity. I used FM radio a lot on my M8 for this reason. Thoughts?
  50. sebastianraven

    Thread M8+Nova Launcher+OK Google= Complete happiness.

    So Nova just got an update that supports OK Google and it works flawlessly. It was the one item I was jealous of from the Moto phones. Sent from my HTC6525LVW using XDA Free mobile app