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  1. NeoTrix

    Thread issue with recovery! :/

    hey guys! i just installed Philz Recovery! the latest one! wen i click factory reset , i get this error E : unknown volume for path [/sd-ext] and all my files on my internal storage are still there! please help me out here!
  2. NeoTrix

    Thread Force "Enter" key.

    Anyone uses snapchat? Anyone? Here is my question,does everyone else get a smiley key instead of enter key?[in the google keyboard] or "done" button instead of enter key?[in the honami keyboard] ? Have to sophisticate everything in a single line. :/ Anyone knows a fix? Or could someone mod...
  3. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] Best 3rd Party Camera App ?

    which 3rd party camera app do u ppl use ? :3
  4. NeoTrix

    Thread A new ROM. Xperia E :')

    My exams are almost up so i plan on doing something never done before ( not working out :P ) A new ROM ( ICS ) based. Thought of all Sirius stuff at first, but who loves lag? So, this will be stock and Cm fusion. Removed bloatware. Will contain the following things -: non-stock. Moto G font *...
  5. NeoTrix

    Thread Delete please

    Please delete
  6. NeoTrix

    Thread LCD Screen

    can anyone please give me a link for LCD touch screen digitizer for our pico ? my touch screen is dead! i will replace mself! has some replaced already ? if so please give link of which u have ordered ? thanks :highfive:
  7. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] Paranoid for Xperia E?

    Okay,here comes another noob question. Basically,how do I get this thing?
  8. NeoTrix

    Thread [PORT][BOOT ANIMATION] Htc Sense 5 Bootanimation

    Here is the Htc Sense5 Boot Animation for MDPI Devices. [CREDITS: Noel Macwan : For porting it. SxDevelopers : Found this in the group[I did get the permissions from the developer to post in here]. LINK : <MODERATOR EDITED - LINK REMOVED> Tested on : [B]Xperia E - Works like a charm. Xperia...
  9. NeoTrix

    Thread Htc Ring Lockscreen?

    Could someone please port the htc ring lock screen? Many members over here are waiting to try out the lockscreen to their devices[XE,tipo,Miro,J] Humble request,someone please try porting it? please? please?
  10. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] HD Games for Xperia E[XE] ?

    Hey,I tried a few games but sadly none work,esp PES12,it shows a blank screen and then after a few seconds,music starts up,and the game doesn't show up,does any one know why? Please help.
  11. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] Lock screen Help

    Actually,I'm developing a new lockscreen[just making some changes in a present one] Can someone please tell me,how I can manage to get the time text/font to look like this:
  12. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] My Xperia E[Single Sim] Bricked.

    I just rooted my Sony Xperia E and installed a font using "font changer",mobile then went through a reboot and now it is stuck at the animation[after the sony logo],please help. I would be satisfied with my un-rooted and valid warranty.Help please.
  13. NeoTrix

    Thread [Q] How do I Change the font?[Xperia E]*WITHOUT ROOT*

    Was just wondering if there is any way I can change the system font without any rooting[Browsed through several pages, and many apps but all required root]? Help please?