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    Thread Rom play pokemon go

    Hay mi mix 2 user any advice what rom i should use to spoof pokemon go?? Old rom maybe coz i want to try instal fgl or something else,thx
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    Thread Back to miui from custom rom 10

    Hai guys i use cusrom in here since 3 month i buy this mi mix 2 phone, now im in havoc10. Anyone know how to back to miui latest? Can i use twrp 10 sar to flash latest miui? Anyone now link for latest build miui? Its just flash miui or i must flash another file to make miui work? Thx for advice...
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    Thread Help pliss

    I want instal custom rom android P to my mi mix 2, but im very confuse how to instal twrp for custom rom android P, Can someone teach me step by step? What firmware to use? Twrp to android P? And how to flash twrp to my device?