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  1. p107r0

    Thread Sketchbook from Note3

    Just found a thread in N7000 forum with the app extracted from Note3: Checked, it works on N5100.
  2. p107r0

    Thread [HOW TO] S-Note templates with custom backgrounds

    I was looking for an easy way of having the "Note" and "Meeting" templates with white background, so it would print decently. So far it seems there's no easy way to create own templates apart from messing with the .apk file. The alternative of manually setting the background each time I create a...
  3. p107r0

    Thread Home button: should it stick above bezel?

    On my Note the home button is slightly raised above the bezel - not more than 0.5mm - which causes accidental turning on of the device, when it's carried in pocket or bag. I wonder if all N8 have similar construction, or is mine somehow special and should be replaced - could anyone confirm...
  4. p107r0

    Thread ICS panic thread

    Personally I feel there's much too much new threads either complaining on the new stock ICS ROM, or spreading panic/FUD. Wouldn't it be much easier for everybody to have all non-essential posts in one thread? If so please post it all here, leaving remaining Note fora relatively clean. Please.
  5. p107r0

    Thread Mirror Screen Guarder for Samsung Galaxy Note

    anyone tried this: looks like funny idea, but I'd love to know how it affects touchscreen and readability in sunlight