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    Thread How to properly upgrade from Android 9 to 10 ? Currently Rooted with TWRP

    I searched for the similar thread but few are unanswered and one was not with satisfactory answer. Currently on OOS 9.5.11 GM21AA + Rice + TWPR + MAGISK I want to move to Android 10 based custom roms , possibly havoc or resurrection. 1. How to move to android 10 ? Does simply flashing the New...
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    Thread From Iron ROM (KK) to Iron ROM(LP) - help choose the sam firmware

    Which official firmware should i choose from here ( to flash via odin to change from KK to LP and then flash the ROM of my choice ?
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    Thread Having Input - Screen Lag for a while - No solution so far Here is the video i tried to take regarding the screen lag. Its all real time , there is no , afaik any camera lag ( taken with sg3) , its pretty much how it looks . Also i have shown the FPS . You can see when i scroll slowly , the FPS drops to 20 or so making...
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    Thread How long does your battery last and what is your per hour drain ?

    Mine Usually lasts : 1 Day 14 hours (avg) Per hour drain : 1.8-1.9%/hours (avg) ROM : Temasek Kernel : Boeffla Even though these are user dependent values , still getting to know avg values and which leads to best battery life would be good, so that others who want can shift to X ROM+kernel...
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    Thread Hide Visible Numbers while entering the PIN

    I am on Temasek V50 ROM and i searched all options to set to hide the lockscreen PIN number visibility. Before the number changes into * , it shows the actual number . Is it possible to hide that number showing too ? I have already set it to unlock automatically when correct pin is entered . I...
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    Thread Want to move to CM11 .. Help

    I am currently on 4.1.2 10-20121209-UNOFFICAL-acclaim ROM I want to move to CM 11. My current recovery is CWM - Recovery v6.0.1.9 ON all CM 11 page , it says to update my recovery to new one through fastboot. I am not sure how to do this on nook tablet. Can anyone help me ? Also does...
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    Thread [Q] What should i look for when getting a car charger?Does USB cable make difference? I saw this Belkin charger and says 5V and 1A charging capacity. I read that S3 maximum charging is...
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    Thread Foxhound ROM , Device not showing in Market(web)

    Its been more than a week and still my device is not listed in teh Market DEvices. What to do? Foxhound ROM has modded GApps .. Any help ?
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    Thread Suggest a good , stable , better battery ROM

    I am currently on PA 3.68 and was on Omega for short time and before that I was on Viking. Can anyone suggest a good ROM at present. On PA 3.68 , my battery is draining a lot faster. I tried to find if any application is consuming , but it seems its not the case. So please suggest a stable ...
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    Thread Phone charging at slower rate , even when incoing is 900mA/h

    I been having weird recharge issue since i moved from VIKING V5 to Omega and now to PA3+ Phone recharges at optimal power , ie 900mA/h over USB 3.0 and 1000mA/h over wall charger. But It recharges the battery at slower rate ie about 50% over 3 hours. small detail here ...
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    Thread S3 doesnt mount on one USB port , charges normally

    I have 3 usb3.0 ports . On one port alone , S3 doesnt mount ie shows as portable device in explorer , but charges fine. What to do ? But i remember once when i tried to use that port with s3 , it showed in my windows 7 that there is a spike in power or power surge or something and it showed my...
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    Thread Why does the phone lags in its most important part - Dialer ?

    To be honest , whatever may be the power under the hood , still opening and dialing a number is painfully slow, be it a stock dialer or other dialer like exDialer (I have set not to show pictures , keep in memory) . Sometimes it takes even a solid 1-2 seconds to open the dialer (Stock). Anyway...
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    Thread Preserve Avast Security Root Installation while changing ROMs

    Is it possible to preserve the Avast Anti-theft Root installation while we change to other ROMs ?
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    Thread NST w/ GL Stopped working and shows lines

    Its not been a year i have bought Nook ST w/ GL. Today when i opened it , it didnt boot and showed this on display .. Good thing i didnt root or mess with the nook. When i connect it to PC , it shows green light(near usb port) , after 5 sec or so shows orange light and then turns to green...
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    Thread Want to install CM7 , should i get 2 SD card or just one ? I am on 1.4.1

    Since i am on 1.4.1 , i couldnt able to root via .apk installation method , which is blocked on 1.4.1 Today i am going to purchase a microSD card to root and install CM7 or CM9 (anything other than stock ROM). Many tutorials i read says that i have to format the SD card to make it as bootable...
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    Thread [Q] New to NT , Anyway to root without SD ?

    Just played with it today and already feeling very limited . So came right here to XDA to root / install custom rom. Many tutorials seems to be based on using SD card, i dont own one right now , I have a microSD card for my Xperia X10 , but its currently in use and has data/apps in it , so i...
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    Thread Hot to proceed to get ULBLdoom + WBv7b6 from Locked WB V7s

    I planning to move to UL bootloader + Doomkernel + WBV7b6 ROM. Also With almost few months into WBV7 , the phone is quite sluggish due to apps, So i want to use Link2SD to freeup some space (internal memory) so that the phone is little faster , So will Link2SD be compatible with above said...
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    Thread [Q]Replace factory Dialer totally

    I have installed exDialer , but when i dial , it goes to default dialer of SE and it is kind of slow. IS there a way to replace that dialer ? I am on WB rom
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    Thread Anyone having dragging issue with screen protection(factory) , Need to replace!!

    Its almost a year now, and even though there arent any big scratches , but there are many tiny scratches which results in dragging effect while using the touch screen, It isnt smooth . Planning to change the screen protection , also i want something which isnt finger print magnet. Any advice ?
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    Thread Few Questions on Custom kernel in WB and BL

    I tried searching to install custom kernel , i couldnt find one. 1.) should i have to install/flash the custom kernel while i am at V5s and then flash V5c over it ? or how to proceed ? 2.) anyone on ULBL + custom kernel and find any significant or notable performance increase / stability ...
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    Thread [Q]Few queries

    currently i have 2.1 shipped ROM and my base band is .46 , so thought of moving to custom roms . here are my queries related to it 1.) I want to have a clean install , a fresh start . My current SD card folder / files are mess . so isntalling new rom will erase all stuffs on my SD ? or is there...
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    Thread CW Latest Comparison Puts SE Last with 0

    To quote Anyone considering ARC after having got X10 should seriuosly consult a Doctor...:p:p I had enough of SE for last 5 years and i for one am not going to buy another phone from these liars ....:mad:
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    Thread Disappointed with SE

    I thought SE has revived thier faith with X10 series...When they released ,they said , promised us that it will have full life support... and with recent anouncement ? :( Now they announce that Arc will get all updates in timely manner and made mediascape a add-on like app ..., EQ in mediscape...
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    Thread What is your SetCPU Profile ?

    With many rooted , SetCPU is one app everyone should install to manage tthe battery So what is you profile guys ? what setting have u guys kept Suggest few setting best fr X10 and help other having difficulty with battery life.. I will post mine soon..:)
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    Thread Post Your 2.1 Tips

    Well with many updated to 2.1 why not post few tips ... here is mine 1.) We often over look at the network setting after update .. atleast i forgot to look into it .. i mean the phone by default will be using both GSM /WCDMA after update ,so change to GSM or accordingly.. as it will save...
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    Thread Metamorph Theming

    Hi guys Just saw a app called Metamorph , and it seems that installing theme is much easier.. any idea ? one more thing .. i am using Launcher Pro , is there a way to change the drawer background to something different ? thnks
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    Thread On 2.1 , just few questions

    hi 2.1 is really great and phone is much better...anyway here are few questions 1.) how to lock the screen.. prev when i press the power button , the screen will go dark and it will lock the screen , how to do on 2.1 ? 2.) i am on 2.0.A.0.504 (Binary version of global firmware ) .. is this...
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    Thread Winamp Beta Brings a Unique, Friendly Interface to Android[2.1+]

    Another Reason why we need 2.1 If you use Winamp on your Windows PC you now have pretty seamless integration between your desktop player and your Android phone. The Now Playing-style setup you're used to comes to Winamp on Android, and with it comes with a very intuitive interface: the...
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    Thread [Q]Assign Answer to Physical button [HOME/Menu/Back]

    sometimes when the screen gets little wet due to sweat after attending prev call , the screen doesnt work properly and when a call comes it becomes very hard ... so is tehre a way to reassign the call answer from touch screen to physical key like Menu/Home/or even Back ?
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    Thread Fonearena Smart Phone Competition .. Vote For X10

    Currently X10 has entered the Semi`s and its pitted against Samsung Galaxy S .. Please vote for X10 and lets take it to winner Circle... Vote Here :
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    Thread SE on twitter

    here is a fewreplies i got from SEanswers profile , supposed to be SE replying to customers queries.. here it is .. i dont know whether to laugh or feel sad...
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    Thread All Working ROMs With PSX4Droid

    I tried Tekken 3 and it seems it needs MT and the game is very slow.. i am on rooted 026 .. So if you guys have PSX4droid and played any nice roms without problem , please report here , so that others can also try... DEfinetly we need keyboard remapping.. any idea ? Please dont post any links...
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    Thread 4 deviceid and still cant use step1

    guys i have 4 device id`s and i tried all o f them FULL UPDATE FROM ANY ROM ANY VERSION - ROOTED R2BA024 i have guys please help.. I am ttrying from yesterday evening... please...
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    Thread How to run .jar files ?

    Hi , I wanted to know how to run a .jar file in android ... i know that there are .apk`s now for android , but this app is not there for android yet , i mean now modded for android os .. so i want to run it on android somehow.. how can i do ?
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    Thread WEIRD : Browser works well - OM , MArket doesnt work

    I recently fiddled with the setting ... and now my default browser alone is working .. when i try to browse with Opera Mini i says - network error , i tried swtiching between HTTP and Socket , but same result Market also giving me same error i have juice defender ... ,but i totally disabled...
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    Thread Any Screen Protector or other material to reduce Fingerprint ?

    X10 is a real fingerprint magnet ... after a few minutes of game or working .. the screen is fully smudged... is there any screen protector or anyt other accesory to reduce finger prints on the screen ?
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    Thread Singapore to Generic Latest + Rooting + Other few Q`s

    Hi guys I got my X10 Black on saturday , Very excited ... and i can surely say that this is the best phone SE has given us since k750... Its been a happy 6 years with SE and i dont regret for being a fan for all these days.. and now X10... man .. What a phone.... ;) anyway coming to the issue...
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    Thread BlindType vows to autocorrect all wrongs with your Android virtual keyboard

    Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets too fat to be able to dial a number? Well, he wouldn't have had that problem had BlindType been around. This soft keyboard is described by its makers as being extremely resilient to inaccurate input and looking at the demo video after...
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    Thread [Discussion]Possiblity of MultiTouch in X10-Unofficially !

    I know many threads have been closed since SE has confirmed that there will be no multi touch .. but many say that is to evade the multi touch patent case... which is being filled against apple and other phone manufacturers since we know that SE PR were making statements few months back that...
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    Thread Orkut Updates on Timescape ? Possible ?

    First i should thank all the dev behind the rooting process , from inception to the current status... without your hard work , time spent , we wouldnt have had root. Thanks to all...... now coming to the the topic.. is there any possibility of adding Orkut updates onto timescape ? currently...