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    Thread Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 - Safe-to-Freeze Apps

    I've cleaned up a little bit my Player after obtaining root privileges, this thread will help you if you want to do the same. So, below is the list of the stock apps of my Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 that I've freezed using Gemini App Manager (see attached apk, it is a free app). Disabling those...
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    Thread [ROOT] [STOCK ROM, KERNEL] [ROOTED ROM] Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 NA(US) YP-GI1CB/XAA

    Congratulation to all who's been waiting for this! First things first! Be careful, I'm not to blame if you brick your device. WARNING - See the second post for reported problems This ROMs are for the North American aka US devices (YP-GI1CB), if you have an international device (YP-GI1CW), you...
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    Thread [Praise] Handling the Load

    Nearly 50000 online users! How do you guys handle the load? "Insane" caching or _many_ servers? Or both? :) I would like to know more about XDA servers infrastructure.
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    Thread [REQ][DEV][ROOT] Experienced Android Dev Needed for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

    Dear Android Hackers! Please consider helping if you have some spare time and good will. The device is Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 (mine is North America version from the US) Product code: YP-GI1 Android: Gingerbread 2.3.6 Kernel: There is no special section in XDA for this device, so...
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    Thread [Security] Remote Wipe

    TIL from that there is a remote wipe device function in the stock Android, it's in /system/framework/services.jar (the code is here: ). In any program it is used like this...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Player 4.2 (YP-GI1) - Rooting and ROMs

    Hello everybody. It seems there is no section in XDA forums for the newer Galaxy Player models (e.g. 3.6 and 4.2) so I'm posting here. As I could understand by reading posts in this section the newer Galaxy Player devices with Android 2.3.6 version still can not be rooted because the vuln which...