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    Post [PORT] [WATCHFACES] Stock Watchfaces from Various OEMs

    How would one go about installing some of these on a Moto 360 2nd gen? Is it even possible since the charging dock does not connect to a pc?
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    Post New Google Wear Os coming in 2 weeks!!

    Right, we are on the list. As of today no moto 360 2nd gen has gotten it yet. Google says it should be done rolling out by end of the week. Guess we have to wait a few more days.
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    Post Moto apps from Oreo (Moto Z and X4)

    Installed Moto Display apk on moto z droid on 7.1.1. Works great! Got the dots for unread messages on active display and also noticed landscape mode sorta works. FYI If you get a message and your phone is already sideways it works but as soon as you put it upright it stops displaying in...
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    Post [APK] Moto Display from Moto X4

    Thanks! Installed just the moto display apk on Moto Z Droid and it works great. We'll prob need the oreo version here soon as well but until then.
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    Post [Official]Moto Z Receiving 7.1.1 Update!!

    If your on verizon there is a new version out now. Its rolling out to the public now.
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    Post [Official]Moto Z Receiving 7.1.1 Update!!

    Its still in soak so hasnt been released yet. Lovin the new launcher though.
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    Post Who's thinking about getting a Z?

    I picked one up the other day. I dont have any mods yet, just the style cover that came with it, but I just really liked the phone so I got one. I know the small battery has been getting a lot of people upset but Im actually pretty impressed for its size. I just went three days on a full...
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Question for any of you that use game emulators within android on your tv. Which controller would work best? The asus controller that is made for the nexus player or the ps4 controller?
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Boot into recovery mode and do a factory reset. Hopefully that fixes it.
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Just enable notifications on it and then reboot your tv. Hold down the power button for like 10 sec and it will reboot. ---------- Post added at 04:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:24 PM ---------- The TV dosent really shut off. It goes into standby/sleep mode just like the google...
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    Post Sony Android TV Users

    Is there anyway to get rid of the featured apps section? Its really annoying. Guess Im just use to my nexus player... edit: Never mind I see someone posted it a few pages back. Thanks!!!
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    Post Boot animation changed overnight

    Yes this just happen to me on my moto x as well. The only way I know of to get the new one back without some sort of modification to the rom is to do a factory reset :(
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    Post Verizon lollipop update discussion

    Here is to hoping for a quick 5.1 soak and public release after the pure edition is officially released :D
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    Post Moto X Pure Edition 5.1 Update!

    Question for you guys running 5.1. Did they replace the tower signal icon with the lolipop version or is it still bars? Also did they replace the aosp messaging app with the google messager app one or is the aosp messaging app still included. Just wondering...
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    Post Moto X Pure Edition 5.1 Update!

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    Post battery life on lollipo

    I havent really noticed much of a diff between 4.4.4 and 5.0. I'm usually getting 2 - 3 days on a full charge.
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    Post Your voice launch phrase

    Im just using "ok phone". I know, original right? But it works pretty well. Took a little bit but I got moto voice to allow me to use it.
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    Post Verizon lollipop update discussion

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    Post Verizon lollipop update discussion

    You phone needs to be registered and opted into the MFN. And be active in thier forums, help out, etc. Then if your lucky they select you when needed. Some last only a few days others have gone for over a month.
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    Post Verizon lollipop update discussion

    I'm thinking the soak test will be starting any day now. Fingers crossed... I hope our phone gets the update before the original moto x though.
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    Post XT1097 Lollipop update/news/info

    Us xt1096 owners are still on 4.4.4 as well :(
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    Post Verizon version doesn't do simultaneous voice/data!!!

    Not yet but we will soon. This phone was developed to support volte. Im waiting for the update as well. Hope its not buggy....
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    Post [fxz] 4.4.2 183.46.15

    Thanks! I was hoping this would leak soon.
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    Post Root method for latest OTA update?

    Incorrect. I hear Razr M is currenlty in soak.
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    Post Returning to CM7 and Nook won't access Market

    If you want something newer I found that cm10.0 was pretty fast on nook color. Better than cm7. Anything newer I also found was to slow and laggy 10.1+. If interested the last nightly cm10.0 rom and gapps are over in the development fourm.
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    Post [USER] JB/ICS/CM10/9 Discussion

    I am told that CM10 runs very smooth and a lot better than 10.1+. Figured I would try it out. Anyone know where I can find CM10 for the nook color? Ive looked and havent be able to find it. CMs website only has 10.1 and up for the 10 series. Edit: nevermind i did eventually find it over in...
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    Post [USER] JB/ICS/CM10/9 Discussion

    Same here. Let me know if anyone finds a way to make it more snappy.
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    Post [GUIDE] Install CM7 or CM10 + Recovery to EMMC - ALL NOOK COLORS! (Updated:11/19/12)

    Thanks! Thats what I ended up installing. The only issues ive had so far is that I noticed CM is a little laggy on the nook color. Anything I can do to speed it up?
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    Post [GUIDE] Install CM7 or CM10 + Recovery to EMMC - ALL NOOK COLORS! (Updated:11/19/12)

    I followed this guide and installed the latest stable cm 10.2.1 and everything seems to be working for the most part. What version of gapps do I need for 10.2.1?
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    Post Razr M stuck on 3g!

    I would factory reset or wait a few days. In a few days a new software update will be rolling out.
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    Post List of changes/enhancements/problems in the KitKat OTA

    Wonder if some of these issues will be fixed in the new software update coming for the maxx, ultra, and of course m in a few days.
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    Post [Q] Bypass email pin lock on Kitkat

    Just use mailwise or enhanced email. They bypasses the pin lock.
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    Post Official Droid Rarz M XT907 Android 4.4 soak test KitKat OTA update Rom.

    everyone relax. Its slowly rolling out. Ive already got it.
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    Post Did someone say soak test

    Soak testing all finished and its been pushed. Start checking for updates repulsively.
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    Post Did someone say soak test

    Sorry guys I am told the soak test is gonna take a little longer this time. This soak will be a lot longer than usual. Plan for a month, give or take a week or so, if all goes as planned.
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    Post Did someone say soak test

    Jeezzz Usally when I give people a heads up about a soaktest people thank me.... Looks like im not the only one now. I suspect it to begin any day now.
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    Post Did someone say soak test

    Its for real. Moto sent invite emails to select people a few days ago.
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    Thread Did someone say soak test

    Soak test invites have been sent for droid razr m. Im sure you know what this means.
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    Post JellyBean Speculation/News/Discussion Here - All others will be locked -

    Anyone hoping for android 4.3 on our devices? I for one am "hoping". If you think about it... The original droid razr started on GB, then went to ICS, and now its been updated to JB. We started on ICS, then went to JB, and now hopefully get KLP or at the very least 4.3 before the updates...
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    Post Droid RAZR mini

    So its basically a downgrade when it comes to the screen.
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    Post Did I just get hosed on eBay?? :(

    Easy. Just go into the setting on the phone and towards the bottom right above "about phone" should be a menu called "developer options". If you dont have that then no you dont have a developer edition.
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    Post Another software update

    Whats the diff between the two diff updates. I have two razr m's, both identical and one got 98.16.3 and the other got 98.18.78. What the heck??? When doing the soak test I received 98.18.78 on the one.
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    Post Another software update

    Installed it this morning. Its just a maint update.
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    Post Another software update

    Well I for one am excited to see they are still developing on our device. From what ive been reading the droid razd hd and hd max are also getting this update. With the last update Motorola said it wasn't a android update too but it actually was. Hopefully it is this time too.
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    Thread Another software update

    Just a FYI to everyone that there is another software update on the horizon for us droid razr m users. Soak test starts in a few days.
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    Post PSA: New Mantenance OTA rolling out!!!

    Got it too! So it was a 4.1.2 update. yay! Alos noticed that the Verizon apps app is gone :)
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    Post PSA: New Mantenance OTA rolling out!!!

    I've been checking daily too and still haven't seen it. I hear the soak test just finished this week so we prob wont see it roll out for at least a few days. Im really hoping it comes with a android 4.1.2 update as well like the rest of the droid razrs. Every other razr on Verizon has been...
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    Post [Q] modified email.apk for droid pro

    Yeah and that works too but I do really like the built in email app.
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    Thread [Q] modified email.apk for droid pro

    Looking for a modified email.apk that would work with the droid pro. I would like one that bypasses the exchange pin policy so I dont have to type in a pin everytime i want to unlock my phone. Im getting so sick of having to enter a pin to unlock but still want my email/cal on my phone. I see...
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    Post For anyone having issues installing the 4.3.7 Verizon update If you need RDS Lite just google for it. Make sure its 4.9 or up though.