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    Post How is your DVP after updating to Nodo?

    +1 to this. Phone was constantly crashing till this update. Since Nodo not 1 single crash, everything loads faster, Copy and Paste works and I finally don't regret buying my DVP. Big up to M$ for the fix. For all the people having issues with micro SD cards only buy Sandisk and at a minimum...
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    Post Windows Phone Device Manager for DVP

    Do you know if DVP will get full support for this device manager in the near future?
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    Thread Windows Phone Device Manager for DVP

    Fingers crossed this will work with the DVP. It states "Windows Phone Device Manager allows you to manage your Windows Phone 7 device from your PC, you can simply view, install and uninstall "sideloaded" applications, explore device, transfer and sync files,... It is compatible with all Windows...