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  1. DreamFX

    Thread Nexus 6 Verizon Wife and I phones no data while on a call.

    As the title states my wife and I can't use voice and data simultaneously. We just got the phones a few days ago directly from Verizon. After extensive research I have found I guess HD calling has to be enabled on our plan for simultaneously data and voice to work. I have enabled this and double...
  2. DreamFX

    Thread [ROM][i605][5.1.1]Unofficial PAC-Rom Nightlies[06062015]

    This is is my unofficial build of PAC-Rom Lollipop for our device. I am not a dev, just someone wanting to give you another option to play with for our device. All source credit goes to the PAC-Rom team. * By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty! * If your phone breaks...
  3. DreamFX

    Thread Strange Issue - Texting only works on TW roms now :(

    Been flashing roms for years across many devices and this is the first time I have encountered such a bizarre issue. As the title says I could only text on touch whiz based roms. Aosp roms of any kind (CM,AOKP, Gummy, Slim, any) text messages all fail no matter what sms app I use. How to fix -...
  4. DreamFX

    Thread 4.3 Custom Lockscreen Unlock Rings

    Anyone know of a way to customize these on 4.3 roms? I use to use Metamorph and Zipthemer on 4.2.2 and lower roms but can't get any of these methods to work on 4.3 based roms. Thanks.
  5. DreamFX

    Thread Galaxy Nexus Toro(Verzion) Texting Issues

    Starting a few days ago I noticed some of my text messages are not being received by some of my friends. They all have either ATT or Verizon and both Android and iPhone. Tried sending from my phone using both GOSMS and stock and it's at random what messages they receive and what ones they...
  6. DreamFX

    Thread Cyanogen

    just got my rezound(came from thunderbolt) a few days ago and so far so good...using the clean rom....i am missing my cyanogen rom question is this how can such an awesome phone not have a fully functional cyanogen rom? i don't care if its official or not but from what i can find...
  7. DreamFX

    Thread Clean Rom 4.1

    hey everyone...i just got this phone today, coming from a thunderbolt....what i have noticed about this rom is that the dev claims to have "Battery Icon with Percent" I have found no option to set this anywhere. i also noticed the personalize button doesn't work...any suggestions on any of these...