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  1. RebeccaSugar

    Thread 6.0.1 boot.img

    Would anyone here have it? I overlooked the "7.1.1" message and used TWRP anyways, THEN used the 7.1.1 boot img which threw me into a bootloop, I can boot into EDL just fine, sideload doesn't work with me, so I see obtaining my original B2017G US boot.img and reflashing it with tulip as the best...
  2. RebeccaSugar

    Thread Recovery/System Bootloop - Fastboot Doesn't Flash

    I am suffering from a bootloop in my phone, lineage suddenly decided to crash trebuchet, and phone turned off. Bootloader works, download mode works, recovery absolutely DOES NOT, It gives me the black HTC logo and turns off and on when I put the "fastboot oem lock" option, and just redirects...