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  1. faria

    Thread erisin ES3090A Recovery mode

    Does any one know how to get into recovery mode on this unit? Currently my unit is stuck on the Android splash screen. Any thoughts/advice welcome. Many Thanks. Update: This...
  2. faria

    Thread Tab 3 8 official kikat update (T310) + root instrucions Warning!!! Locked boot-loader, once you flash this update you cant downgrade (at Present) Rom has no knox counter ( warranty Bit) or binary counter. Rom used to downgrades was...
  3. faria

    Thread Easy upgrade to 4.3 [online] [Rom]

    [Easy upgrade to 4.3][OS 4.3 MK9][03/01/2014]GT-N7100 *** Disclaimer -- Flashing roms especially with bootloaders are dangerous, make sure you make a nandroid backup before hand,Please follow the instructions carefully Introduction
  4. faria

    Thread [ROOT] for GT-I8190"N" -ONLY

    ANDROID VERSION-4.1.2 Dec 22 13:45:13 KST 2012
  5. faria

    Thread [Guide and Info] Reset "Custom" System status back to "Official"

    As many of you have found out , sometimes after flashing roms or part of roms into the device turns the Device firmware to “Custom”. What does this mean: It means you no longer will be able to receive updated from samsung via kies or OTA, you want be able to deal with drm content etc. When the...
  6. faria

    Thread [info] gt-i8190 partition layout

    This is the partiton layout of the GT-I8190, this table is not complete,i will update it when i find more info ,some of the info here may be wrong, please feel free to point it out or offer updates.
  7. faria

    Thread [ROM]GT-I8190L rooted rom

    Hi Guys, as requested by some of you ,this is a rooted rom for the i8190L Only! DO NOT INSTALL THIS IN THE i8190 or the i8190N ! This rom is only for latin based [i8190L] device. To minimize problems the rom only includes the system partition, this way your kernel etc dont get messed if...
  8. faria

    Thread [ROMS][JZ054K.I8190.XXAMA1][4.1.2-Jelly-bean] [26.01.2013] V5.1

    ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Fixes for V5.1 This will fix the unknow csc. this will fix connection problems with Kies,but you wont be able to check for updates via kies. Download and...
  9. faria

    Thread [HOW TO] Root/Modify your stock ROM yourself without increasing binary counter

    Here are 2 tutorials in how to setup Ubuntu and Root/modify stock firmwares. Have fun;) Downloads below.
  10. faria

    Thread [rom] uk-JRO03H.I8190 XXALJL_btu-rooted [ONLINE]

    This rom is primarily for UK unlocked devices (BTU) but it will work in any other country code. ROM version-JRO03H.***** XXALJL Baseband- XXALJL Csc-BTU I8190OXXALJ8 This is a full Uk firmware rooted. Download the rom an odin from the provided link and unzip it . Put your phone into...
  11. faria

    Thread Usb Jig (working)

    Im happy to confirm that that the usb jig used on the original galaxy S also works in the galaxy s3 mini. "usb Jig" - a device used to enter "download mode" when you are no longer able to use the button combo mode due to bad a boot loader. This happens sometimes when flashing a rom and the...
  12. faria

    Thread galaxy s3 mini dump

    Here is all the system apps from the galaxy s3 mini (4.1.1)for whoever wants to port it to the galaxy s. If any one wants the odex files ,libs etc let me know and i will upload it. Download
  13. faria

    Thread (GUIDE)How to Backup Efs (imei,etc) folder.

    THIS ONLY WORKS ON ROOTED ROMS/DEVICES As a owner of the original Galaxy s i have encounter the problem like no radio signal etc, after flashing certain roms,this was because the efs partition/folder somehow got wiped. This could be fixed by flashing certain original roms, or restoring the EFS...
  14. faria

    Thread [Q] Does your Galasy s3 minis has nfc?

    I just got the device for a client, even though it says it has NFC on the re-seller webpage it clearly does not. I would like to know if anyone actually has a device with NFC. After some research i found out that the NFC Chip is actually in the battery, so in theory if you get a battery...
  15. faria

    Thread (ONLINE)Faria Omnia7-rom V1.1(TANGO)

    Faria Omnia7-rom V1.1(TANGO) This rom is set to locale Uk in all aspects,there is no extra languages,other keyboards languages are included. Changelog; Rom Base from ceesheim team OS Version: 7.10.8773.98 (TANGO) Radio software version: 2424.11.2.2 available storage 7.02GB (IN A 8GB MODEL) Rom...
  16. faria

    Thread (ONLINE)Faria Omnia7-UK-rom V1(MANGO)

    Faria Omnia7-UK-rom V1(MANGO) This rom is set to locale Uk in all aspects,there is no extra languages,other keyboards languages are included. Chagelog; Rom is Based on ceesheim v1 OS Version: 7.10.8107.79 (mango) Rom Size: 316 MB (332,210,176 bytes) No .CSC file Locale-UK –Blue Theme Fully...
  17. faria

    Thread (How-To)update the Samsung drivers on 7720.

    Allot of us forced the mango update on Zune, but did not get the new drivers from Samsung. So here it is a quick and dirty way of getting you phone up to date:) Download the package from Here. Unrar it to you pc. Plug in you Omnia ,make sure Zune is not open. If you have windows x64 click on...
  18. faria

    Thread SAMSUNG GALAXY S WIRELESS INDUCTIVE CHARGING MOD Now that is what i call a hack:D
  19. faria

    Thread Full Service Manual

    Here is the Service manual for the Omnia 7. Download from here Regards Faria
  20. faria

    Thread "How to" search the Xda Developers’ forum within Windows Explorer

    "How to" search the Xda Developers’ forum within Windows Explorer. 1- Download the attached file to you desktop and unzip it. 2- Double-click in the file and follow the prompts. Now you should have the “Xda Developers” plug-in loaded in your Favorites, click on it and type your search* query...
  21. faria

    Thread Galaxy s GT-i9000 [europe] with Ndrive 11

    Dear members: I have Ndrive 11[gps software] in my galaxy s ,if you have any questions about it please feel free to ask away. pros: new interface, simplified super fast gps lock ,less than 5 seconds! Weather forecast new share feature for facebook ,favorites,my location, etc support for...
  22. faria

    Thread Message box skinning help needed.

    Hi guys, I m trying to skin this message box top bar ,but so far I have been unable. I was under the impression that to skin this message box title bar i needed to edit the msgboxTitle.png,but it seems this image is not related to the above dialogue box. I want the above message bar, to look...
  23. faria

    Thread Adding quick links to Sense 2.5 cause sense to restart

    Hi every one. recently I came across a bug in my Wm6.5.xx rom with htc sense.2.5. when i try to add a program short-cut to the home-tab quick-links, Htc-Sense restarts ,but i can add contacts or bookmarks without any problems. any suggestion are welcomed.
  24. faria

    Thread [ROMS][WWE-Rhodium GSM (FARIA v1.2) WM6.5 (build 23568) Sense 2.5 [23-JUN-10]UPDATE

    <object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  25. faria

    Thread Ringtone only in headset,driving me nuts!

    in my tp2 i noticed that when i have a wired or bluethooth headset conected and someone calls me it only rings in the headphones! this made me lose several phone calls. in other devices i had , i used a reg hack for it to ring in the device speaker and headphone,so i tried in my tp2 but it...
  26. faria

    Thread Some help and sugestions for my next hermes rom needed

    allo everyone. i finally replaced the touchscreen of my hermes and now i got a problem,im itching to cook a new rom and for that i need your guys advice. what is the most stable base around? and would also like to know what are the latest packages around. please feel free to post links or...
  27. faria

    Thread Faria-R32 / Dr Puttingham WM6.1 HERMES ROM-CUSTOM+CLEAN

    THIS ROM IS AN UPDATED VERSION FROM THIS ONE This rom is a Faria / Dr Puttingham WM6.1 Collaboration . CE OS 19199.1.0.0 wwe Default time zone; UK 6mb page pool big storage, no extended rom. UC compliant (To avoid possible Hard Resets we suggest following DR P's advice in Post #6!!!! ) Rom...
  28. faria

    Thread Faria / Dr Puttingham WM6.1 Collaboration rom

    hi everyone! due to a geographic move last year an family problems plus a dead PC i been unable to release any work or be around as much as i would liked. so here i m.:) please follow the link below for details and downloads This rom is a Faria / Dr Puttingham WM6.1 Collaboration . CE OS...
  29. faria

    Thread Update on ... me... (and my ROM's)

    I'm having to take care of some very pressing personal business and will have to put the ROM's on hold, how long I'm not sure. Until further notice please do not PM me as I will not be monitoring. I will be in touch with my wingman, Dr. Puttingham, who will keep you advised of any changes...
  30. faria

    Thread [FARIA] htc hermes SUPER CLEAN ROM.V1

    CE OS 5.2.1413 Build 17913.0.3.0 NO EXTRAS WHATSOEVER 6mb page pool ram 29-30mb storage UP TO 61MB car charging support compatability with totom Office 12 10 button com-manager-with internetsharing button [by schaps AND ME] Black theme SHOW all pages in phone options Small 3g icon—fixed by...
  31. faria

    Thread [faria] htc hermes Customized V1.

    CE OS 5.2.1413 Build 17913.0.3.0 6mb page pool This is a test rom not a final product….recommended you have a good understanding of window mobile/hermes….the purpose of this release is to publicly test and fix…if needed. Recommended that your device be supercid….or use the sspl option. This rom...
  32. faria

    Thread NEW HTC WIZARD radio 2.40.11

    enjoy.... regards faria ftp://[email protected]/Wizard/Roms/faria-roms/
  33. faria

    Thread FARIA-HTC WIZARD FINAL ROM WITH Pro Rom the rom as you like!

    DOWNLOAD ILUSTRATED TUTORIAL FROM ftp://xda:[email protected]/Uploads/WIZARD/ROMS/Faria%20WM6%20ROM%20Kitchen.pdf TUTORIAL IS ALSO INCLUDED IN THE ROM KITCHEN. ftp://xda:[email protected]/Wizard/Roms/faria-roms/2007-04-20_232918.jpg DOWNLOAD ROM KITCHEN FROM HERE You...
  34. faria

    Thread Htc Wizard Radio Rom Updated [02.69.11]

    i have been using this radio for monts,and now the time has come to release it.:D download ftp://xda:[email protected]/Wizard/Radio_Roms/faria%2002.69.11.rar if you experience data drops ,as with many other radios...add the following reg setting to your device;
  35. faria

    Thread faria_wm6 htc wizard vanilla [Technical Discussion Only]

    Rom version; Build aku 15341 aku. WWE Ipl version ---- Spl version ----- Radio version recommended 2.19 Extended ROM version Faria v5 Htc logo Splash screen Page-pool- YOU MUST HAVE A BOOTLOADE VERSION 2XXX OR ABOVE...(IPL/SPL 2.xx). also your device must be CID unlocked...
  36. faria

    Thread faria-htc wizard...WWE WM6 ROM- [the real thing]

    faria is back! :D ftp://xda:[email protected]/Uploads/WIZARD/ROMS/untitled.JPG screenshots.... version [os] 5.2.318 Build aku 15341 aku. WWE Ipl version ---- Spl version ----- Radio version recommended 2.19 Extended ROM version Faria v5 Htc logo Faria Splash screen Faria...
  37. faria

    Thread windows vista-wizard upgrade utility here but.....need help i got a windows vista update utility for the HTC wizard ,but now i need help to modefy the utility to work with custom roms....we need to remove the contry id check.etc.....if you know how to do it please contact-me. temp made this will benefit everyone
  38. faria

    Thread upgrading a rom with windows vista[facts only]

    has any one successfully upgraded their device with windows vista? i read allot about it but it seems no one actually says ;yes i did it! I'm also receiving PMs asking if it is the moment i don't know...since i haven't upgraded my PC yet. please post facts we can end...
  39. faria

    Thread Updated-aku-3 Roms V2 For Htc-wizard

    OK, here's the scoop: This ROM is to be considered BETA, it is provided as is. It is the real deal, Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3 OS Rom.There are no IPL, SP ALL DEVICES DO NEED to be CID Unlocked IN ORDER TO INSTALL THIS ROM BE SURE YOU ALREADY HAVE 2.x IPL/SPL & RADIO ROM ON YOUR DEVICE...
  40. faria

    Thread about the crossbow wizard wwe leak

    it seems that a version of WWE crossbow been leaked in the net.:D you may discuss it in the forum but any file uploaded to the ftp will be deleted... have fun.. regards faria
  41. faria

    Thread Faria 3.2 Htc Wizard Rom Real Issues-report Here

    DUE to the first thread been turned into another unlocking one I had no choice but, to close the project. But I feel that it is unfair to the people that respect my work an appreciate it. The response to the rom has been overwhelming!!!! I never see this kind of response to a rom since the blue...
  42. faria

    Thread HTC X TASKMANAGER HERE by faria

    updated thanks poof. and here its is remove the the zip extencion before installation install and rebbot reboot. to configure go to start/settings system/ enjoy regards faria
  43. faria

    Thread Faria/RISIDORO "how To" Change Page-pool On A Htc Wizard Rom.tutorial

    This is A "how to" change the htc wizard page pool from 12mb to 8mb. Due to a recent hard drive failure [dropped in the floor an Maxtor 300gb external drive] a lost all my backup data including the notes to cook roms and settings to change the page pool of the wizard. After 2 week of...
  44. faria

    Thread faria-3.2-beta-4 [close beta testing-at the moment...]

    you will require a password to access the rom[only by email].depending of the feedback in the next few days,the roms will be made public. all tester that applied will receive an email with the instrucions. and i dont need to remind you that your device need to be cid unlocked to avoid problems...
  45. faria

    Thread wizard 3.2 rom testers needed

    i have created a 3.2 rom for the wizard and i need more testers in order to continue the developlent.the rom is stable. it has some favorites freeware apps integrated a much much more. also it has netcf plus java etc etc....all working. if you are up to it please email-me. i prefer that you...
  46. faria

    Thread looking for screen rotate.exe

    would a kind soul please upload the screen rotate.exe file from the universal please.thanks
  47. faria

    Thread [Faria]HTC-wizard-[how to cook your ext-rom ]tutorial here!!

    after so many it is...the ext-rom cooking tutorial first download the ext-rom maker kit from here; ftp://xda:[email protected]/Wizard/DumpROM/ then download the attached tutorial. A great deal of time and patience was needed to put...
  48. faria

    Thread [FARIA]PORTUGUESE_2130926_21309115_20720 PHOPHET ROM

    download here ftp://xda:[email protected]/Uploads/Prophet/Prophet-roms/ for prophet/jamin and s200 this rom is an official upgrade FROM I-MATE. i have not tested it because i haven got a prophet i have modefied the romupdate utility ,so u can...