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  1. sharingan

    Thread Confirmed 90 fps games for 7t

    Hey guys I wanna know if yu guys have tried different games that support 90fps ( that actually support it ) Can yu write up names of those games here Easy to know that way Plz tell if shadowgun legends csn run on 90fps if any one has tried
  2. sharingan

    Thread No 4k netflix support for 7t ???

    Hey guys just wanna know something Does netflix app on 7t does not support 4k or not ? I am asking cos yesterday i logged in with my account on netflix app on my dad’s oneplus 7t and went to settings and opened playback specifications It said HDR = supported (good thing) BUT MAXIMUM...
  3. sharingan

    Thread No recent update for s7 indian variant after august patch

    Its been like 4 months and no update for s7 in india Why is that earlier there were delays but not this long
  4. sharingan

    Thread Fast charging and size of battery

    Hey guys Need thoughts on a small confusion here Me and my friend were taking about the news that s11 will only come with 25w fast charging ( and i was saying it is less and they should have gone atleast for 30w ) on which my friend said TO INCREASE FAST CHARGING YU HAVE TO INCREASE BATTERY...
  5. sharingan

    Thread Seagate backup plus slim 2tb not opening in mi a2

    Need help guys I have a seagate backup plus slim 2tb external hdd It is easily connected to my s7 by otg but i cannot access it in mi a2 I use es explorer Although i can use older model of my hdd on mi s2 but not this one Can someone help ??
  6. sharingan

    Thread Mi a2 dec update available

    Mi a2 december update available Weighs around 227 mb I think that speaker bug will be solved
  7. sharingan

    Thread Is fornite playable on mi a2 yet

    Anyone playing fortnite on mi a2 Last i checked it was not in list of compatible phones
  8. sharingan

    Thread Wipe cache not present in mi a2 recovery

    Just wanted to wipe cache in recovery and found that there is no such option to do so Is there a way to wipe cache like we do in other phones?
  9. sharingan

    Thread Mi a2 camera quality

    Guys i am from india and bought this few days back Its snappy nice body built but camera quality is bad Is there another app thay i can use instead of stock camera or are there particular settings in camera app like auto exposure or contrast or sharpness thati should change plz do tell No root...
  10. sharingan

    Thread Progress about cm for exynos s7

    Hello guys can anyone tell about the progress of cm.for eynos s7 Any news or.anything worth knowing ??
  11. sharingan

    Thread Indian exynos s7 sm 930fd

    Hello guys Can yu tell me where i can find official stock roms for indian s7 For model no SMG930FD also can i flash SMG930F frimware of another country with any issue ??? Plz help
  12. sharingan

    Thread Cyanogenomd for exynos s7

    Guys any news for exynos s7 cyanogenmod??
  13. sharingan

    Thread S7 video playback issue

    Guys i am having some problems with video playback I am using mx player but in some videos the audio stops sometimes and sometimes the video starts from the beginning by itself I tried to downgrade mx player but the problem started with old version too Vlc player has same problem too Any help ???
  14. sharingan

    Thread Hard drive support

    Hey guys A little help here Earlier i was waitng for note 5 but now i wanna buy galaxy s7 I saw in unboxing support that it comes with a in house otg adapter and it charges other devices also if connected through it ( about this thing i dont give a damn) I saw a website which was saying that it...
  15. sharingan

    Thread Is note 5 worth buying

    Hello guys need yr opinion here Right now i am having s5 and is confused between note 5 and ipad mini 4 but now made up my mind for note 5 So plz tell me that is it worth buying I mean i need a phablet or big enough screen device that is easy to carry amd have good display and performance...
  16. sharingan

    Thread [Q] cyanogenmod for sm g900h galaxy s5

    hey everyone can someone tell me when is cyanogenmod coming for galaxy s 5 sm g 900h exynos variant cos it is out for snapdragon variant
  17. sharingan

    Thread [Q] s5 g900h screen mirroring issues

    Hello everyone A little help here plz I have galaxy s5 g900h variant and not able to screen mirror my phone with my sony led It once connected successfully but now it shows connection failed whereas my dad's nexus 5 connects without a hitch Plz help thanks in advance
  18. sharingan

    Thread [Q] root for latest s 5 sm g900h frimware please

    hello friends can some one tell me how can i root s 5 sm g900h variant with latest stock frimware {XXU1ANG3} cos i was not able to root it with cf auto root file that i used earlier it stoped on cache in odin and i have to reflash frimware again to make my phone alright again also what will...
  19. sharingan

    Thread different region rom on indian s5

    Hello friends Have a question I am using s5 sm g900h indian variant I am on indian rom right now but i want to try latest 4.4.2 which is in indonesia so can i flash indonesian rom on my variant or should i wait for my update
  20. sharingan

    Thread [Q] galaxy s 5 sm 900h heating issue

    hello friends need your help i own a galaxy s 5 octa core variant ]i have observed that when i charge by phone it becomes hot after 1 hr and by hot i mean sometimes very hot so it happens or it is an issue and can some one please tell solution also the battery is not swollen
  21. sharingan

    Thread {HOW TO} - TIPS for improving fingerprint scanner on galaxy s5

  22. sharingan

    Thread [Q] [Q} please help in restoring nexus 5

    can someone tell me that how can i help one of my friend in restoring hos nexus 5 after someone accidently factory reset his nexus 5 is it possible to make it as it was before factory reset will all media files and apps and games that he installed and downloaded please help it is very urgent...
  23. sharingan

    Thread [Q] original samsung battery other than stock for ace

    hello friends i need a little help from you can someone tell me about a samsung battery of another phone which has high power like more than 1350 mah and can fit in my ace
  24. sharingan

    Thread [Q]

    what is the easiest way of rooting google nexus 5 indian version and is it necessory to unloc bootloader first before rooting this phone
  25. sharingan

    Thread cm 11 jenkins builds discussion thread

    Hello my friends i have started this thread for people who wanna know about cm 11 builds released by android armv6 team {jenkins} anyone is free to discuss about cm 11 jenkins build here
  26. sharingan

    Thread [Q] reverting to cwm 5 from 6 ??

    is there a way to revert to cwm 5 from 6 cos i am having status 7 error in doing so please tell me if someone knows about the solution thanks in advance
  27. sharingan

    Thread [Q] rooting without pc or odin

    hello friends i need your help can someone tell me if there is any method of rooting galaxy s 4 i9500 without pc i mean only on mobile itself
  28. sharingan

    Thread subway surfers problem

    hello friends there is a little problem here and i need yr help now subway surfers can be downloaded from playstore and it does not show incompatible option but i am using cm9 by rhievldo and it forced close when i tried to open it and in it latest review by ace users many have given it 5...
  29. sharingan

    Thread [Q] strange sd card issue

    hello friends help needed when i connect my ace with cable to pc and open usb mass storage it opens but dont show all files i mean to say that it is not showing a folder named movies and more in which there is a movie and mp3 songs it shows .txt file and also sometimes no photos please help me
  30. sharingan

    Thread review of this rom

    hello everyone just a little help needed i wanna try this rom { cm 9.2 plus by erickas } if someone has tried it please tell me about its performance and stability cos i have slow internet right now and it will be bad if i downloaded it and it does not come out to be good { no offense to any...
  31. sharingan

    Thread device problems on win 8.1

    hello everyone just wanna ask something 3 days back i installed win 8.1 on my pc now i am not able to use my phone properly with it my phone software does not recognize my phone and so i am not able to upgrade and downgrade it is there a trick which can help me in making my pc right again as...
  32. sharingan

    Thread [Q] flashable zip file of stock rom ?

    is there a way through which i can create zip file of my stock 2.3.6 rom for ace whuch i can flash through cwm if anyone knows please help thanks in advance
  33. sharingan

    Thread [Q] contact number not dispalyed

    hello every one i have one question sometimes in cm9 or above roms when i get calls only number is displayed even when that number is saved with a name so is there a way i can solve this bug please reply cos this is the only reasons by which i revert to stock rom please help thanks in advance
  34. sharingan

    Thread cm9 or above contact storage

    hello i think i need your help one thing i hate about roms above gb is that there is no option to save contacts directly to sim which is available in stock gb or cm7.2 roms so is there any app which can save all my new contacts in cm9 or above roms directly to sim then please tell
  35. sharingan

    Thread [Q] information about latest indian 4.2.2

    :confused:hello friends wanna ask something has anyone tried latest indian stock 4.2.2 rom for our grand duos the latest one released in october what are the changes? are there any improvements ? it is more stable and fast and also any change in looks ? please tell me cos i wanna try it...
  36. sharingan

    Thread keyboard problem -HELP

    HELLO EVERYONE i am using a i ball usb keyboard which yesterday started giving problem some keys doesn't work i don't know why but some are working so please tell me the solution
  37. sharingan

    Thread [Q] windows 8.1 pro final 32bit link please

    hello everyone i know that this is not the right place but if somebody can help then i will be very happy i just wanna ask that where can i get win 8.1 pro final build 32 bit cos everywhere i see is pro vl or enterprise or rtm so if someone have link of win 8.1 final pro 32 bit please give it...
  38. sharingan

    Thread [Q] how to slim down a rom

    hello everyone:D i want to ask that what are the files which can be deleted so that a cm9 rom becomes very fast and with more free internal memory
  39. sharingan

    Thread seagate hard disk problem

    hello everyone i have a small problem here few days back i deleted a icon file in my seagate 1 Tb external hard disk and after that the icon of my hard disk drive disappeared can someone please provide me that icon file it has not resulted in anything bad but it looks bad so if some one have...
  40. sharingan

    Thread Request to all DEVELOPERS

    FIRST OF ALL HELLO TO ALL DEVELOPERS I have opened this thread to request developers specially who compile or port cm9 ics roms i would be happy if someone from you can make AOKP ICS ROM imagine a fast stable aokp ics combination speed of ics and customisation of aokp i am asking for aokp ics...
  41. sharingan

    Thread [Q] miui icons porting

    today i installed miui by mr vadim and liked his icons very much is there a way i can port or add there icons in other rom i dont want these through some launchers i just wanna replace icons of other rom like stock one with these so is there a way please tell
  42. sharingan

    Thread [Q] cygwin problem

    hello everyone i just wanna ask that is cygwin a malware or virus cos when i was downloading it my quickheal deleted it and i want it so please help me
  43. sharingan

    Thread [Q] cromod problem

    hello everyone can anyone tell me that is the procedure of installing cromod script that is displayed on its thread correct i mean i cannot install the script through it if someone knows the good method tell me i ma using slimbutter project cm9 rom and i even mounted data system and sdext but...
  44. sharingan

    Thread 4.2.2 indian frimware link

    hello everyone can someone please give me fast link of 4.2.2 stock android for grand cos i wanna upgrade my sister phone to latest 4.2.2
  45. sharingan

    Thread facebook app problem

    hello everyone in morning i tried to install the newly launched official facebook app from win store but it showed that SORRY THIS APP CANNOT BE INSTALLED COS YOUR SYSTEM DOESNOT MEET THE MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS is there a way through i can still install it or i have to upgrade to 8.1 to...
  46. sharingan

    Thread [Q] best script for ace with stock 2.3.6 installed

    Hello guys I am again reverting to stock 2.3.6 in few days so wanna ask you one thing that Which is the best script for stock rom on ace 1 fly on mod 2 crossbreeder 3 adrenaline engine 4 pure performance engine 4 supercharger Will i have to flash some other kernel to use some of them like...
  47. sharingan

    Thread [Q] difference btw stock 2.3.5 and 2.3.6

    I wanna know guys that is 2.3.6 better than 2.3.5 in terms of stability and performance cos i wanna try 2.3.5 on my ace
  48. sharingan

    Thread stock indian or other region 4.2.2 for galaxy tab 2 p 3100

    Can someone please give me link of android 4.2.2 for galaxy tab 2 p3100 please give a link which offers fast download speed and resumable Try to give link of indian frimware if not that then of other region Galaxy tab 2 p 3100 Please help me
  49. sharingan

    Thread [Q] combination advice

    hello everyone i wanna ask something i am stock rom 2.3.6 ace but i am reverting to latest mardon stable build cm 10.1 but before that i wanna try some combinations please tell whether they are worth a shot 1 pure performance + fly on mod + nims kernel 2 pure performance + fly on mod +...
  50. sharingan

    Thread How wants altius cooper back

    Hello everyone i have started this thread for altius cooper we know that he is banned from xda but have no clue why so lets try bring him back so that we can get good roms like cm 9 final 4 on our ace back please participate in this thread show altius your love and dedication for him