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    Thread Post your battery stats

    I've been watching this thread in the N7100 forum. Let's see how the att version compared to the International! I have yet to decide between the att & International version. Let's see your results!!
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    Thread *•* Post your *WHITE* note cases (only white phones) *•*

    I have been on a mission to find a case with great protection for my note. I like the otter box defender but its just ugly on a white phone. Not a big fan with the back of the commuter. The case mate tough case just seems to be missing something lol What does everyone else use? I just...
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    Thread [TwEaKs] *Build.prop*

    Here are some Build.prop Tweaks that i have been trying. Give them a try and report back. If you know of or make any changes post them up for others to try! If you would like to enable "No Boot Animation" delete the "#" in front of debug.sf.nobootanimation=1.. Install Found under...
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    Thread **Boostn*Beats*Audio**GB/ICS/JB**CM9/AOKP/AOSP**AwesomeBEATSv3** Updated 7/31/12**

    Beats Updated For CM9/AOKP USERS!!! AwesomeBEATS & CM-AOKP can only be installed on CM9 based ROM's!!! (for now) DONT INSTALL ANY OF ROCKO'S VERSIONS OR YOU WILL BE STUCK AT SAMSUNG SCREEN!!! MAKE A NANDROID BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING!!! Settings/Sounds/Music Effects/ (enable MusicFX &...
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    Thread [ROM] MitRa Rom V5.2 [JW1][2.3.6]|- Graphical-Stable-Fast (Persian Support)*1/8/12*

    MitRa Rom is a fast and stable rom - ENJOY !!!! I have been testing this Port and absolutely LOVE IT!!! I am so glad that MostafaFCB was kind enough to let me bring this Masterpiece to the Infuse world :D [SIZE="5"]MostafaFCB has put a lot of hard work into this ROM, Please thank him for...
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    Thread [ROM] Galnet MIUI ICS 4.0.1 *2.11.26* Updated *11/26/11*

    Here is the latest MIUI ICS 4.0.1 from Galnet. As stated in my previous MIUI Thread: THIS ROM IS A BETA BUILD!!!(I will remove "BETA" when everything is working, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc..) DO NOT PM ME OR JORDAN ABOUT ISSUES! I simply PORT what GALNET releases. YOU are the testers for this...
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    Thread [Q&A][ROM] MIUI Infuse Edition [ROM]

    This is for general questions about the latest MIUI
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    Thread [ROM] MIUI Infuse Edition 2.1.13-&-b0oStEd MiUi *updated *1/21/12*:P

    woxwTbVarcY?hd=1 BIG THANKS TO MIUI Galnet My good buddy JordanElliot LinuxBozo Andy Thomson Bigfau Dman Darky Nikademus Pikachu01 Zacharias Maladroit Zeppelinrox brainmaster pvyParts (Battery Bar) Ph0z3 qbking777 and all others that are pushing the infuse development!!