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    Thread [Kernel] [10] [A5070/FN] Quantum Quack v2.0 for A50s (update 26.09.2020)

    This kernel works only on A507FN, A5070 . I'm not responsible for any damage if you flash on other devices. - I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause. - You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to the thread or source...
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    Thread {NEWS} My edit open source.

    Take a look at here: Github And if you want to learn something, read description below in the repo, you may find something useful. That is from BTB2 (Android Q).
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    Thread [guide] [root]how to root your a50s again (with unstable TWRP)

    ATA6 tested, and not test on other version, but you can try. Patched with Magisk v20.4 (latest version) here Google Drive make a backup, make sure your bootloader is unlocked. wipe all of your data. select as AP in Odin3. Untick "Auto Reboot" please, only the "F.Reset Time" is ticked. Flash...
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    Thread repo error

    so i was compiling TWRP for A50s... on repo sync i got this: Aborting error: prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86/: platform/prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86 checkout bbb7fad7b6c38a9b4581873bbb78a063bded00c7 error: Cannot checkout platform/prebuilts/clang/host/linux-x86 Checking out projects: 79%...
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    Thread help me

    Is anyone have rooted A50s, on Android 10? I'm currently build TWRP for Android 10, but i need to have stock recovery.img from it. Share the Android 10 recovery.img for me and i will begin to compile soon. Thanks. For anyone who wants to have a look, please visit here for more infos...
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    Thread [guide] [also root] how to root your a50s again with no bootloop.

    topjohnwu has left xda due to some reasons. but before that, he also fixed the bootloop problem. if you already in the version 19.3, guided by redymedan, update to new v20.4 by the beta channel... it works in ata6 build for me, but i can't risk my data again to test on android q.
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    Thread [news]the saucé.

    got a mail from Samsung team. they have published the source code for A507FNXXU3ATA6 (android 9). this might light up some hopes for twrp and custom roms,... :)
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    Thread please make a50s forum great again.

    hello devs, can you help us please? we have been waiting for TWRP, custom roms, ... for a long time. i mean, it's a great device for me and all, but people seem to like the A50 more than A50s.
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    Thread [guide] fix the bootloop.

    so we have already known that our man, redymedan, tutorial you guys to root your beloved phone A50s by Magisk via patch the version 19.3. well, that's sad. :( but that ends today. how to do it? simple. first, do as the man told you...