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  1. Kamy

    Thread [Mod][AIO] AryaMod AIO SoundMod V3

    AryaMod Premium Sound Control Hello everyone. Here is the first mod from AryaMod that I have tested on my S7Edge Nougat OS, hope you like it. This mod would provide a full control of sound output of your phone and is a universal pack for most of ROMs/devices. All in one app: Viper4Android...
  2. Kamy

    Thread [ROM][TW][Aroma][AOD]AryaMod Note7 Port V2.1[EOL]

    AryaMod ROM Note7 Port Credits @darkera13 @lss1977 @Eleo @karkasss @tdunham @rompnit xperiacle @daxgirl @Wuby986 @DaOldMan @lijianjunyonghu (Norma ROM Dev) @tamirda @ikrom @venkat kamesh @SuperR. @remuntada78 Chainfire amarullz @Ticklefish...
  3. Kamy

    Thread [ROM][TW][Aroma][OTA]AryaMod Port S7Edge PortV6.5 [EOL]

    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Port Series First of all I should appreciate following people tdunham, rompnit, xperiacle, daxgirl, for their non-stop support, contributions and being wonderful people around in XDA And also people who have directly/indirectly helped me in this project who...
  4. Kamy

    Thread [ROM]AryaMod V1.4 TW Lollipop Official [920*][EOL]

    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Serries Proudly present you AryaMod ROM Lollipop for Galaxy Note 5 Big thanks @tdunham, @rompnit, @filchi756, @xperiacle, @gharrington, @daxgirl, for their support, help, guides and their amazing contributions. You guys are wondeful. Without you guys this...
  5. Kamy

    Thread [Lollipop] Stagefright Vulnerability Fix CVE-2015-6602[Snapdragon][22 Oct]

    PxQc5gOHnKs Overview Stagefright is the media playback service for Android, introduced in Android 2.2 (Froyo). Stagefright in versions of Android prior to 5.1.1_r9 may contain multiple vulnerabilities, including several integer overflows, which may allow a remote attacker to execute code on...
  6. Kamy

    Thread S6 Launcher [TW-Lollipop]

    Here is working S6 launcher, extracted from system dump shared by AL_IRAQI and deodexed by me. This is totally stock without any modification. This is not flashable zip. How to install: Backup TouchWizHome_K folder Then delete TouchWizHome_K folder from system>priv-app Drop...
  7. Kamy

    Thread [Dev][Modding]TW Lollipop, Torch, 5Way reboot, SystemUI patches [more]

    Before everything I am still a noob and this is what I read, dig and somehow have been trying to figure out so please be friendly if you got some of/his so-called guides are not complete or need to be more comprehensive. And as sharing is caring I would like to share some hack or patches to make...
  8. Kamy

    Thread [ROM]AryaMod V9.0 TW Lollipop Official PD3 | OTA Update [EOL]

    Welcome to AryaMod ROM Series Proudly present you AryaMod ROM Lollipop based for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. Big thanks @tdunham @rompnit xperiacle @daxgirl @venkat kamesh @SuperR. @tkari4 @nijel8 @gurumachaz ficeto Morningstar Goldie _alexndr...
  9. Kamy

    Thread [Theme] Tweaked Materials V1 [Nov 21]

    Hello everyone I am Kamy and welcome to this thread. Samsung stock theme always gives a strong motivation to make a theme with less bluish color, loool. In this theme all elements were carefully designed and reworked giving your device a high quality interface. Some elements were used from...
  10. Kamy

    Thread [Port][24 Dec]Note4 Weather Widget for TW KK Note3[Lollipop compatible]

    Here is fully functional weather widget ported from Note 4. This port has been already posted by Djimmy from Korean firmware but in this thread you would have an app from international firmware with almost all cities available. Credit: All the porting has been done by Tamerlan2009 for S5 in...
  11. Kamy

    Thread Note 4 Wallpaper Chooser for Note 3

    Just sharing with you modded wallpaper chooser to get latest leaked Note 4 wallpapers. There are 2 versions; choose according to the launcher you are using. There are 9 wallpapers from Note 4 of 2560x2560. Thanks Alexander ruiz from G+ for base photos (I am not sure if he is in XDA and what...
  12. Kamy

    Thread [Guide][MOD]How to enable S5 status bar on stock apps

    As the threads titles says, I am going to tell you how to enable S5 status bar on stock TW apps. This style status bar is enabled in some user apps but the app developer need already merge this feature in his app. In this mod statusbar's color is same color app's header/action bar. Open...
  13. Kamy

    Thread Samsung Weather Widget - Theme Colloection [Stock][4.1.2][2014.6.2]

    Only for TW Stock ROMs Here is a working weather widget themed from S5 weather widget sources. thanks jayxiao171735 thanks RocketSauce83 for his themes LG G3 Download here SONY Xperia Z2 Download here S5 Download the file here How to install: Make a...
  14. Kamy

    Thread activity name

    Hi anybody, anybody knows how to find activity name of SNote application as its AndroidManifest.xml is dropped below. Most of app's activity name is same as their package name but seems some apps' activity name is a bit difficult to find it. Any help would be appreciated, also if possible to...
  15. Kamy

    Thread [Solution] Wakelock Problem after updating to Kit Kat (no root)

    Hi guys, I am going to tell you a problem I faced after updating to Kit Kat and how I could manage to solve it. Previously on 4.3 I had a very decent battery life ~7 hrs on screen for about 3 days on battery. Once Kit Kat was out for my region I downloaded whole firmware and flash it through...
  16. Kamy

    Thread [ROM]AryaMod V8[TW | LTC[2014/7/29] [Discontinued]

    Welcome to AryaMod ROM, stable,light and battery friendly. I am happy to share with you my first ROM, based on Sammy's LTA, hope you like it. First of all I would like to appreciate following devs for their helps and supports: xperiacle for being genius and helping me a lot, letting me using...
  17. Kamy

    Thread [Mod]Arya mod for LTA deodex rom based on official layout[2013/12/7]

    Hey guys, Today I am sharing some of mods I made for LTA framework(latest) based on official layout. If your rom has different layout or some of apps are symlinked (other than sammy's symlinked ones) do not expect these mods working properly. Please read before posting anything otherwise I won't...
  18. Kamy

    Thread [Guide]Restore your apps without bleeding[1mobile market]

    As some apps are not available or their updates sometimes not possible in the place I am currently living, China, I was looking for another third party app store and found 1mobile app. And just like some of you, traveling from one rom to another rom it was a pain to install over apps from app...
  19. Kamy

    Thread [Xposed]XBatteryThemer.V1.2 [Image base battery]

    Changelog 2013/11/21 Fixed icon size for built-in battery theme 2013/11/20 Fixed for battery not showing properly on plug/unplug status on TW 4.2.+ Non-International variants Sprint, T-mobile... 2013/11/07 Added Hello everyone, Here I am sharing with you guys a xposed...
  20. Kamy

    Thread [Xposed]Battery Themeing for XXHDPI devices

    Battery Theming Playground for XXHDPI Devices TW ODEX and DEODEX Note 3, S4, Mega Please test this module on both charging and discharging mode and give me your feedback, so I would add more battery sets Declaration This mod was firstly started on Samsung Galaxy Note community as flashable...
  21. Kamy

    Thread [Theme][Aroma] Theme Collection for TW JB 4.1.2 Roms [12 October]

    Sharing with you revised and updated version of my themes, ARMAN, Arya Blue, Arya Passion, Parsa and Stock S4(new; just in case you like to return to stock look). I packed them all in a aroma installer and all have the same files so that you can easily travel from one theme to another one. This...
  22. Kamy

    Thread [Mod] AOSP keyboard with number row for any rom

    Hello everyone, here is a stock AOSP keyboard with enabled numbers row on top working on CM,AOSP 4.2.2 and TW 4.1.2 roms, there is still some polishing for some languages. How to install: make a backup and flash it on recovery Download Download for SYSTEM Download for PRELOAD, this zip...
  23. Kamy

    Thread [MOD] SMS hack - Updated 11/3; white app is modded too :)

    SecMms.apk TouchWiz Mods Mod Features - Save / Restore Messages on SD Card - Scheduled messaging features - Signature options (Add your signature to sending message) - Group messaging - Screen on/off toggle (turns on screen when notifications recieved) - Vibration on/off toggle -...
  24. Kamy

    Thread [Xposed]Battery Themeing[HDPI][XHDPI]

    Please join and subscribe my new thread here Declaration: This mod was firstly started over on Samsung Galaxy Note community as flashable pack for odex and deodex roms here but after a little while and by request I made xposed version of the same mod, and after reports of working on other...
  25. Kamy

    Thread [Xposed][Flashable] Battery Themeing --- [updated 2013.08.17]

    Battery Theming Playground ODEX and DEODEX Changelog: -09.08.2013 Bug fixed Xposed version added to post 2 - 08.08.2013 modified to support both 320 and 240 DPI systemUI (higher quality) added Flashable pack post 1, only XHDPI devices Xposed Version (recommended) post 2, both HDPI and...
  26. Kamy

    Thread [Xposed][Flashable] Battery Themeing --- [Daily Updated ]

    Battery Theming Playground ODEX and DEODEX Please join and subscribe my new thread here Changelog: -2013.10.23 pier10 's builds added -2013.10.15 Angle Series added -08.10.2013 Flashable pack would no longer be released for new sets Stockish sets added -09.08.2013 Bug fixed -...
  27. Kamy

    Thread Some themes for XQuick Settings Toggles Themer

    Declaration: As Xperiacle shared his Xposed module called XQuick Settings Toggles Themer I found it very useful and convenient to have several theme in parallel and yet no need to push any png file or edit xml to change a theme, so I am just sharing my toggles set and you have to install this...
  28. Kamy

    Thread [Theme]Note 8 SystemUI Theme

    Sharing with you Note 8 SystemUI Theme, hope you like it. Just remember this only works on stock toggles and I couldn't figure out how to modify lindroid.apk to edit the white text, so NO 23 TOGGLES, If somebody knows how to edit lindroid.apk to get black text instead of white, would appreciate...
  29. Kamy

    Thread [Mod]Status Bar Transparency 25,50,75 and 100 - [Universal]

    Only JB 4.1.2 DEODEX ROMS based on Sammy's Configuration Please read this post entirely before attempting to install any of these zips as there are several type of modded systemUI available based on your rom. As I used Universal pack to make this mod, this mod does not change your source file...
  30. Kamy

    Thread Kamceptions [ICONS][UCCW Skins]

    Just began my contribution in the Android Theme section and trying to release icon packs, UCCW themes and weather icons for UCCW. All credits go to Pfaffinator for sharing his goodies and instructions. Your ideas are welcome Changelog: - V2 7.7.2013 Some minor fix Added iconbacks...
  31. Kamy

    Thread [Theme][Universal] ARYA THEME for ALL JB 4.1.2 base roms [V2, 18.05.2013]

    ARYA THEME For Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 All JB 4.1.2 Custom ROMS based on Sammy's Configuration Odex and Deodex Works on 320 and 240 DPI Feedback from Stock odex rom: So Far tested on: - GloryROM v4.5 Multi-Languages - Rocket Rom - Sweet ROM - Pristine rom series -...
  32. Kamy

    Thread Multi-CSC pack for your rom of choice[12/4/2013]

    Mega-CSC pack for any stock, custom, odex and deodex rom As some of you may know my last language pack got problem as in some roms some languages didn't apear. So I tried to use this and this instruction to prepare a pack which ALMOST get all languages for input and system support. Remember...
  33. Kamy

    Thread [Tutorial]Lockscreen and Recent app shortcut, Notification text color on drop panel

    How to add Lockscreen and Recent app shortcut on notification panel Assuming know how to use Apk-Multi-Tools (I am using majdini repacked one) , decompile SystemUI and go to layout folder, seek for tw_status_bar_expanded_header.xml. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout...
  34. Kamy

    Thread Galaxy Note to get Android 4.2.2 by Samsung

    Another headache... Source:
  35. Kamy

    Thread [Guide] How to center clock and change its color in status bar

    Credit goes to raubkatze and ebyee for helping me to edit this guide to not overlapping clock with notifications Here is a guide how to change the status bar clock position to center and change it's color. Assuming know how to use apk tools use this guide: Guide: Center Clock Mod and its...
  36. Kamy

    Thread PARSA Theme JB LSZ [23 Custom Toggles added 3.9.2013]

    - 3/11/2013 Minor Change for Scrubber(brightness slider): flat stuck blue to curvy white see post 3 - 3/9/2013 23 Custom Toggles for PARSA Theme added - 3/8/2013 added; no 23 custom toggles yet(would add tomorrow) [CENTER] Not so much changes compare to ARMAN but I like this one...
  37. Kamy

    Thread [Theme] ARMAN, Green, Blue themes for JB LSZ&LM5 [CHROME add on added 8/3/2013]

    FOR Sammy based LSZ Jelly Bean GT-N7000 Work on both Preload and System Based Roms Credits: - not-i - majdinj - ThilinaC - Ofeliax - XDA 29/5/2013 Battery Cycle for odex and deodex rom added: post 245 (would work on LM5 and LT4...) 8/3/2103 - ARMAN theme add on-CHROME added...
  38. Kamy

    Thread [Q] AOSP Notification on TW

    I like the customization flexibility of AOSP roms but performance and features of TW roms. I was thinking is that possible to get TW as working base rom with some customization features of ASOP roms. So here is my question: Any help would be highly appreciated.
  39. Kamy

    Thread [Guide] How to calculate checksum md5 in windows

    Since some noobs like me does not know about Checksum and how to calculate it I share this topic. You may have seen there is a number called "MD5" together with long digit in some threads. You may be confused what this number for. Actually, MD5 is a number verifying whether the file you have...
  40. Kamy

    Thread [TW/Cm][ICS/JB][Port Apps Collection, Xperia, LG and Asus

    Sharing some port apps including Xperia, LG and Asus working on Note. Post 1: Xperia Post 2: LG and Asus 1. Xperia Launcher and it's Widgets Xperia's launcher is based on Xperia Z Launcher and simply can be installed as a normal application. All widgets are included and would be working on...
  41. Kamy

    Thread [APP][All ROMS]Supernote from Asus working on Galaxy Note II

    I would like to share Asus note application which is also working on Snote II flawlessly. How to Take Notes with Supernote: Watch in Youtube Download here: Install it as a normal app Source: CAMPUS LIFE
  42. Kamy

    Thread [Req][GAPPS] 4.2 Gallery and camera app[Solved]

    I am on modded rom with 213 dpi and the stock Camera app is not good-looking in this mod (messy icons). I have tried some third party apps but didnt actually like them except android 4.2 applications. SO! Would anybody please pass me a link for android 4.2 gallery and camera apps working on...
  43. Kamy

    Thread [APP][All ROMS]Supernote from Asus working on Galaxy Note[Updated]

    Moved here:
  44. Kamy

    Thread [Help][APK][Tweaks & Mods] PIMP MY ROM

    Anybody has tried PIMP MY ROM application on new jelly been leak(XXLSA)? Since the battery consumption is high in this rom I was wondering if this app is compatible with our Note running new leaked rom. Some tweaks regarding to Kernel, battery, mods and additional apps. Any help would be...
  45. Kamy

    Thread GT-N7000 or GT-I9220

    I bought a Samsung galaxy note from Hong Kong several months ago. Today I was looking for something in my drawer and I found my phone pack showing GT-I9220!!! My question is what different between I9220 and N7000? Anybody can help me please to figure out difference? Thanks
  46. Kamy

    Thread [Req][Mod] Wooden spirit; theme for status and notification bar

    Is there anybody interested to help me out designing a wooden theme for notification and status bar. I have icons and png photos for.