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    Thread Old Launcher after DP3 OTA

    I bought the Pixel 2 after a defective OP6, I am totally thrilled until now. Now I installed the Beta3 via normal OTA update, but the Lanucher still seems to be the old one. So with Back, Home and Recent Apps button in the Nav bar. Any tips? how to switch to the new Laucher Version is ...
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    Thread Which Firmware version is the newest one ?

    Hello all, and sorry for the stupid Question. So which one is the newest version Number for the 4G (Sim) Model (Int/EU version) ? I am on: NXH19T
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    Thread Android Nougat is coming to the M9 sometime in the "far" Future

    Lets see if it comes faster to our Device then Marshmellow...after Google released it to the Manufactures. And it comes as it seems just to three Devices. (A9,M9, HTC 10)
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    Thread Request Poll for MotoG on cyanogenMod

    If you want to help, please vote :)
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    Thread ICS Kernel Sources for the Xperia P are out

    Here : Sources
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    Thread Xperia Sourcecode

    Is there anywhere another official download portal for the sources of Android @ Sony ? i have the strange feeling that " " is very incomplete. No Sources for .184 (Xperia N) as example.
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    Thread Problems/Stuck at HBoot

    Hello all : First the Data : -------------------------------------------------------------- ****Security Warning***** Saga PVT, Ship S-On RL HBoot-0.98.0000 Radio emmc-boot March 10 2001, 14:58:38 --------------------------------------------------------------- fastboot getvar...
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    Thread Best Launcher for P500 (Poll)

    I start here a Poll for the Thread "Best Launcher for P500", if needed it can be merged with the original Thread. I try to get all Launchers into the Poll i know of. And after many Votes it may be be then a good help for new Users too. I switch between Launcher Pro Plus and ADW Ex, and i...
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    Thread Problems with SD Card (Apps cannot see it)

    Opps wrong Forum, please move it one up to General. Got the Problem since some Days, that Apps (mostly PowerAmp and Camera) have Probs to see my SD Card. I Open Camera it says "Please mount or install a SD Card before using a Camera". Problem ist, OIFilemanger or RE are seeing the Card...and...
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    Thread New to the P500 :)

    Hello all :) I'm a Ex-Sony User, but got my P500 yesterday. Just wanted to ask, if these Stats and the Combination of used Tools are ok in my Signature. How much is the OC's decreasing the lifetime of the phone ? (not battery life..i meant all in all)