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    Post [GUIDE] Mega Unbrick Guide for A Hard Bricked OnePlus 7 Pro

    Force turning off your device by pressing power+volume up for 10 seconds, when it's off press power+both volume buttons. It should show up on Device Manager as "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM 3)", if that's the case MSMDownloadTool should work.
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    Post [Request] persist.img

    Thanks guys, both working. I'm not in the US, I randomly chose a country. Anyways I flashed the GM1917 9.5.6 on my GM1913 9.5.4, and no problems. Also tested the 9.5.5 GM1913 and working. I don't think persist is phone/update-dependant, also because OnePlus hasn't done any updates or specific...
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    Post [Request] persist.img can you try using this app?
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    Post [Request] persist.img

    djsubterrain no persist here. Do you mind sharing yours?
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    Post [Request] persist.img

    Didn't think it would matter, anyways, I'm on 9.5.5 GM1913, but if needed I can switch to 9.5.4
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    Thread [Request] persist.img

    Hi, is anyone here able to backup their persist.img and share it here? I somehow corrupted my partition and my sensors aren't working. I don't know if this applies to this device, but I found this guide on a Xiaomi Mi A1 guide...
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    Post [ROM][STOCK][FASTBOOT][OP7P] Stock Fastboot ROMs for OnePlus 7 Pro/ 7 Pro 5G

    On the "" (I don't know if this also happens in other packages) in the "" there's no persist.img. My persist partition got corrupted and MSMDownloadTool won't flash it, so can someone share it? Or if It's...
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    Post [MSMTOOL] Bounty [CLOSED] No password and free. Please don't DM me if you have any problem with it. Works in a GM1913 (Europe) Oneplus 7 Pro. Mine was completely hard bricked, erased all partitions and this tool was able to recover them.
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    Post [MSMTOOL] Bounty [CLOSED]

    Atlantian Check DM
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    Post [KERNEL] [UNIFIED] [CUSTOM 8.1-9.0] [3.18.136] Flash Kernel - R57 - 27 Mar

    Nice kernel! A small request, could you add OC and maybe a bit brighter flashlight? If I'm not wrong the second one is also handled by the kernel. Here is the commit.. The description says that it fixes the "overexposured" photos, but since on OOS we don't suffer of this problems the result...
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    Post [UNIFIED] Render Kernel [OOS-N-EAS-R2][LOS-N-EAS-R8]

    Tried with a clean flash, still no wifi >.>
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    Post [MOD][SCRIPT] OxygenOS 3.5.* Community Build Cleaner/Debloater Flashable ZIP

    For those who have problems with the script, there is a solution! :> (This method should work on all OS) Boot into TWRP Enable MTP Connect your phone to your PC (Install adb drivers on your PC if you didn't) Type this in adb: adb shell chown -R media_rw:media_rw /data/media Flash the debloater...
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    Post Amoled problem?

    My first OP3 has burn in problems and it also had this common amoled issue, my second OP3 has this "issue", It's normal, I had the same issue on my S4 mini.
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    Post [EOL] [TOOL] OnePlus3/3T Unified ToolKit, Unlock, Flash TWRP, Root, More! [v5.0U]

    > Click me < There is a solution :good: Just follow thread's instruction. I hope I helped.
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    Thread [HELP] 2x Flashlight brightness on OOS?

    Is there a way to have 2x flashlight brighness on OOS like sultan did on its rom? Here is its commit Since I don't know how to compile and modify a kernel is there any other way to change the brightness? (by changing system files maybe :confused: ) I already tried going to...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OP3][H2OS] HydrogenOS v3.0 Version2 (11April)

    Official beta :good: Never used H2OS lel just sharing here the download link so... I don't know what firmware it has.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][OP3][H2OS] HydrogenOS v3.0 Version2 (11April)

    New beta download link [Size 1.27GB] ROM
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    Post how replace stock dialer in cm?

    Wasn't it a mistake? In the second part of your quote I didn't understand almost nothing of what you have written but if you mean "What's the purpose of the forum for you?" the answer is: Downloading Roms, helping users (if they post in the correct section ofc ;) ), checking for news about this...
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    Post how replace stock dialer in cm?

    Just saw this Thanks for being rude to me on your mistake. :)
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r218 unified OP3/3T] [OOS 5.0.*]

    Will you consider adding sound control to this awesome kernel? :>
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    Post [CAF][LINARO] Private Kernel r20 --DISCONTINUED

    New sultan build is up :D
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] DarkobasROM --> Ban Here are positive comments about the stability of this rom :>
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    Post snapchat not working on opo3 -_-

    never heard about Oneplus One 3 (opo3) :>
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    Post [bacon] OPPO vendor camera

    April fool in June. Interesting
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    Post [Android 5.0+] Bacon Camera

    Can you implement a "better" panorama? Actually is very shaky and has low resolution(if that's possible for you of course ?). I saw that you are also working on front facing camera panorama, I asked for this feature on play store and I can't be happier ?, 5 stars for sure!
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    Post [email protected]@holic help thread

    Does anyone know what happened to the creator of Thunder X Pro Mod?The mod looked interesting but I don't find the thread and I don't know if the mod was safe. Since the thread is not here and I have uploaded the mod on some clouds idk if I can "safely" flash it or it's something harmful. Does...
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    Post [LinOS][M][N] OPO 3.10 kernel (27/05)

    erorcun Did you remove the download section? lol
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    Post [SHELL][SCRIPT][10/10/15] SPR Disabler

    Hey 1ceb0x, I was wondering if you still want to update this script . Not asking for ETAs ofc, just want to know if it's a dead project :crying:
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    Post [Mod]Volume Increase Mod for OnePlus One

    When you read the title [Mod]Volume Increase Mod for OnePlus One, where did you see "for Samung e5"?
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    Post CM13 "Stereo" Audio Mod

    I also made "Profiles explained" section where you can easily check the changes. I hope this can help :)
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    Post CM13 "Stereo" Audio Mod

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    Post CM13 "Stereo" Audio Mod

    Flashable Zips Hey armitage, your stereo mod seems to be fine so I made some flashable zips, and I also made other sound profile for users. Feel free to add this post to OP :D Tested and working; since all ROMs shouldn't have a different mixer_paths.xml file this mod will probably work on all...
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    Post [EOL][ROM+KERNEL][6.0.1] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with 3.4.0 kernel [Apr 30, 2017]

    Is this ROM still having problems with new LG Panel Oneplus One (from October 2015)?
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    Post Speaker Loudness - Help me making speaker more loud

    I didn't find rx7 under speaker string, can you please write the entire string to modify (so I can search it on notepad++) Ty in advance
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    Thread Speaker Loudness - Help me making speaker more loud

    Is there a way to change default volume? I find that the volume is too low compared to my oneplus one; I know that this phone has only the left speaker and it can't be at OPO levels, but I think that some system files can be changed like this...
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    Post [bacon] OPPO vendor camera

    Ahahahah "Great improving" "My cam is a reflex" etc.. xD but what I exactly flashed on my opo? because the folders aren't empty lol
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    Post [bacon] OPPO vendor camera

    Wait.. I already knew that this log was a joke, but the zip is a joke too? .-. because you don't answered me about not working 50mp and 64sec shutter. lol
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    Post [bacon] OPPO vendor camera

    Installed on Sultan MM [Mar 26] and got not working 50MP and 64sec shutter. On flashing the logs doesn't say any error. Just some overclocking and hacking things added randomly by you :good:
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    Post Read this and help if you can. Thank you

    Before all, I can't help you and that isn't the correct section where you can ask these things.
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    Post [CAF][LINARO] Private Kernel r20 --DISCONTINUED

    OTG is working fine :good: tested with some pendrive and mice. Edit: Only tested on sultan cm12.1 - 7 feb
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    Post [CAF][LINARO] Private Kernel r20 --DISCONTINUED

    Did you saw the title? "[CAF][UBER] Private Kernel r4"
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    Post Lightning Kernel 3.4.113 [LINARO 6.1.1] V57, V57 COLOR and V57 OOS CAM

    Is now this kernel stable by switching clock speed? I really want to reinstall this kernel on my device because of customization and speed :)
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    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] &#9734; AK &#9734; [v. 311]

    That's a problem... because I was only one day with COS12.1 and never tested any types of kernel.. I think the kernel should also work on COS12.1 so the normal procedure: Recovery Mode Wipe Advanced Wipe Select: Dalvik cache and Cache Go back and click "Install" Select the zip from the...
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    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] &#9734; AK &#9734; [v. 311]

    Do you have a recovery installed? Because if you don't know how to install driver on pc, installing a recovery in fastboot,etc... is a bit complicated to explain. Tell me also what ROM are you actually using
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    Post [KERNEL][22/10][CM][3.4.110][UBER5.2] &#9734; AK &#9734; [v. 311] Kernel (For CM12.1! Not 11 or 13) This is Universal Kernel Manager. You must flash this in recovery too and after download "Synapse" from Play Store. Remember: ROM (CM12.1 or...
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    Post [APP][4.4.x-5.x][PORT] MaxxAudio w/ 10 band EQ [DISCONTINUED]

    from what Knox316 said it won't survive ota updates. I'm not sure about this,right now I'm using sultanxda 5.1.1 [Jan 7] and it works perfectly. I use this version: :good:
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] CyanogenMod 13.0 Builds [6.0.1_r74][2016/12/5][Linux+CAF+Google+CM]

    Don't remove graphical glitches, I like it, It's like iOS 9! :D
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    Post best music player for one plus one

    This seems to be the best material designed and easy to use app for music :D trying it for about a week. Thank you for sharing this app. :)
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    Post Help with Flashing over CM Recovery?!

    I had the same problem and I tried to do various sequences of powering of and go in recovery mode (how all tutorial said) and nothing happens. After I used a Toolkit developed by WugFresh (if I remember correctly), you must only click "Recovery" and it'll install automatically the last TWRP for...