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    Thread [SOLVED] CWM stuck on Formatting /data... Plz help me

    I flashed QS-I9300-KK first. Then i flashed Blekota-S5-Lite without full wipe because i just want to try it. After moment, i decide to install a clean Blekota-S5-Lite. So i enter CWM and install Blekota-S5-Lite using 'Install with full wipe' But it stucks on 'All your apps and data will be...
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    Thread [Q] does installing cwm with odin increase the counter?

    i have a question if i install cwm with odin, the counter in Odin Download Mode (Protocol V2.1) will increase?
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    Thread [Q]Porting KartRider Rush for ARMv6?

    hello, there is a game called KartRider Rush. is it possible to port it for ARMv6 ?