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    Thread Feb 2019 update kills PC usb connection

    Strange issue. After applying the Feb 2019 security patch over air, my phone is no longer recognizing when it is plugged into a PC. I plug into my PC and I get a charge symbol on my battery but no pull down option to switch from charging to USB mode. Things I've tried: 1. New Cable although...
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    Thread Missing Daughter Board connections

    So I was replacing the screen on my M7 when I realized that I pried off the volume down button. So I had to replace the daughter card on my phone. Well I ordered the sprint specific daughter card and now I've got questions. This phone was purchased through sprint around the release of the M7...
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    Thread [Q] [RANT] Trend of takers not giving back.

    So I am looking to RANT but also get the insight of others. I have seen a downward trend in the XDA community of more and more users just taking content and not giving back. This results in overcrowded threads with the same questions being asked over and over again and the REAL problems...
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    Thread Wifi calling on M7 possible?

    SO now that the M8 and M9 both have wifi calling, has anyone found a way to port that over to our M7? Sprint service sucks inside my building. I am running a Sense 7 build from the M9 and it has a wifi calling toggle in the quick settings but the internal software isn't there to show the...
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    Thread Where to find my phone's Firmware Version?

    So I'm about to update my firmware to the latest (5.05.651.2) and I'm wondering if I can some how tell if I already have installed it. I always try to stay up to date and I just noticed that the Rom Version my phone is showing is 5.03.651.3 I was reading through the firmware thread and it said...
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    Thread TWRP can't see external SD card

    So I just started working with a Xoom tablet and have a frustrating problem I can't figure out. I can not get TWRP (any version from 2.4 up to 2.8) to see the external sd-card. I have tried mounting it with in twrp but it doesn't let me click the "sdcard" icon. I can see it just fine using...
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    Thread Best Car stereo for phone control?

    Hey guys. I'm about to buy an in dash dvd/navigation stereo unit and I'd like some opinions. Are there any that completely mirror the HTC One. I'm talking both showing the phone on the screen and allowing complete bluetooth control of the phone screen from the unit. I basically want my phone...
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    Thread Tap To Pay without google wallet???

    Well I tried out google wallet tap to pay today and it's pretty nifty and works all the way to the point of the host accepting my payment. It seems the problem is that google issues a Virtual MasterCard Debit card to make payments instead of using your actual saved card. There are not many...
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    Thread [Q] Mapped Network Drive??

    I'm hoping this is possible. With my EVO 4G I was able to map the phones storage as networked drive so I could access it from my computer any time. Is there something I can do with the ONE to get this to happen? I'm worried about having a broken screen and charging port at the same time and...
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    Thread Sprint Techs please help!

    My HTC One screen is obviously broke. No backlight. My nearest repair store is 65 miles away and so I can't just swing by and have them look at it. I called and they told me that they can replace the screen for $50 dollars. My question is, can they actually do this? Or are they just swapping...
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    Thread Make nandroid without usb?

    Ok... my phone is dead..ish... I dropped water on it... tried to dry it out and now the USB isn't recognized and the backlight on the screen is dead. I can still barely make out the white images on the phone. Here's my question, is there anyway to make a nandroid and get it off the phone...
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    Thread Max non-operating temperature???

    Here's a question that you can usually find in any electronic devices manual that HTC somehow left out. What is the maximum and minimum non-operating temperature for this device? Story below.... This morning I woke up to an alarm that was only vibrating... when I reached for my phone, I found...
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    Thread Radio update?

    I'm a noob so go easy. My wife has a stock HTC one and I'm rooted with s-off running viper rom. Recently there was an OTA radio update. My question is, can I pull the radio from my wife's stock ONE and push it to my Viper ONE? If so, can someone give me the ADB commands.... Kyle
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    Thread [Q] Cannot mount as disk drive

    Just got my One today and been playing with it. First thing I noticed is that I can't find a way to mount it as a disk drive to easily move music over. Am I missing something here or is it an actual problem? Thanks Kyle