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    Thread G9350 (Snapdragon) Magisk + Xposed, possible?

    Hi all, I just wonder if my G9350 (Chinese variant Snapdragon) may have Magisk and Xposed installed at the same time? I got it unlocked bootloader, Odined TWRP, and installed Magisk, it was fine/ However when I tried to install Xposed module SDK24 for Magisk (Magisk ver 15.1) , it would...
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    Thread Questions on debloating U Firmware (Nougat)

    Hi I recently am trying to upgrade to Nougat and have it rooted. Before I update, I have backed up all my user apps with Titanium Backup But it seems to me that some apps being preinstalled with U firmware (such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc) as system, I am not able to use Titanium...
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    Thread (G9350 Snapdragon) Dump CSC needed for testing, please help

    Hi, just wonder if anyone got the G9350 Hong Kong Variant on MM (CSC code: TGY) and is rooted, so that can dump a copy of the System/CSC folder for me? I would wish to try, see if the CSC files can be incorporated into the US variant to make VoLTE work. May somebody help me, cheers.
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Relay 4G T699: Swapping Internal Mem / Ext SD (CM11)

    Hi all, greetings, this is the first time for me posting a thread in this session. And sorry for my bad English, I am not native English speaker. Here is the situation and would wish to seek help:- Phone: Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (aka T699) Rom: CM11 Official ApexTmo. Scenario: Wishing to...
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    Thread [Q] Swap external & internal storage when using CM11?

    I just wonder if there is a way to swap External and internal memory [like using init.d] for CM11 (besides using Ext 2 Int app):crying:
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    Thread Swapping External & Internal Memory

    Hi there, I have been trying CM10 and CM11 on our phone. I noted in our forum that there is a tutorial on using the app "External 2 Internal" to swap the memory. However, the problem being not perfect at all is that, it only acts after the phone is booted, and there is often a lag between the...
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    Thread [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    Hi mates you all alright? I am just new to the Glide (from SE Xperia Mini Pro and Moto Droid Pro) Have been using this phone for few days happily. And had been trying stock roms including AT&T and Rogers, GB and ICS 1. I just wonder if there is a trick to unlock the 2G/3G toggle function of...
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    Thread Please help on Call divert Function

    Hey guys, I just realised shortly today, that Verizon Droid Pro has been locked from Call Divert function. (I seldom use this fucntion, thats why I am so late until now) There is no Option in the Call Setting Menu (where Usually do for Android) And when I dial **21* (Standard GSM divert...
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    Thread [Important] Verizon Droid Pro stock update 4.7.3 - READ BEFORE PROCEED

    You cant imagine, Moto just released 4.7.3 update for our DP. Google around, you will get some image whats going on on new improvements PLUS: Android version updated from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 2.3.3 has been so notorious for its daxned battery drainage. And from my experience with Xperia SK17I, 2.3.4...
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    Thread [Share] Verizon XT610 unbrick. (For Code Corrupt)

    [UPDATED 19MAR2012 GMT+8 20:00] Unbrick Tutorial on Linux Environment 1. Boot your PC into Knoppix Linux with the CD you burnt. (Let it boot, it can be some 5 minutes. Not yet. No need to click anything yet) 2...
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    Thread Short question about Droid Pro's battery (verizon)

    Hi everyone I just want to check with you guys see if my phone is behaving normally or not I just acquired a 2nd hand Verizon Droid Pro, unlocked I upgraded to 4.6.8 and installed CM7 I just realize that the battery status would only show like 5%, 10%, 20%.....80%, 90% and 100% i.e. it updates...
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    Thread [sk17i] .377 is updated to, but SEUS keeps popping out for update requirement.

    Hi everyone, I have been playing with my Mini Pro for like 2 months I know how to use Fastboot/flashtool to flash an unsecured Boot.img and how to unlock bootloader. I have updated my Mini Pro to .377 firmware and then rooted it with Superoneclick However I have used a unsecure Boot.img from...
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    Thread [Q] Impossible to connect to PC with USB

    Hi there, I have got a Tytn II flashed with two different builds of Android Roms (forgot which build, for I temporary flashed back to WM) My problem was, whenever I connect my Android Tytn II to my laptop with USB under debug mode, Windows just cannot install a driver for it. I mean, it is...
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    Thread [Q] Is there a way to set behaviour of Power button?

    Hi all, I have got a Tytn II running on AthineOS Lite Rom, I just wonder if it is possible to set the behaviour of the power button. As original shipped rom, pressing power button turns into standby mode, which music players continue to work. However,when I use this rom, whenever I try to...
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    Thread Jpeg File lossing association

    Hi there, Im a newbie on this forum, though I have used quite a number of PDAs before, starting from Palm V to my "newest" second hand Tytn II after the death of my Asus. Well, I am now facing a situation on my Tytn, that whenever I click on a jpg to open, it pops an error "There is no...