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    Thread UMS - USB Mass Storage mode CM 13

    Hello, I want to activate Usb Mass Storage Mode in my Galaxy S5 , running on CM13. I have try lot of app to activate UMS , but went i plug the phone to the PC , the storage is mounted as CD/DVD player, not like USB stick. Help will be very appreciate. Thank's
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    Thread look for Razr I Down

    Hello, I have destroyed the screen of my Razr I: crying: I am looking for someone with a Razr I down with a functional screen to buy her phone and retrieve the screen. Contact me by message on the forum. A +
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    Thread 11W45 with "SEMC SIMLOCK CERTIFICATE" unlockable?

    Hello all, sorry if this question has already been asked, I did not find it. I have 8 SE X8 with written behind the battery 11W45. All phones are factory sim unlocked. I try to identify my phone with S1tool, here result : Welcome to S1 tool. TO CONNECT NEXT PHONES X10 Xperia,E10 Xperia...
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    Thread Go exchange your O3D to Galaxy SII

    Hi, I was attracted by the features of O3D, I bought it and trust the date provided by LG for upgrade. Unfortunately, with the dates announced by LG for ICS (September 2012 at best) is the straw that broke the camel! I even tried my own builds upon the rom without success, as LG provided...
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    Thread Can I help you to unbrick your phone

    Hi all, I begain to understand file system of O3D and I want to TRY to help who have brick her phone. Need some information : Do you have acces of adb command in your phone? Do you have acces to recovery menu? What is your recovery ( original or cwm)? Please describe in detail the brick. ++...
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    Thread [ROM] [Update 15/09] PowerFroyo v1.5

    Hi All, Just made this rom Powerfroyo, as the name suggests was done to maximize the power and battery of your phone. Changelog: How to install PowerFroyo rom : 1) Root you phone with SuperOneClick and reboot 2) Install Rom Manager from Android Market and install his recovery 3) Put the...
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    Thread [DEV] AOSP 2.3 Gingerbread for Optimus3D

    If you are not a developer out of here!! these manipulations can definitely brick your phone Hi all, I try to port the source from TI blaze developpement board with OMAP4430 to our O3D. I followed the tutorial bellow to compile the source of the TI Blaze ...
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    Thread New update of 371.95 MB?

    Hi, Just found this on twitter: Tweet : "aferro2002cold @LG_ES Actualización del #Optimus3D." Seemsnew update of 371.95 MB for O3D? Anyone can translate this page to us please? Br,
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    Thread SPB Shell 3D v1.2 : First 3D home (launcher) for O3D !

    Hi, You have money? yes? go try SPB Shell 3D with Stereoscopic 3D support! Seriously, if anyone tried this home in 3D, we can write his impressions please? Source : intomobile SPB SHELL 3D in Android Market
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    Thread How to simply root FRF85B

    Hi all, Please how to simply root Nexus One? This tutorial is to hard " [Tutorial] Root FRF85B/FRF83/FRF72 (T-Mo/AT&T) Without Unlocking (100% Confirmed) " No available for FRF85B?
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    Thread FRF50 & FRF83 RADIO version?

    Hi all, I have update my nexus from EPE76 (with radio.img) directly to FRF83 (without radio.img) so my phone have this radio version now : Just want to verify what is your radio version after you have update to FRF50 or FRF83? Thank's