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    Thread G9350 (Snapdragon) Magisk + Xposed, possible?

    Hi all, I just wonder if my G9350 (Chinese variant Snapdragon) may have Magisk and Xposed installed at the same time? I got it unlocked bootloader, Odined TWRP, and installed Magisk, it was fine/ However when I tried to install Xposed module SDK24 for Magisk (Magisk ver 15.1) , it would...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    Ohh, I thought it would just work if I have superman rom/superstock Kernel installed:crying:
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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    Hi, my device is a Korean Variant (G935S) I got SUperman Rom installed and everything works great, except Samsung Pay. When I just open it, it says device not supported. I have tried the Unbranded UK CSC, also tried Hong Kong TGY CSC, no luck Anyone may enlighten me? cheers !
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    Post S7 EDGE [7.0] UNLOCKED (G935UOYM4BQD2) +OTA UPDATES(BQH3) [File: 1.85 GB] 4.11.17

    thanks for all the hard work. It would be great if a debloated version of the newest U firmware QH3 can be released, cheers
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    Post MM Custom rom, updated super user and lost root

    Cheers mate, perfectly works, by Updating the SuperSU app, Not updating the SU Binary and long-press notification to shut the notification off. Peace to the Earth again.:good:
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    Thread Questions on debloating U Firmware (Nougat)

    Hi I recently am trying to upgrade to Nougat and have it rooted. Before I update, I have backed up all my user apps with Titanium Backup But it seems to me that some apps being preinstalled with U firmware (such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc) as system, I am not able to use Titanium...
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Yea, I understand that CSC file only touch the CSC folder in system. In theory even if CSC folder is messed up I can just replace it with the stock one with Flashfire or Root Manager if not Odin the CSC File again. It is just way too strange that my G935A normally when flashing the U firmware...
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    Post MM Custom rom, updated super user and lost root

    Actually is there a way to stop it from popping up, asking me to Update SuperSU or not everytime when I press auto update for my other apps in the Google Play? There were once or twice I mistakenly pressed yes when updating other apps (obviously when I was daydreaming or sleepwalking) and I will...
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Smartswitch detected my phone but says G935A is not supported. Finally, I approached a phonedealer in China online. He fixed my phone remotely via Teamviewer, and he said the Certificate of Modem/Baseband was corrupted. Since the Baseband gone missing which cannot be fixed by ordinary Odin of...
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Sigh, no luck I been using various versions of Odin and Various version of Firmware, including MM and Nougat, G935A / T/ U, Also I tried to tick Re-Partition, Wipe NAND. I also even tried the INDIA CSC file on the OP and the original NoNaMe Mod file. Still, it says SIM Card Not Available, IMEI...
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Hi, I just did as what was instructed. After I have gone throught the Auroma screen, having checked No Wiping and Keep SU, ticked what to debloat, it says finished and restarted. 1. When it was rebooting, it keep popping up com.sec.epdg has stopped, IMS Service stopped. Is that normal or what...
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Thank you so much!!! I will download the file first and give it a try at weekend.:laugh: *So basically, If I just want VOLTE and want to keep ROOT (i.e. not needing the NoNaMe Modifications), I just need to flash the TGY Mod pack as instructed?
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Thanks for the reply my friend. Mine is a Snapdragon US AT&A variant, G935A on 935U Firmware.
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    Post [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    Thank you for the input man. I just wonder if the CSC is CPU dependent? Since I want to modify it with a CSC for HongKong, I am not sure if it matters for Exynos / Snapdragon rom. Or would you mind help me to modify the file with Hong Kong CSC for me? thank you very much!
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    Post Is Xposed preventing you from upgrading to Nougat?

    Yes, not upgrading. Basically I am just too used to XternalSD module for Xposed, i.e. swapping the External SD with Internal memory. I just dont feel comfortable to leave the data with Internal Memory, a careless Odin flash will wipe the internal memory. And, yea, Magisk does not work for S7...
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    Post I'm done hosting the 935u Files-- It's been a fun run!

    Seems this update is not rootable. Whenever you flash the EngBoot into it, it will bootloop Last known rootable 935U firmware seems to be PI3 & PL4
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    Post Potential way to unlock bootloader?

    Tried Months ago, ODIN wont even flash it in, stopped by Qualcomm Secure something like that.
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    Post Potential way to unlock bootloader?

    My wild guess, it is a little bit further than the BL version. I remember long ago when we were still on PD*/PE* Rom while the BL was still V2, it was already not possible to flash a Chinese BL/PIT etc into the US Variant, as prompted as stopped by Qualcomm Secure Boot when Odin tried to flash...
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    Post Potential way to unlock bootloader?

    What about thinking in the reverse, altering the CROM apk to look for the USA Variant's Sales Code and Region? Recently I tried to tap the CSC of my AT&T S7E with the CSC extracted from G9350 (HongKong & China Variant) and broke my phone's modem (It was no way recoverable by ODIN, IMEI and...
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    Thread (G9350 Snapdragon) Dump CSC needed for testing, please help

    Hi, just wonder if anyone got the G9350 Hong Kong Variant on MM (CSC code: TGY) and is rooted, so that can dump a copy of the System/CSC folder for me? I would wish to try, see if the CSC files can be incorporated into the US variant to make VoLTE work. May somebody help me, cheers.
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    Post [NEWS] Samsung Galaxy S7Edge AT&T [Nuggets --Android 7.0] Root Is Ready

    OMG, cant believe this day has come. Cant wait to get into details soon, and thank you for all the hard word!
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    Post AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 7.0 Nougat Root.

    Quick answer: NO - Bootloader still locked - Leaked Engineer Kernel not working for Nougat - Exploit not discovered yet
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    Post VoLTE for G935U - to support Indian Carriers (Jio)

    Same problem from Hong Kong. I am using a AT&T variant with G935U firmware in Hong Kong, with carrier "3-HK" Without the VoLTE ability, whenever I dial/receive a call, it takes time to switch back to 3G before the call got connected. Hope this can be eventually solved out.
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    Post Using a refurbished American AT&T S7 edge in the UK

    G935U firmware works fine outside USA, except it seems doesnt have Wifi Call. I am using an unlocked S7Edge AT&T variant with 935U firmware in Hong Kong for three months everything works fine.
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    Post Chinese firmware on Verizon phone ?

    I would say, Nope. There are several methods around to flash the Chinese ROM (the System) into the US variant, but amongst all, none of them have touched the bootloader nor the baseband of the US variant. i.e., they only modified the Chinese system pack so that it can be flashed into a US phone...
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    Post << Stock and U Firmware For Your Verizon S7 Edge and Quick Guide>>[01-09-17]

    Does anyone managed to get Bluetooth Tether to work after rooting and applying Zip Fix to the newest PI3 firmware? Mine bluetooth doesnt connect at all . For some reason, it is my practice to get IPAD bluetooth-tethered from the phone instead of using Wifi
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    Post unlocked/custom

    Only way to go is to Odin a stock rom again and perform factory reset.
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    Post Echoed ROM Multi-Carrier S7/S7E

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yea, so as I said, this Rom is almost perfect for me except this. Really wish the dev is kind enough to add that in. And as I remember the Network Operator option is locked so you just simply cant press it and choose it yourself right? on the other hand for...
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    Post Echoed ROM Multi-Carrier S7/S7E

    Oh Really. As I have already flashed back to Official 935U firmware, i cant afford to root, xpose and restore everything again just to check this setting unless confirmed working, sigh:crying: Kindly would you mind screenshot the Mobile Setting page for me to have a look? I am sure you will...
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    Post Echoed ROM Multi-Carrier S7/S7E

    Well actually the problem I encounter is that, I only subscribed a 3G (UMTS) plan with the carrier, however the phone having detected my SIM card keeps my phone running on LTE Band. While there is no such an option to lock it at 3G/2G mode for ATT/TMo mode, my phone would not pick a signal. PS...
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    Post Echoed ROM Multi-Carrier S7/S7E

    Great job man, much appreciated. Just wonder if you would consider adding option to choose carrier of unbranded during installation (besides ATT, TMo, Sprint and VZW?) Since I am using the G935A with your rom overseas, manual search for carrier is needed. While AT&T, TMo, VZW option in this rom...
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    Post GUIDE: ROOT, install XPOSED, and UNROOT/returning to stock a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

    Hello, first of all I would like to thank you very much for the tutorial and hard work. The fixes almost work perfectly for me, except I encountered the problem of Bluetooth Tether broken after applying the S7 Edge Fix after Root. Well, before Root and flashing the Eng Boot, the bluetooth...
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    Post Debloated Stock JB Rom v1.0

    1. Same here.... its Wifi Tether not working. whenever press Save, it popsout "Hotspot Connecting" then it restarts the phone. 2. Is there a way to revert boot animation to Stock rather than Custom? Thanks everyone
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Relay 4G T699: Swapping Internal Mem / Ext SD (CM11)

    Hi all, greetings, this is the first time for me posting a thread in this session. And sorry for my bad English, I am not native English speaker. Here is the situation and would wish to seek help:- Phone: Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (aka T699) Rom: CM11 Official ApexTmo. Scenario: Wishing to...
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    Thread [Q] Swap external & internal storage when using CM11?

    I just wonder if there is a way to swap External and internal memory [like using init.d] for CM11 (besides using Ext 2 Int app):crying:
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    Thread Swapping External & Internal Memory

    Hi there, I have been trying CM10 and CM11 on our phone. I noted in our forum that there is a tutorial on using the app "External 2 Internal" to swap the memory. However, the problem being not perfect at all is that, it only acts after the phone is booted, and there is often a lag between the...
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    Post Galaxy s4 mini battery eb-b500, has anyone tried it for the relay? Thanks!

    Hi all, I am new to the Relay. Actually my phone is still on the way. I just wonder anyone got a trusted source to buy a genuine S4 Mini Battery? I have been looking on Ebay but its too difficult to tell what is genuine what is a fake. And I now reside in Hong Kong, s4 mini and relay are both...
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    Post [DEV][ROM][KK 4.4][Unofficial] OMNIROM BETA

    Thanks the hard work man, much appreciated. Just want to know if BT and Skype works? since I cant find the information from the first post, thanks
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    Post [ROM] [ICS] LiteROM 0.9.0 - Slim - Smooth - Stable

    I just find my Notification bar disappeared after installing Literom, help. (Swiping up gesture in ADW doesnt work too) Also, any one got AT&T stock bootanimation please? And, clean install, dont know why keep popping up System Ui has stopped
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    Post [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    Update: I guess I have been making a very stupid mistake, that I was not using the stock dialer to input this code. I tried with the original dialer and it worked! Cheers
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    Post [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    I tried on Stock AT&T ICS LH2 and J3 still no luck. lol please enlighten me mate:crying:
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    Post [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    Thanks mate but no luck for either *#2263# or *#*#2263#*#* pop that in the dialer, just no response
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    Post [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    thanks for your quick reply mate, would you mind telling more and the necessary files needed? I am new to Samsung Products Cheers *Sorry for my bad English, I am not native
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    Thread [Q] 2G/3G Toggle + Service Mode re-enable

    Hi mates you all alright? I am just new to the Glide (from SE Xperia Mini Pro and Moto Droid Pro) Have been using this phone for few days happily. And had been trying stock roms including AT&T and Rogers, GB and ICS 1. I just wonder if there is a trick to unlock the 2G/3G toggle function of...
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    Post [MOD] [ICS] Increase maximum bluetooth a2dp bitpool to 64!

    WOW Oh my mama, incredible. Finally solved this pain in Ar*e. Bluetooth sound is no longer crappy. Cheers mate.
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    Post [Sound Mod] AC!D Audio Technology v4.0 | released!!!

    Would this mod work with Bluetooth Earphones? I know DSPMgr does, but how about Beats? Thanks.
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    Thread Please help on Call divert Function

    Hey guys, I just realised shortly today, that Verizon Droid Pro has been locked from Call Divert function. (I seldom use this fucntion, thats why I am so late until now) There is no Option in the Call Setting Menu (where Usually do for Android) And when I dial **21* (Standard GSM divert...
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    Post [TUT] BOOT Menu and Overclock Droid (1200Mhz) pro (all)

    Test report: Verizon Droid Pro Clock: 1200mhz Works, and really much smoother. Thanks for the hardwork, Grazie!