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    Thread [Request] persist.img

    Hi, is anyone here able to backup their persist.img and share it here? I somehow corrupted my partition and my sensors aren't working. I don't know if this applies to this device, but I found this guide on a Xiaomi Mi A1 guide...
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    Thread [HELP] 2x Flashlight brightness on OOS?

    Is there a way to have 2x flashlight brighness on OOS like sultan did on its rom? Here is its commit Since I don't know how to compile and modify a kernel is there any other way to change the brightness? (by changing system files maybe :confused: ) I already tried going to...
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    Thread Speaker Loudness - Help me making speaker more loud

    Is there a way to change default volume? I find that the volume is too low compared to my oneplus one; I know that this phone has only the left speaker and it can't be at OPO levels, but I think that some system files can be changed like this...