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  1. UltraM8

    Thread [GCAM] [MOD] UltraCam v8 [12.02.2021 update]

    UltraCam v8 Gcam mod based on mod by @Arnova8G2 UltraCVM is an ongoing project of building a gcam that would fullfill the need of an extreme imaging tool aimed towards exceptional quality for most up-to-date sensors used in flagship devices. Based off respective and known devs, keeping and...
  2. UltraM8

    Thread [Mod] [Ainur Audio addon] Ciaomeme Audio+ [03.11 update]

    This mod is for xiaomi k20, k20 pro, k20 premium, mi9t, mi9t pro, mi9 I am not planning to make anything for any other device. I'm also not taking orders on features adding. Mod might be unstable at this point Features - MMT-EX installer by Zackptg5 - Support for [Ainur Audio] mods -...
  3. UltraM8

    Thread [Port] [PIE+] DTS:X Ultra& DTS Headphone:X [27.03 update]

    Introduce you ported DTS sound effects Details: Pie+ is required Installation powered by MMT-EX installer Both ports support AML for Magisk, thus can be used with any [Ainur Audio] mods Join DTS telegram group where you can share logs & get support Kernel/ROM developers notice Kernel...
  4. UltraM8

    Thread [Request] V20 ADSP partition

    Hi guys. Can anyone here support me, pls, with adsp partition? I need some stuff upon Hexagon parts. Thx in advance.
  5. UltraM8

    Thread [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III [paused] | NARSIL MK I [upd 01.01.2021]

    [AINUR AUDIO] (named after John R.R Tolkien mythology) mod was conceived on 12th January 2016 at Russian 4pda forum, with an idea to create the ultimate universal tuning solution, that can help people get more from their devices in terms of audio capabilities. Ever since that time we have been...
  6. UltraM8

    Thread [SOUNDMOD] Arkamys port for m9

    Arkamys is an audio enhancement from a well known car audio manufacturer Increase the maximum volume without distortion Superior audio rendering with no hardware changes (suitable QC only!) Clearer, crisper sound for music and speech Higher volume and deeper basses *How to install? Just...
  7. UltraM8

    Thread Harman Kardon?

    Hello guys. So i found a string in /system/customize/ACC/default.xml, that stands for H/K. Why is it here. I made a tiny port of HK and also used its presets for speakers (i hear a difference), but i couldn't say if there is any for jack/AUX. What can you say? Why the hell is it in m9 files...
  8. UltraM8

    Thread Sound mod

    Can anyone pull folders from phone related to sound processing, like libs, build.prop, folders, etc?
  9. UltraM8

    Thread [Q] No audio on current track

    Weird thing - sometimes i lose sound in headphones. When the playlist has ended, and the loop playback enabled it is a next track playing (sequence bar and timers shows), but no sound. This happens on all roms i've tried with H/K. Have to reboot every time , and sound finally appears. Doesen't...
  10. UltraM8

    Thread [R] A better multitasking concept

    Hello devs & m8 users! I've got a question to you. After moving from 4.4 to lollipop I was frustrated to its multitasking scrolling slides. After a month I'm almost got used to it, but have a concept of how it could be slightly better. Since sense5 HTC got a very neat multitasking feature with...