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    Post [Q] Best for battery

    A Nougat release of Leedroid would you suggest? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Best for battery

    I recently purchased a HTC 10. I have it rooted and s-off. I find the battery life rather poor, again it was kind of expected as my old HTC 7 and 8 were pretty poor. The 10 came with the latest and last sense firmware which is Oreo. Last week I downgraded to Nougat firmware and installed the...
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    Thread [Q] Sunshine and not rooted

    I just bought a used HTC 10 yesterday. It came with stock Oreo and locked, basically an untouched device. I have used HTC before and played with them many years ago. Anyways, decided to unlock the bootloader and flash a custom rom. All great however I am finding the battery life is pretty poor...
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    Post Viper10 6.0.0 ◦ Tweaks,HUB,OTA ◦ VoLTE,WiFi Calling,SafetyNet ✓

    I can't seem to find an active download link to v 6.0. Found it on Androidfilehost, but no active mirrors.
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    Thread [Q] Budget with best wifi

    Hello all, I am staying somewhere with a relatively weak wifi signal. Some of my devices get more bars than others. Can any recommend the best budget device that has the overall best wifi reception? Ie the device can pick up on a weak signal better? I want to use this device to bluetooth as a...
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][OFFICIAL][8.1.0_r20] AospExtended v5.4

    I appreciate the roms are discontinued and Fedray no longer works with the G5, but have all the downloads been removed? I was hoping to find a copy of the last release of this rom. Anyone? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Oreo battery life

    Hello Since upgrading my firmware to Oreo 8.1 I find the batter life on my G5 Cedric poor, and it's even worse if I flash a custom 8.1 rom. Currently on Atomic 8.1, and with light to moderate use after 7 hours I go from 100% to 35%. I don't know whether it's a case of my battery needs...
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    Thread Xposed on 8.1

    Hi I just recently flashed the 8..1 firmware on my Cedric, it works great. Has anyone successfully got Xposed to work? I tried the flash the latest version from Rovo dated back to January 2018, but it causes a bootlop. If it is not going to work, I guess I'll flash a custom rom to get some...
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    Post Official Oreo 8.1.0 OPP28.85-16 Fastboot Firmware (and how to relock BL with it).

    Thanks for the firmware, it saved my hard bricked device too as I needed a newer firmware. Anyone know if xposed/gravitybox works on this release? I tried it and I get a bootloop. I had to run the uninstaller script to remove xposed. Apologies, I appreciate xposed is not related to this...
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    Post [Guide] [Unbrick] How to revive a hard bricked Moto G5

    I could not find a later firmware, other than the 8.1 Oreo firmware from south America that was posted in the news forum on here. Either way, it flashed as it was clearly the newest firmware possible and yippee, the old G5 is alive again. I assume if I want to downgrade to a lower firmware, I...
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    Post [Guide] [Unbrick] How to revive a hard bricked Moto G5

    Ok, this fix works just fine and I can boot into bootloader and even the existing firmware that I originally screwed up with. But, when I reflash the firmware, each CMD line gives the following with system, partition, bootloader and so forth (bootloader) has-slot: ***** not found Other than...
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    Thread [Q] J6 mods

    I just got myself a J6 device. Very happy with it so far. As there are no custom roms for this device, are there any xposed mods that may work for the firmware, such as center clock, advanced power menu? Thanks,
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    Thread [Q] Upgrading to Oreo weird things with 4g

    Ok, for the past for few days I'm having problems upgrading to an Oreo rom. I have the xt1675 UK based cedric, running Nougat stock. I am actually now in the Netherlands on a Dutch provider and the phone works fine. However as soon as I flash an Oreo based rom in TWRP, the phone cannot find my...
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    Post [Q] twrp 64 bit

    Thanks, all seems to have flashed fine. However when I reboot into recovery fort he first time I am prompted with a password box, and also asking me if I wish to set as ready only or modify. Which should I choose? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] twrp 64 bit

    I've not flashed a rom on my G5 for quite a while and have forgotten a few things. Before that I was an avid flasher on the HTC and Nexus devices, but the G5 is a little bit trickier! I have the normal TWRP installed, with the stock rom and xposed. I would to finally try an Oreo rom, but I...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_33][OFFICIAL] ViperOS-Final-N-v3.1.1[cedric] 

    Hi, I'm looking to try a custom rom but I don't have the balls to go 64 bit, so I'll stick with pre -oreo!! Does this rom offer comparable battery life to stock? I have tried one other custom rom but the battery life was much worse than stock. I assume this rom has notification light enabled...
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    Post [APP][N][XPOSED] GravityBox v7.5.0 - tweak box for Android 7 [23/01/2019]

    What an awesome mod, been using it since the Kitkat days. Would a Custom Carrier label ever be a possibility in the future, especially being able to add one to the status bar left side as in an IOS system? Apologies for the profanity saying IOS!!!! Thank you
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    Thread [Q] Battery friendly?

    Hi I have newly rooted G5 Cedric, I was happily using the stock rom with xposed and gravity box, which gave me pretty solid battery performance. But I missed a few tweaks and mods so I flashed the last release of RR, which is a 7.1 rom. I haven't gone to Oreo as I am using 32bit version twrp...
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    Thread [Q] Internal storage incorrect

    Hello, I have a rooted stock G5 (Cedric). A few days ago I installed the official twrp and created a back up to the interal storage, so I could flash xposed and gravitybox. Everything works fine, however I installed an external sdcard and created a second twrp back and this time to the...
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    Post [Q] Installing twrp

    So to flash an Oreo rom, I need to flash the 64bit version of twrp? As I am currently using the offical version which is 32bit, do I simply go in fastboot mode and flash the 64bit twrp and it will replace the other version of twrp I have installed?
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    Post [DEV][HOW TO][WIP] 64bits ROMs and TWRP

    Hi, I have a G5 Cedric, I flashed the official twrp, but assume this is 32bit? I wanted to flash the Pixel experienc rom which is 64bit based. Should I flash the twrp 64bit release in fastboot, over the top of the 32 bit recovery I have? Thanks,
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    Post [Q] Installing twrp

    Actually, I am happy to keep the stock Moto rom. I wanted to install a custom recovery so I can flash xposed and use Gravitybox.
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    Thread [Q] Installing twrp

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a G5, with the 2gb ram. I assume this is Cedric? Do I need to download the 64 bit Cedric release of twrp? I have unlocked the bootloader, but a bit confused about twrp. I have twrp image, and I know how to use fastboot commands. My query is during the...
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    Thread [Q] GPE/Sense for battery

    For an aging M7, is there is a noticeable difference between a GPE and Sense rom? I am thinking of flashing the GPE+ rom from Santod, as I quite like the clean android feel and was hoping with less HTC clutter it might have slight better battery life. Can anyone offer some insight whether there...
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    Thread [Q] Theming htc framework

    Hello, I'm currently using Maximus HD which has the Sense 7 launcher and apps, but obviously being based on Lollipop Sense (5.0.2) does not have the full theming capability of newer Sense roms. Are there any xposed mods that anyone is aware of that can change the framework colours, such as in...
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    Post [ROM] ViperOne 9.0.0 ◦ Sense 7 | Tweaks, HUB, Themes, Icons, OTAs ◦ All variants

    With Venom roms at a dead end, has the hub gone with all the tweaks downloads? Anyone have a link to 7.0.2, which I think was the last Kitkat release with dialer fix? Thanks.
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    Post [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Sill getting good battery life with Maximus? Probably just the age of my device now, but I've noticed Lollipop roms and above seem to drain battery more than Kitkat. Again, probably a sign of an old battery or just my imagination. I was thinking of putting in a new battery, but it looks crappy...
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    Post [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Yeah, I was a big MaximusHD user on my previous M7s, can't fault that rom in anyway. I just fancied giving a Sense 7 rom a try, but they seem to have become EOL like the M7 phone I guess. I appreciate MaximusHD does have the Sense 7 features, but I like a true Sense 7 rom as it has full theming...
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    Post [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Thanks for the info, did not realise flashing the corresponding firmware made much difference, ie sense roms and sense firmware, gpe/aosp roms and gpe firmware. I need to get the device s-offed first. Had three m7 devices so far, getting a bit fed up paying up $25 or whatever it is to s-off them!!
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    Thread [Q] Speaker protection

    Hello, Love my M7 phone, had three of them in the last five years or whatever. Unfortunately they have all developed the same fault, the speakers go crappy and end up sounding all "farty"!!! It seems to be because of the work I do. I'm a machinist by trade and will all the metal and crap, the...
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    Post [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Thanks, are all the Sense 7 roms stable to use?
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    Post [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Any download link for the latest Venom rom? Their site has been dead for weeks. GPE roms have the better battery life? Interesting, I was always under the impression Sense were probably better. Thanks for the info.
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    Thread [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Looking to re-use my old M7 for a few months. It is unlocked and twrp installed, and the latest firmware onboard. Looking for a rom that is stable, good with battery and has some nice tweaks especially centre clock and status bar mods. I prefer Sense based roms as I like the HTC keyboard and...
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    Post [ROM]&[KERNEL]LeeDrOiD One M8 V8.4.1 - [Discontinued] | Oct 30th 2017 | Awesome!

    Nice rom, but the keyboard keeps FCing on me. Is it a simple task to replace the keyboard with an older HTC keyboard? I see the HTC keyboard apk is available to download on these forums along with other HTC/Sense apps. Anyone else finding the keyboard crashing occasionally?
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    Post [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

    Thanks for the information. Absolutely, family is far more important than sat in front of a laptop all day. Good for him, and it's not the end of the world for the rom users. I timed it bad, I was a big fan of Venom Roms on my old M7, then last week I decided for the first time to flash a...
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    Post [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

    Ok, I'll ask. Has Team Venom gone for good? Their website has been down for weeks. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Sense roms customised

    Hello, There are quite a few Sense roms for the m8, which of them is likely the most stable and offering the most custom features? I used to like the Venom Roms, but their website has not been up for quite some time. I think the ARHD roms are good, with using Sense Toolbox, but the Toolbox...
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    Post [ROM] RESURRECTION REMIX v5.8.5 [Final Build][Android 7.1.2 Nougat][09/26/17]

    Thanks man, I did search the thread and notice no one else had mentioned this. Ok, will install the htc apps, thanks again.
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    Post [ROM] RESURRECTION REMIX v5.8.5 [Final Build][Android 7.1.2 Nougat][09/26/17]

    Just flashed the last RR release on my M8. First time I have run a non-sense based rom. Must say, what a great piece of work, well done dev(s). One thing I have noticed and perhaps it is normal on aosp type roms for our phones. But when I recorded a selfie video, the audio quality is much much...
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    Thread [Q] MIUI roms for the M8

    There appear to be a couple of MIUI roms for the HTC M8. One is on the MIUI site itself and there are several on the xda forums. I could do with advice as to which is likely to be the most stable as a daily driver for this aging phone? I've been a Sense user for an age but fancied something...
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    Post [Q] Whites washed out after flashing rom

    Thanks buddy, it was the second suggestion "live display". Never seen that feature before, but now disabled all is good again. My eyes are still working.
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    Thread [Q] Whites washed out after flashing rom

    Hello, For the first time in a long time I decided to try a different rom on my M8. I have been running ARHD (latest) or the latest MaximusHD, but for a chance I flashed FlymeOS. It flashed fine but I noticed all the white colours are washed out and have a pink/orange hue compared to what they...
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    Thread [Q] Battery life

    I guess the M7 is an aging phone by now, however before I decide to trash the phone, can anyone offer a rom that offers the best possible battery life from this phone? I am currently using Viper rom 8.0, but the battery life is not so good. I am not sure if all the tweaks are a drain on the...
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    Thread IOS status bar layout for HTC Sense

    I'm currently running Maximus 53.0 on my M7, with xposed installed. I love the rom, but was curious to know if anyone knows of a mod that can mimic the status bar layout, ie centered clock, signal and wifi on the left, battery to the right? It seems most, if not all go as far as centering the...
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    Thread [Q] GPE rom

    Evening Is Skydragon probably the better or best of the flashable GPE roms for the M8? I could not find too many without requiring the conversion, but Skydragon seems the most well read thread. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] First M8, need rom

    Hello, A friend sold me his M8 phone and I have managed to unlock and install the latest twrp on the device, obviously I am still s-on but as I am currently on the latest baseband I won't really need s-off as the moment. There are so many roms for this phone, but what I am after is a stable...
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    Post [ROM][MIUI] MIUI 8 Global for Google Nexus 4 [31/01/2017]

    There are two bases, which of the two is likely to see the least issues? I am looking for a solid daily driver without too many crashes etc. Always had a concern with MIUI roms, does anyone else have concerns with the MIUI/Chinese apps, are they ok to have running in the background or simply on...
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    Post [ROM][N4][7.1.2_r33]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[08/16/17]

    No worries, will give the build another flash and have a play around. Great rom by the way, gives these antiques a new lease of life. Thank you.
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    Post [ROM][N4][7.1.2_r33]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum ★[08/16/17]

    Just flashed the latest version of this rom along with the suggested gapps package. Everything works great so far, however anything downloading from Playstore is stuck in "download pending". This is using mobile data, not wifi. Anyone else experienced this?