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    Post Instructions to install Asteroid OS?

    AsteroidOS wiki does not mention any Amazfit watches here: Asus Zenwatch 2 specifications: Memory 512 MB RAM Storage 4GB eMMC Flash Amazfit GTR: Memory: 16MB + 40MB I guess it does not met minimum hardware requirements. Amazfit Verge: RAM: 512MB...
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    Post Bootloader Unlock -> Questions , Firmware : VTR-L09

    I have read you should unlock after each flashing, however you should already know the codes so it is easy How could you unlock it? I am asking because the security patch of my P10 VTR-L09 is 1 March 2019 (downgraded from 9.1 to 8.0) and none of the unlock methods seems to support it what I had...
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    Post iovyroot - (temp) root tool

    Thanks for the tool, zxz0O0 I had problems with Universal (Dirtycow-based) TA Backup v2 (trying on two different Z5c E5823 (32.0.A.6.200) phones created empty backups, but backing up Xperia Z was fine), then tried your tabackup v0.4 (modified to run on linux, attached) and it worked well. :good:
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    Post Universal (Dirtycow-based) TA Backup v2

    Of course you need to flash a stock ROM, losing root. Restoring TA would re-lock your bootloader, locked BL can only load signed sony kernels, all of which contain RIC and dm-verity. ---------- Post added at 03:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:48 PM ---------- Thanks for this tool for...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1][E5823/E5803] CyanogenMod 13 for the Sony Xperia Z5C [BETA]

    Thanks for both ROMs, Berni-0815. I loved CM ROMS in the past, this one is close: fast enough, good general usage, but I have experienced random reboots now and then, had too low volume problems in phone sometimes, camera ceased to start half of tries. I will try another ROM. (definitely not...
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    Post Xperia Companion doesnt work with Z5 Compact

    I also had serious connection problems between my (linux) computer (having only USB 3 ports) and the z5c running the 1st version android 7 (32.3.A.0.372). I was not able to flash any rom. Later I was not able to connect to Xperia Companion (from VirtualBox). But my friends windows PC did work...
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    Post Recovery & Root for MM .575 & .291 LB

    installing from linux Hi folks, I modified the windows-only method to run under linux, created (had to compress it to upload in xda, run gunzip to extract). russel5, can you please insert a link to this post in the 1st post, others can find it useful too. "Thanks...
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    Post Official Lovi OS

    not working well Hi, thanks for the efforts creating/maintaining this ROM. Some faults seems to be show stoppers, though. 1. After first boot quick settings do not display. (even later) 2. Play Store is not included, google Play Games displays error: If flashing ROM, booting it and then...
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    Post [Z3C][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    root rights are required to install dual recovery.
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    Post [ROM][Z3C][6.01][LB/UB][.291]|X Features|Mx ROM|V8.6.0|☆Best Battery|☆[27/8/2016]

    ETA? MXNICE, thanks for this promising ROM. :good: May I ask you about this next version? Do you plan to make other changes in addition to removing that malware video player? Is it enough to delete that file from the 7.5.0 zip and flash it or some other steps are also needed? (I know I...
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    Post [ROM][P700/P705][KITKAT 4.4.4][KTU84Q]UNOFFICIAL CM11 by IMER

    Sorry to say, but this is what I never understood. You (like many other respected developers) forbid mirroring. And what happens a year or two later? The work you done for the community is lost. :crying: This is why I don't see the point of these requests. BTW: can you please re-upload it?
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    Post [DISCUSSION] Priority mode settings

    Dear LosserKlosser, I am one of the 200+ viewers, but has not installed any Lollipop ROMs yet. I am just collecting information about what kind of extra bugs it introduced and whether I should install Lollipop as it is stable enough to run on my daily phone. Peace.
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    Post [Q] Body differences of L36H, C6603 and other variants.

    Hi Modise, In case the display and the digitizer work then you can get the model number from the service menu: Start dialer and press *#*#service#*#* link In case you cannot use service menu then try to use flashtool, it displays the phone type it is connected to...
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    Post [ROM][10/08][LB][JB][X-Reality][PureXAudio][S-Force][Socialife]Fidelity JB 2.0

    Bootloop on JB Hi Windows X, thanks for your work. Unfortunately JB 2.0 version has a bootloop on Xperia U (locked bootloader, .100 fw, .100 kernel) Can you please either repair it or just put v1.0 online. Thanks. ICS v13 works.
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    Post Rootkit Xperia L (15.3.A.1.17) [1-Click Root for locked bootloader]

    I have just rooted 15.3.A.1.17 with this. So yes, it works.
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    Post Rootkit Xperia L (15.3.A.1.17) [1-Click Root for locked bootloader]

    rooting on linux Hi folks, after gaining a lot of others works, it is time to give some help back. I modified the windows-only method to run under linux, created (had to compress it to upload in xda, run gunzip ). mitulvohra, can you please insert a link to this post...
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    That's why a wiki (editable by the community) would be better than a one man maintained list. OPs, can you please give some directions regarding this. Thanks in advance.
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    small apps Thank you for the update. How can I also have mirror and flashlight mini apps? TIA
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    Rajeev, thanks for the quick update. Recovery works for me but I cannot enter using vol up or down buttons at boot time. I can get in either using reboot to recovery or using NDR utils. In other cases the phone vibrates, I press up or down and release it and press again and release it, which...
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    Version Nr? Can you please call it officially v1.0.2 (or something other, but different version) It is OK if we agree this is v1.0.2 or 2014-06-09 version (see ISO 8601) But this is your ROM so better you name it :) Thanks.
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    I came from 4.2.2 and flashed from ext SD card (as it is also handled by the recovery). I don't see why Rajeev mentioned it has to be in internal memory, probably because of the old recoveries, which did not handle ext SD. invinciblervd: try to start the recovery using NDR utils. I have...
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    OK, thanks for the quick reply. I'll try your other ROM then till you fix it.
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    Thanks for your help and explanation, TwoPointZero. I checked your file and installed chargemon and mr manually. Phone boots but no recovery. I have installed XZ-lockeddualrecovery2.7.123-BETA (update2 method). I thought I will change chargemon and mr afterwards. I cannot as the install process...
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    Thanks. Will post the results. update 1: flashed 4.2.2 gained root installed recovery factory reset (data, cache, dalvik) flashed Ultimate BlackXZ and (in one step using TWRP zip queue. Did not mount anything) Turned Force GPU Rendering ON Rebooted. NO...
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    Hi Rajeev, thanks for the quick reply (and the ROM :) ). However I did follow the OP and have no recovery now. The question is what to do now. Thanks.
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    no recovery (?) The same on my side. I had XZ-lockeddualrecovery2.7.123-BETA, both TWRP and CWM worked. Installed ROM 1.0.0 and never seen recovery since, neither automatically at first run, nor later when selecting recovery from the reboot menu, neither pressing vol up or down at boot. In...
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    Post [ROM] [LB/UB] [Z] [4.4.2] [.230] [UPDATE :- 21.06.2014] Ultimate BlackXZ v2 Final

    In case you still have problems drop me a PM. Ha még mindig vacakol küldj egy privit.
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    Post [NOOBS GUIDE] Create your own stock firmware FTF & Flashtool flashing guide[+ pics]

    This was my fault for many versions as well, since February. Today somehow I figured it out myself, just wanted to share - and seen it has just been answered. :) By the way: 10.5.A.0.230 has 5 FILEs, the names in my case were: FILE_279716689 FILE_279899198 FILE_281110453 FILE_281111091...
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    Post [ROM] Unoficial Cyanogenmod CM 11 (Android 4.4 KitKat)

    Thanks, munjeni. (Yes, I have also pressed the button :)) It was quite good, I only had a few problems using the Dec 23 2013 version: Couldn't switch on WiFi very poor battery life (less than a day) Often had no ring out tone, just answered the called party Did not try BlueTooth It was slow...
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    Post [Rom][Xperia Sola MT27i] OWA HD [10/10] development stopped

    Thanks for this nice ROM Thank you, Fllear. And thanks for this ROM, I really liked it. Yes, it is more than a year passed after you sold yours. I have already tried many ICS and JB ROMs, also had a KitKat ROM from munjeni, but wanted to go back to "the roots", where this phone had enough...
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    Post [Rom][4.1.2] Ultimate Rom V11™ Nothing But The Best[Almost 4.2.2]Released

    I would say this is normal for all the ROMs, big apps can fill the memory, so launcher is swept out by the memory management as well.
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    Post [Rom][4.1.2] Ultimate Rom V11™ Nothing But The Best[Almost 4.2.2]Released

    Tab 'n' Grid You can put it yourself theoretically. Here is the link. I suggest you to make a backup of the following files: /system/app/SemcPhone.apk and /system/app/SystemUI.apk before installing. I had error messages preventing normal use, had to restore the original files. (No problem if...
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    Post [Rom][4.1.2] Ultimate Rom V11™ Nothing But The Best[Almost 4.2.2]Released

    Hard to reboot Hi, thanks for the ROM, it seems to be quite good :) I followed the install instructions, the only addition I have made was to install JB 1.0.4 DeathZeroFx on top of 1.0.3. And I wiped data, dalvik cache, cache. The 1st challenge was to start the ROM and repeated the whole...
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    Post 『ROM』『JB』『A.1.100』Project - FireStorm R9 BETA Version and Project XV-R v2.4.2

    Good ROM Good ROM, thanks. I have used it for cc. two weeks and it did slow down for me. (can be user error :laugh:) The startup of the "instant camera" (starting from the lock screen) is slow as well. No speed search on the dialer (I have read it is a missing JB feature, which sounds silly...
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    Post [ROM][CM7]ANIMUS PLATINA by Aniruddh Chandratre :)

    Congrats Congratulations for this ROM. :good: It seems to be a significant step towards a fully functional CM7. A short question: why is Android version presented as it were Jelly Bean? (pic is from top of the thread)
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    Post 【ROM】【ICS .54】JB eXperience™ v2 【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】

    /system/etc/gps.conf my gps.conf from stock 2.3.7: I doubt it will solve your GPS fix problems. -*-*-*-*-*- Did I help you? Please press :good: Thanx button
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    Post [WIP]Frequently Asked Questions,please contribute.

    Thanks for the information gathered here. A small correction for the flashboot/flashmode entry, this is the other way. Pressing VOLUME DOWN while connecting USB is flashmode. (green led) Pressing VOLUME UP while connecting USB is flashboot mode. (purple led) At least on my SOLA
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    Post 【ROM】【ICS .54】JB eXperience™ v2 【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】

    Thank you, Divaksh. QuickPanelSettings is working now, I was able to select which toggles to see, and change their order. :good: A quick question: Your AROMA script asked questions at installation, about launchers and notification bars. Can I re-run installer to change those options in order to...
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    Post 【ROM】【ICS .54】JB eXperience™ v2 【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】

    SystemUI Preferences v6.0 fault? Unfortunaltely SystemUI Preferences v6.0 still exits as soon as I try to open the 3rd tab. (roll down, bottom left three dots, there are 4 tabs, left is statud bar, 2nd is status bar expanded, 3rd force closes, 4th about) What should be on tab 3? Thanks. The...
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    Post 【ROM】【ICS .54】JB eXperience™ v2 【Fastest+Smoothest】【AROMA】【supports OC】

    skipped flashing .54, rooting and installing cwm Sure this is the nice method, I did it a bit different. 1) As I had .54 stock (rooted, w/cwm, just some apps removed) I did not want to root it again, so started CWM and did a factory reset and Wipe Dalwik Cache. 2) Let the .54 ftf boot up...
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    Post Wifi Adhoc connection problem in X8i GingerDX v14

    GingerDX v29 It was a good advice at the time of the writing, but GingerDX v29 already contains these modifications. I tried wifi hotspot function using two X8 phones, both running GingerDX v29. As I also had "error" always when I tried to start it. Interesting thought my X10 mini Pro (also...
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    Post x8 wont turn on

    The repair shop was kind and repaired it. And it remained sim lock free :)
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    Post x8 wont turn on

    Thanks, I have taken it to the repair shop, we will see the result (theoretically this week). Will let you know.
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    Post x8 wont turn on

    bricked x8 while sim unlocking Hi, I have two x8's (11w48 and 11w22) and yesterday I unlocked both using I did know 11w48 is most likely will be bricked if doing bootloader unlock, so I did not do that. Sim unlocking went well for this one, it works and it accepts any sim...
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    Post [ROM] MiniCM7-2.2.2 [6/7/13]Gingerbread 2.3.7/CM7.2 unofficial port for the pro

    Google Play button, hw kbd layout Thanks for this very nice and stable ROM, nAa! I am using it for some weeks now, and I only have two questions which I was not able to set myself. 1: somehow a button on the Google Play is unreadable. This button is probably labelled "download" or "install"...
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    Post How to unlock X10 Mini Pro

    too expensive This is way expensive... $70 for an unlock... it's a robbery :eek: The shops can do it for $25 here.
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    Post [ROM] MiniCM7Pro - V21 (For Stock kernel)

    v21 works, pauls phone does not Paul, thanks for this nice ROM series. I have decided to flash v21 upgrading my v20 and it seems to be even better. (And I like the new font :) ) Sad to hear your faulty charger has killed yours. What are your plans? Would you continue to develop for X10 mini...
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    Post [ROM] MiniCM7Pro - V21 (For Stock kernel)

    You have to press the back button some times after you see the white sony ericsson text while starting the phone. Sent from my U20i using XDA App
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    Post [ROM] MiniCM7Pro - V21 (For Stock kernel)

    Hi, Thanks Paul for this ROM series. I am at v20, which works for me well (not tried BlueTooth). I have noticed a small fault, which was present in some earlier release, then it was solved: I cannot set ringer to "always vibrate" using the normal loudspeaker icon (pulling the curtain down)...