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    Thread i just want to cf auto stock root my phone, note4 n910vvru2cqi2

    i guess thats correct way to say it. i dont know if i should update 1st or leave it with the current firmware. i am experienced at rooting, but i am still in beginning of class so to say. lol, i have done research and found some cf auto roots that i think will work, but i cant find the answer...
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    Thread can i install any custom rom on my gs4 ok2 it is rooted

    I followed the keep root method for the ok2 on a forum here and worked perfectly now I want a custom rom but don't now how to tell if it will work for my phone
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    Thread what is the best way to root my galaxy s4 i337 running 5.0.1

    I was hoping to install a custom rom as well but the way I rooted it last time it soft bricked, I used kingroot