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  1. LegibleEel

    Thread Water Damage

    Hey guys, So about 2 weeks after giving my mum my hand-me-down OnePlus One, she decides to let a sugary drink spill all over it. Apparently, she didn't even realise for a good 10-20 minutes either. Obviously, we put it in rice and left it for around 4 days. even put it in the sun to quicken...
  2. LegibleEel

    Thread Random Bootloop

    So I'm running rooted stock rom with no customisations or CWM, Its been running completely fine for over 2 months. Today I come into work, place the phone on the table, and realise it shows the 'Sony' screen, I just think its a random reboot it will just come back on. But it hasnt, it still...
  3. LegibleEel

    Thread [ROM][JB][FEB/08] MIUI4 | 3.2.1 | v0.5 (Test)

    Hello people. I am proud to present to you UNOFFICIAL JB MiUi V4 as promised :) Sorry that it has taken so long, I’ve been busy with lots of stuff and trying to get this working properly. MiUi in general is horrible to port :/ (Getting the radio working was a very difficult) THIS IS Alpha (So...
  4. LegibleEel

    Thread [ROM][ICS] MiUi 4 [2.8.10] V4 (RELEASED!)

    Hello people. This is my first MiUi rom I have done so don't be shocked if it is the worst thing you have ever had on your device :D Note: This is build 2.8.10 its not the latest 2.11.30 because I'm waiting for a stable 4.1 base to work off. You may see one soon tho :D BETA (So don't cry when...
  5. LegibleEel

    Thread Nillkin Hard Cover Case (White) Short Review

    Please don't laugh, I'm rubbish at these kind of things :P Anyway this is a short review of the Nillkin case for the Xperia T. So, lets get into it. On arrival it came in a nicely packed package shielded with bubble rap to protect against any large knocks and bangs. (Though as a hard shield...
  6. LegibleEel

    Thread Xperia T data problem.

    1) My phone has a problem where i find that it has got no data connection despite having data enabled. During this time i cant receive calls, texts and data connection. 2) Also I have another issue where it shows i have no signal but i have connection (See attached image). Note: WiFi was...
  7. LegibleEel

    Thread Xperia T White

    Does anyone know when the white variant of the T will be released in the UK? Looking all over I can't find where to buy it...
  8. LegibleEel

    Thread Red light problem

    I have a annoying problem, my phone randomly shuts down, as it does the LED flashes red and the phone turns off. I've tried different ROMs and different kernels, changed frequencies etc. I can't seem to get rid of if. I Don't think its battery related as its 90%+. Any help? Im on cosmicDans...
  9. LegibleEel

    Thread What would the benefit of a 2.6.32 kernel??

    Question in topic... Sent from my X10i using xda premium
  10. LegibleEel

    Thread Quad boot???

    I dont know about you but i think would be awesome! would it be possible on our x10?
  11. LegibleEel

    Thread Sixaxis Controller Issue

    ive recently found out that you are able to connect your sixaxis controller to your phone to play games. (ill include the links at the end of the post) This is where the problem starts, I can connect to my phone easy as it says its supported but i am not able to control any game or even my...
  12. LegibleEel

    Thread 2.3.3 update Camera not work

    As stated in the title. After I flashed the 2.3.3 official rom, the camera doesn't work...all I get is a 'unknown error' and ''Camera not available' error. Any suggestions will be nice... PS...I've restarted and re flashed many times to solve, no success. :(