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    Thread Discussion on GCC Optimizations

    As pretty much everyone here is aware, there seems to be an obsession with using O3 for compiling binaries for this device. This obsession is probably due to the fact that O3 is the "most optimized" flag in GCC. The issue here is that all of these optimizations do not come without drawbacks...

    Thread OEM Unlock issues

    I own both a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 and am very familiar with the unlock process. For some reason when I tried to unlock the nexus 10, it instantly says that the fastboot status was OK when I clicked yes and did not reboot or anything. Now it is stuck in an infinite boot (I can get into...

    Thread Screen issues -- what to do?

    I purchased my nexus 7 about a month ago and have noticed a weird line on dark colors. I thought that it would go away after a bit and stuck with it. It has been a while and it is still here. Attached are some pictures of the issue. I also one picture of wallpapers looking grainy, but I'm...

    Thread [4.1.2/4.2] Ξ Kernel v1.1

    Ξ Kernel /'zai/ A re-base of Nyan ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Source...

    Thread [KERNEL][JB] Nyan Kernel Tuna (Rel5) 10/27/12

    Nyan Kernel Tuna By Marcusant ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Source:

    Thread [KERNEL][JB] Nyan Kernel Tuna (Rel5) 10/27/12

    Nyan Kernel Tuna By Marcusant ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Source:

    Thread [KERNEL][JB] Nyan Kernel Tuna (Rel5) 10/27/12

    Nyan Kernel Tuna By Marcusant ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Source:

    Thread How my brother's S3 survived a swim

    While my brother was up north with his friends, he ended up going tubing with his phone in his pocket. He fell off into the lake 4 times. He did not do anything (didn't open it up to dry, just left it in his pocket) until he got home 6 hours later. I took it and put it in rice for a couple of...

    Thread How to save the most battery on a "Wifi-Only" Epic

    This should help you save battery on an old Epic that you don't use to make calls with anymore. This will kill the telephony service and save a ton of life. Open up a terminal emulator app and run the following: su busybox mount remount,rw system /system rm /system/app/Phone.apk rm...

    Thread [ROM][PORT] MIUI 2.7.6 (w/ WiMax)

    MIUI 2.7.6 Port by Marcusant What works: Everything + 4g What doesn't work: Anything broken in CM9 or upstream MIUI Status bar does not display signal Some bugs in cdma If you can't get working 3G, open monitor (tools folder > monitor) and bump up the cap to an insane number Please let me...

    Thread Buy nexus 7 with PayPal?

    Is there any way that I can buy my nexus 7 via PayPal? I can't seem to using the play link that is linked by Google. Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk 2

    Thread Jellybean Porting Thread

    This thread is to assist porting of Android 4.1 (Jellybean) to ICS devices A good base ROM for porting: Ramdisk diff This is a diff file for the Jellybean ramdisk from ICS. This is from the galaxy nexus and will have to be changed for...

    Thread What phone did you come from?

    Just wondering what phone everybody came to the S3 from? There seems to be a lot of people from the Epic 4G. If you came from the touch, what made you switch? I find it very similar.

    Thread How to compile the GS3 kernel from source

    Prerequisites: A (preferably 64 bit) BSD/Linux distro, I use LMDE but most prefer Ubuntu The setup (only have to do once) 1. Install some binaries for compiling android. Not all of these are needed but get them all to be safe... "sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf...

    Thread [HOW TO] Flash CWM using heimdall on Linux

    Edit: heimdall does not yet support the S3... it is a waiting game for now This is pretty much common knowledge from the GS1 & GS2 but I will post it here for all of the people new to the Galaxy series and that are on Linux. Disclaimer: I am not responsible in any way for anything that...

    Thread [ROM][PORT] RemICS 1.2 [6/23/12]

    This is a TouchWiz5 port/wannabe ROM based on CM9. I have ported this over to the Epic. The original rom can be found here. This contains a ton of Galaxy S III apps and parts of its framework. Parts are also from Fergie's port for the NS4G here WARNING: The notification led flashed rapidly...

    Thread Forever alone?

    I've been noticing less and less posts in the epic forum... When I press refresh, there are not a bunch more posts and bumps and questions accidentally posted in the dev forum... Looneyrat has not even been back. It seems that a lot of people have been moving on to new phones... Why don't...

    Thread ALPHA: Nyan kernel 3.X builds

    Thank you bbelos for the port of kernel 3.x This thread will contain test builds of a Nyan colonel built off of kernel 3.x. This does not currently have voodoo sound or over clock capabilities. This has a bunch of tweaks I have found and would like tested such as didle and other new things...

    Thread [MTD][RECOVERY] Restore CWM from TWRP

    Thanks: -Drockstar for CWM for the Epic -Koush for CWM -Team Win for the recovery injector Info This is a zip to restore CWM from TWRP if you flashed TWRP and you hate it or if a kernel you like has TWRP and you prefer CWM. This has been tested flashing using TWRP while on ICS. I am not...

    Thread Tapatalk being really slow?

    Is anybody else having issues when using tapatalk where you have to restart the app to get pages to load and either way they load really slow? I'm not sure if XDA has to update their tapatalk plugin or what but this speed it... painful. I'm using the latest tapatalk and I tested and confirmed my...

    Thread [SOURCE][PATCH][GPL] EL30 to FC09

    I'll keep the OP simple. If you are not a developer, ignore this completely. This is a patchfile for the kernel changes between EL30 and FC09

    Thread MIUI launcher now for ALL ICS devices! I am not associated with MIUI at all... just passing the news. ×Marcusant

    Thread MIUI Launcher Now Native for ALL ICS devices! ×Marcusant

    Thread CISPA has passed...

    Thread [Video] Taking the Epic 4G from Eclair to ICS

    Sorry that the sound did not work correctly and this was filmed horribly (I used some drivers on linux that apparently don't support focus).

    Thread [CM7] Nyan Colonel v4.1 (Atarashii)

    This is Nyan Colonel v4.1 ported to Cyanogenmod 7. I am not responsible to ANYTHING that happens to you or your phone as a result of using this kernel. Most things in this are experimental to a point but have been tested and confirmed safe. Some of these features have NEVER been used before...

    Thread Touchwiz ICS Launcher with touchcrap removed (for ics)

    I have not found the original porter of this. This is not my port, I found a link for it when browsing Google. If you are the creator of this, please tell me.

    Thread My attempt to kill the softkeys

    Maybe someone who knows a bit more or notices something I did not can help... I was looking in literally every folder for the file that controls the soft keys. This is a script I wrote up that *should* disable them but they turn off and come back on when you tap them. #!/system/bin/sh chown...

    Thread What is stopping you from using CM9/AOKP as a daily?

    Please share what is preventing you from using ICS roms. The Cyanogenmod developers for the Epic do not know what to fix unless you tell them. Currently I feel that CM9 is fully working for the Epic and have not run into a bug. It feels more stable than a stock ROM to me. Please try to...

    Thread [ICS] Nyan Colonel v5 (Atarashii) Voodoo & No Voodoo

    Please try shadow, samurai, and stock kernels also for a bit to see what one you like best! Don't choose a kernel because everyone else likes it or because it has a long feature list and fancy new shiny things. This is a kernel, not a full ROM... please use AOKP, MIUI4, or CM9 with this...

    Thread [ICS] Nyan Colonel v3

    ............................................................................................................................ Since XDA is limiting the length of my OP, you can find the kernel and thread here.

    Thread 4/2/12 :(

    Here is the post if you still want to read it. Android Key Lime Pie has been released. Why did they go back to 1.3? Because they don't care, that is why! This update makes the Epic dual core. It also makes android completely closed source in order to keep 'uniformity' as Google...

    Thread The best voodoo color settings for vibrant colors and black blacks

    I have tested these settings on a personal kernel with mdnie disabled. These should look fine on cm9 on most if not all kernels. Screen v1 gamma hack -60 (textview) -60 (textview) -60 (textview) Screen RGB multipliers 230* 256* 429* If you get screen flashing, increase v1 values a bit and...

    Thread Universal ROM Talking thread - battery life, tips, opinions, mods, screenshots

    Post here with whatever options, and questions, or data you have.. Even show off if you want.. And you won't get yelled at! For example you can be on CM9 with a custom kernel and not be yelled at.. Post what you want.. Even ask the best rom and say what combination you use!

    Thread [cm-kang][winzip][port] NS4G Stock IMM26 DeOdexed

    This is a port of the stock Nexus S 4G ROM using only 7zip, apktool, IMM26, and our Cyanogenmod9 port. Have fun with this. The kernel and libs are directly from cm9... Thanks XK72 EpicCM Team Team Douche Google Samsung Epic 4G Port Team (kangers) This contains gapps as it is a port of ns4g...

    Thread [ROM] MIUI v4 (ICS) ALPHA2

    Ported by marcusant and TCP Version 2.3.30 The new version has been released by tcp. Details will come later. Most issues are fixed. WHAT IS CONFIRMED WORKING Calling SMS MMS Mobile data WiFi Bluetooth SD cards It boots WHAT HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED NOR DENIED Lots of things What is confirmed...

    Thread How to port MIUI4 to the Samsung Epic 4G from the Samsung Fascinate

    -Download the latest Cyanogenmod 9 for the Samsung Epic 4G and extract it to a folder called MIUI-port. Also extract a second copy to a folder named EPIC-CM-UNMODDED -Download the latest MIUI for the Samsung Fascinate and keep it open in a file manager -Delete the folders ‘/system/framework/’...

    Thread Ice Cream Sandwich Decompiling and Modding Guide (Windows)

    Before following this guide, install the Java development kit (JDK) The first thing that you want to do is install the Android Development Kit. This allows you to use adb (android debug bridge) and also other tools to mod images and apks. After installimg, add the platform-tools folder inside...

    Thread (Not recommended) We can flash i9000 cm9 themes!

    We can flash cyanogenmod 9 themes from the galaxy s i9000. These may cause unpredictable issues so don't complain in the cm thread if you flashed these.

    Thread Steam app!!!

    Thread Share Your Setup

    When I was new joining forums for other devices, I always wanted to know what different things people use. The purpose of this thread is to hopefully get rid of the "what is the best ___?" threads. Please feel free to post your: ROM Kernel Theme Mods Favorite apps to use Settings (oc/uv...

    Thread How To Manually Update PRL On CM7 Thought I would share oh and the latest qpst

    Thread Change you profile picture to protest SOPA/PIPA

    I am starting this thread to raise awareness of SOPA. All I ask is that you please change all of your profile pictures (twitter/Facebook/XDA) to protest sopa. I also ask that you email a Senator begging them to sstop SOPA. Recently megaupload was taken down by the government and that is without...

    Thread EL30 Source Code is Out Sph-D700 El30 Mirrors: K0nane -

    Thread [THEME][PORT][MTD]**JUICY ORANGE**[EI22][semi-fixed-lockmod]

    Juicy Orange A port of a theme by Team Nocturnal & Mijjah74 Color code: #F88017 Original thread: Download

    Thread ADB from phone?

    I was wondering if anybody had an ADB binary that would work for android. I want to use this to adbwireless to my TV to install apps. I'm pretty sure a normal Linux one would work. If someone could upload that for me, It would be great. Thanks.

    Thread [THEME][semi-fixed-10lock]MarcusantROM Themes[optimized][MTD][EI22]

    MarcusantROM Red Download: Credits: myself, b-reezy, gitusum, maddoggin, darkierawr, greenmuggy, travismoreno, randomking, sonnysekhon, upwardspiral

    Thread Bad battery?

    I charged my phone overnight and when I woke up the LED was blue but I didnt check the % because i was rushed. When I got to school, the % was 25. now it is going away fast... Really odd, will calibrating help or is it the battery?

    Thread [q] change status bar background (not pulldown)

    Does anybody know to change the top bar background on 2.3, when I try changing the PNG that you chanhe for most other phones, the status bar is still black. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

    Thread Share MIUI Themes

    This is a simple thread where you can find and download themes for MIUI. Rules of this thread to keep it clean: 1. Every theme post MUST contain a direct (click link and download immediately without seeing a page) or semi direct (no captcha, waiting time, or download limit.). Direct is...