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    Post [Q&A][5.1.1][Development] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    Flickering suddenly gone. For good. So I thought I should update my feedback. No new release flashed yet. It is just gone. No idea why. Enviado desde mi Xperia SP mediante Tapatalk
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    Post [Q&A][5.1.1][Development] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    I have never had this problem in previous releases of cm 12.1 for xperia sp nor other roms. We will see when i flash later releases :) thanks for the tips. Enviado desde mi Xperia SP mediante Tapatalk
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    Post [Q&A][5.1.1][Development] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    I have wiped cache and dalvik, reflashed 0617 and flashed tangerine 4.0. Flickering still exists, it's barely noticeable but existant. Anyone else having this problem? Or anyone can confirm no flickering with their 0617? Did you do a clean install, like total wipe?
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    Post [Q&A][5.1.1][Development] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    Did you do a clean install or just flashed over old ROM?
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    Post [Q&A][5.1.1][Development] Cyanogenmod 12.1

    Anyone experiencing screen flickering after flashing 1706? I had ~0606 release with standard kernel and now I'm experiencing screen flickering. Any ideas why? How to fix it? I have not performed clean install, because it's the same ROM with few fixes. Did anybody do a clean install and does...
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    Thread Application compatibility check

    Hello. I need your help guys, this will take you only few seconds but could greatly help me. I wanted to know if by any chances are you able to install this app on your Xperia SP. If you are able to, please tell me your...
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    Post [Q] How to install recovery in a phone which can't start

    Good you managed to fix it and posted it back here with a solution. So few people do it. On the side note, link you provided does not work, please fix if you can:)
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    Post [ROM] [JB 4.3] Sony Original Pure Stock ROM 12.1.A.1.205/207 v3 FINAL [SLIM]

    I know about wiping everything, don't worry I have done that. After using the ROM for ~2 weeks with built-in kernel I can say it's the most smooth, responsive and battery lasting rom ever. I am so happy with it, good job dev!
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    Post Why does every ROM I try get worse with time?

    I could give you a tip about Facebook app and Messenger. There is an app that lets you chat using Facebook app, meaning you can get rid of Messenger. Google it and you will find it, I can't recall the name now.
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    Post Why does every ROM I try get worse with time?

    I have a feeling you are installing too many apps running in background at once. My phone is super smooth, fast and responsive. I just either close apps after I am done with them (kill process) or don't install trash. Deleting some in-build rom apps which you never use could also help.
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    Post [ROM] [JB 4.3] Sony Original Pure Stock ROM 12.1.A.1.205/207 v3 FINAL [SLIM]

    Just downgraded from KitKat CM11 to this. So smooth and pretty. However I had a soft brick after flashing and then no baseband issue which both are fixed now. I've found two major issues bugging me recently: -When you go out of WiFi range, and then come back (like leaving home etc) it won't...
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    Post [Help] My Xperia SP Doesnt turns on

    Read guides more carefully. You wipe everything before installing a new ROM. Wipe, reinstall.
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][UB][4.4.4][SP] Carbon Rom KK Unofficial {built from source}

    Can you enter fastboot mode? Holding up arrow key plug your phone to a PC via USB. Make sure you are equipped with latest drivers (sony PC companion) and adb/fastboot drivers you can find here on the forums.
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    Post [FXP] CyanogenMod 11 Android KITKAT 4.4 Discussion

    I have just moved from 12.1.a.1.205 stock rom to CM 11 nightly available at their official website. However I flashed Williams Kernel so I heard it makes your battery last longer. I set min frequency to 487MHz, max to default 1728MHz and I/O scheduler to CFQ. Mind sharing your settings guys? Do...
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    Post [FIX] Xperia SP Vibration

    Sorry for hijacking this thread but it is not that old. Lately I have noticed that whenever my xperia SP should vibrate it does, however a weird sound is also coming out of it. I think it's the little buzzer (the little vibration thing) sliding/touching a wall inside the phone causing it to...
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    Post [ROM][HALT]XperiaOne | BETA1.6.1 | Android 4.1.2 JB | Xperia Look and Feel | OTA

    Great rom so far. Xperia apps like social life and others are crashing all the time and I cant find walkman? Is it gone or am i blind? Sent from my One V/PrimoU using xda app-developers app ---------- Post added at 06:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 PM ---------- I meant you can...
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    Post [ROM][HALT]XperiaOne | BETA1.6.1 | Android 4.1.2 JB | Xperia Look and Feel | OTA

    Good job! So which one is good to download and install? 1.6.1 with boot.img provided? EDIT: Installed, working flawlessly. Good job, I'm sticking to this one now.
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    Post [tutorial] How to Unlock Bootloader and Root your Htc One V

    I replied to your thread in q&a subforums. Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Q] Urgent I am stuck unlock boothloader

    I dont get your question. What command u typed? Check if your cmd console working directory is the same as fastboot localization. Just ctrl rght click in folder where fastboot is and click open command window. Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app
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    Post [Q&A][ROM]Ignorance V5 (ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4.0A)

    You install it like any other rom;).. Flash kernel in bootloader then in CWM flash ROM (wipe system cache and other stuff before). Done
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    Post [Q] Custom to Stock

    Make sure you get the RIGHT RUU for your device and HBOOT version + CID. Then flash all and relock.
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    Post [ROM][SENSE 4.1A] HTCdroid v2.4 FINAL | 2014-01-19

    Thanks for the info. Great ROM nevertheless!
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    Post [q] usb bricked ?

    That's kind of poor. Weren't you using it heavily during that time? I can hit 4 days on single battery life. However when I played games a bit and used hell lot of 3g internet, it dropped from 50 to 10 in like no time, 1-2hrs.
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    Post [ROM][SENSE 4.1A] HTCdroid v2.4 FINAL | 2014-01-19

    Is this version (2.3) the latest OTA from Desire X? The "energy save" feature and stuff in here or it's a bit earlier version?
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    Post [q] usb bricked ?

    Np;) Ain't you tired of reinstalling all your junk over and over again? P.S. In my previous post I typed "setted" which should be "set" :P
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    Post [q] usb bricked ?

    The more you discharge it to nearly auto turn off moment and fully charge after, the better it will work. My was a bit "wild" after I had like 5 ROMs changed in one day. Then it setted pretty nice, keeping up to 3-4 days with normal use. No weird drops, also goin 100-90 smoothly for hours not 2...
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    Post Which 3rd party camera do you use with POmega or Shpongle rom?

    Camera Zoom FX paid version here.
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    Post Greenify Jan 12 update no root needed

    That's good to hear. Finally I can put it on my GFs phone so she won't be scared of rooting and all that. Thanks for the info buddy!
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    Post Pixels

    I think this has something to do with the "wire" or "tape" connecting motherboard with lcd. Is that possible? Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Pixels

    Hello there guys. I just wanted to ask you this: have your HOV had any issues with dead pixels ever? One day I just noticed a really hard to spot but surprisingly regularly placed dead pixels. It was just another day, I unlocked phone, checked time, kept living my day like I would normally do...
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    Post [ROM][SENSE 4.1A] HTCdroid v2.4 FINAL | 2014-01-19

    Really nice. Keep the good work up man.this is already awesome rom. Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app
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    Post [MOD][2013-08-10][V3.03]TURBO BOOST - Triple Swap Space in Cache, Data, System ...

    I have installed it on my one v with shpongle rom. When I use cat/proc/swaps it shows system and data with available memory not yet used for swap and instead of cache I have dev/block/mmcblk0p27 as partition not file with used memory. Whats that? Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app
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    Post [4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE [halo][beta][20130630]

    Gps works 100%. Everytime I turn it on, it finds me and tracks my movement without a problem.
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    Post [Q] Problems with Stock ROM, and recommendations for a non-android User.

    If you are tired of sense shpongle is the way to go. If you are okay with it, pick htcdroid. Both best in its classes. Htcdroid seems bugless or only minor bugs visible while shpongle got camera dead - you need 3rd party apk. Sent from my One V using xda app-developers app ---------- Post...
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    Pretty much this! Lot's of people talking nonsense things already known instead of tryin to help and answer some questions outta there.
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    Thread APN Switching bugged

    Hello there. Happy new year to everybody, not to my HOV:)) Just kidding. But I have a question to you. I have a problem with my APN settings. The thing is, when I have everything set like I did in other ROMs, Internet worked, MMS worked even without need of turning on mobile data, the switching...
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    Post [2013-11-15][ROM][ICS] NexusPrimo ICS

    I usually do. But last ROM I installed had some bugs which weren't mentioned..:)
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    Post [2013-11-15][ROM][ICS] NexusPrimo ICS

    One question:) Will any HELLBOY kernel work here or just this one linked? Another question, is this a fully bug free besides the FM radio? Meaning camera, mms, wifi, and all other working?
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    So I can use Google Hangouts to send and receive regular MMS from/to people who don't have Hangouts? EDIT: Tried that, still not working. It won't ever turn on the 3g to send the mms like it used. My APN is correct for sure, these settings worked on other roms. What the?.. EDIT 2: Okay I found...
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    I managed to fix gallery and camera, still working on MMS. Will try hangouts. Also I've been told to try MMS.apk from TrippedOutRom.
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    The ROM is pretty good itself. It's probably the quickest, while taking a little more battery than others. Everything works except camera and I myself found MMS not working neither. That's all of the bugs here.
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    As I said. I have only internet + mms, both correct. Not working;)
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    Post [ROM][PrimoU] 2012/12/08 CM10 *Unofficial*

    Thanks a lot for your feedback:)
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    Post [ROM][PrimoU] 2012/12/08 CM10 *Unofficial*

    I see. How about apps? MMS and camera working? Is there anything that crashes / refuses to work properly etc?
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    Post [ROM][PrimoU] 2012/12/08 CM10 *Unofficial*

    Any bugs here? This thread is a one big mess no clear informations:P Anyone using/used this and able to tell all bugs? I want to go from Shpongle to this, because without camera I can live, but with bugged MMS I can't.
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    Is MMS working here? I have 100% correct APN settings, but stuck on sending a MMS (not even the 3g icon shows next to my signal power as it used to do in all roms). Nvm. Found earlier posts.
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    Post Lost root access. Need help!!!

    Best way is then just to follow the guides once again. Just look for Rooting your HOV and flashing ROM guide here on forums. Follow and enjoy.
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    Post [Q&A]**[4.2.2][jdq39][aosp] SHPONGLE**

    Turbo Race is the only thing I installed. (The snails racing 3d game). Running smoothly. I mean on sphongle, was smoothly on myONEv too!