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  1. NorNichols

    Thread [Q] Helium can't find my backups?

    So I searched and looked in multiple threads, but never found an answer. So last night I made a new backup using Helium, and put that on Google Drive. I have the free version, so I know I can't restore from there. Today I installed a new ROM. However, when I download the folder/files to my...
  2. NorNichols

    Thread [Q] ROMs not showing up in TWRP?

    I searched and looked at other threads with people having the same problems, but none helped, and none of those threads had an OP with the Galaxy S3. So here's the thing, I got rooted yesterday, and it was all good. Then today, I flashed the LiquidSmooth ROM and GApps with ROM Toolbox, and it...