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    Thread Freedompop Hotspot

    Hi guys, I have a carjoying unit with a rk3188 I currently have a freedompop phone giving wifi access to my head unit based on when it's charging using tasker and putting it in airplane mode otherwise. This works great and gives me about 15-20 days without turning my car on before the phone...
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    Thread [Q] Internal memory volatile?

    I can't seem to get a stable rom on my phone anymore. I noticed when I upgraded to triforce rom 3.0 some of my apps were disappearing randomly on reboot (all installed on internal mind you). After doing a full complete wipe and reinstall I cannot reboot my device anymore. I install the rom go...
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    Thread any word on sprint SGS2?

    Last I heard it was suppose to be a late July release, but it's already July 6th and I've heard no word. How far in advance do phones usually get announced? 1 month?
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    Thread Vibrate - haptic feedback

    Just got my 3VO and I have to say the haptic feedback feels great. It was something that bugged me ever since the Mogul days and every phone has done it wrong since up to this one from HTC. It was always that BZZAAP feeling that had varying degrees of length. Now it's nice and subtle and gentle...
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    Thread Received call graphic

    I'm really not sure what to search for. I've searched many many times trying to find out how to change the graphic when i receive call. I would much rather a full screen picture and a much larger accept or decline button similar to how the iphone operates. Is there some sort of label for...