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    Thread How to turn off fullscreen apps?

    Hello, I really like the Galaxy A6 Plus. The biggest problem for me though are those "fullscreen apps". For some reason Apps are "optimized" to use in fullscreen and there is no way to turn it off. At least not that I know of. The problem with that is of course some apps look blurry or don't...
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    Thread Miracast reciever?

    Heya :) I'm pretty interested in a miracast reciever for Windows RT. I know the APIs are already there, but it seems like there is no nativ windows rt app in the store. So do you guys know of another app that works? AirServer could be a solution, but it works with QT5 and that hasn't been...
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    Thread Twitter appx?

    Hi, I was wondering has someboy here got the Twitter appx of version Today I installed the latest version which doesn't even start up. So I was hoping someone here might have the Appx of the version before ( Thanks :)
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    Thread Fix Astoria with PlayStore on 10240?!

    Hi there, 10240 is not the worst build of Windows 10 Mobile and since we can install it very easily on some devices (Lumia 640, 640 XL and 930) I'm wondering why everyone lost interest in trying to make Astoria work "better" like porting the PlayStore for example. I for one think it would be...
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    Thread How to use the Metro (Windows RT) Skype version?

    Hi, there are two Skype versions for Windows 8.1 / RT out there: Windows 8.1: skype_3.1.0.1016 Windows RT: skype_3.1.0.1021 Obviously the Windows 8.1 version doesn't work anymore, while the Windows RT version seems to work fine. Is there any way to get the Windows RT version working on Windows...
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    Thread How backup AppData to an *.apk?

    Hi, I know there are some kind of Backup options like Helium, TitaniumBackup etc. But I wanted to know if there's a backup option which saves the AppData inside of the *.apk. So I have one file to deploy that automatically installs the latest user data? Regards, Insignificant
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    Thread Lumia 930 registry edit possible?

    Hi, I know there are some tools to edit the registry for windows phone 8.1. Is there also a tool which works on the Lumia 930 on Windows Phone 8.1?
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    Thread Not enough space?

    Hi, is it normal that the system partition "Internal storage" is only 1,26 GB and the "USB storage" 5.77GB on the I9000? I installed CM11 but can't install enough Apps, because the system partition is so small. Is there a reason for that, is this a bug or is it normal? Thanks
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    Thread How to install preinstalled apps?

    Hi, I was able to extract an App from a Windows Phone 8.1 Image. The app consists of the *.xap file and the *license.xml. However I'm not able to deploy it to my working phone. Is there a trick? Thanks
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    Thread AOW on Windows RT?

    Hi, I'm pretty sure you all heard of "Project Astoria" aka Android on Windows (AOW). That Project is pretty much as dead as Windows RT is. But fortunately AOW is an ARM compiled project. So i wanted to ask, how hard do you guys think is it to port it to Windows RT? AOW itself is pretty much...
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    Thread MSN Health and Fitness app, anyone?

    Hi, does anyone here have the MSN health and fitness app from Microsoft? In the last version they locked it down and you can't use it anymore. However when you reset your phone (Lumia 730) back to WP 8.1 you get the preinstalled App of it ( and this is working just fine.
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    Thread How to port an App?

    Hi, i've got a little problem. I mistakenly deleted an App from another account. This app is no longer available in the Appstore. But i've got it installed on my secondary account. How can i port it back? I know it's still installed, but not accessible for the second account. Any ideas?
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    Thread WebOS Ports?

    Hi there, i know there is a WebOS Port for the original Nexus 7, but did anyone have manged to get to work on the 2013 version too?
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    Thread Cyanogenmod vs Stock

    Hi there, i have a Galaxy Tab 8.0 P7300. I want to know if there is a *better* cyanogenmod rom than the ICS stock rom? I don't like putting new roms on my device every other week and want something that just works, but i don't know how stable the CM roms really are?! I ask because the devices...