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    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Q] /e/ OS Q for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S10+ (beyond*lte family)

    brought to you by the /* * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before...
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    Thread D820n (A51_UL) fastboot only. No RRU, no recovery [HARD/SOFT Bricked].

    Hi team, I have been searching for hours on this topic. As usual, being the geek from the neighbourhood, I was asked if I could fix a HTC Desire 820 n that did not boot anymore. Needless to say that I have NO CLUE of the things previously done on the phone. Strange thing is that the fastboot...
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    Thread Is my phone dead after falling on the floor, need confirmation.

    Hey guys, After two years of constant care, it happened... the drop of death. A perfect hit on the floor, screen first, perfectly parralel to the stone floor, with the neat "Poc!" sound... :crying: My phone now does not turns on. Does not vibrate when I plug it and the computer does not...
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    Thread Lumia 800 does not accept sim unlock code

    Hi, I just bought a second hand Lumia 800 for parts. Being carrier locked, I did the process to obtain the unlock code based on the IMEI. Until that step, no problem. Then, when I try to unlock it, it keeps saying, wrong unlock code (three attempts so far). I've gone into a chat session...
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    Thread Capacitive buttons randomly working.

    Hi, I just noticed a weird behaviour these days on my OPO. The Home and Menu capacitive buttons work less and less. It's not rom related. After two or three days with this weird behaviour on my daily runner Slimsaber MM, I decided to return 100% stock on COS 12.1 YOG4PAS3JL and it still...
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    Thread TWRP 3.0.0, anyone tried? Test and feedback.

    Hi guys, TWRP 3.0.0 has just been released. Did any of you flash it? I did not yet as I am trying a rom and don't need to flash anything until next week. How about the following points? - backup/restore ==> Does not map correctly efs, thus does not back it up. - encryption ==> Confirmed OK...
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    Thread [Tethering] [YOG4PAS3JL] Connected but no internet access. (Wifi/USB)

    Hello, When trying to use my phone with USB tethering or as Wifi hotspot, my computer connects well to the phone, but I have no internet connection on the PC. - The sim card I use already worked on several other devices without problem for tethering. - The phone is 100% stock (last CM update)...
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    Thread Second hand OPO, any way to transfer the owner on Oneplus Website?

    Hi all, I just bought a Oneplus One yesterday and it's really wow.... So far so good, I am just happier than I've ever been with a phone. I was wondering if there was a way to change the owner or register onto Oneplus website to get the Oneplus invitations for my relatives, even if I bought it...
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    Thread Custom roms and differences between 8/16GB versions

    Hi, I am looking at potentially buying a Moto G 2015 and am tempted to go for the 16GB rom / 2Gb ram version. Will any custom rom install on it as it would install on the 8GB regular version? I've quickly checked the forum and assume that "YES" , but jsut want to be 100% sure. Thanks!
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    Thread Yu Yureka Phones, similar to Idol 3 5.5?

    Hi all, While looking for a rom to flash on my Idol, I found one guy comparing the Idol 3 5.5 to the Yu Yureka Plus phones. Seems they are similar. Maybe another device to follow-up and port from?
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    Thread Need modem backup for 6045Y. Help needed.

    Hi, I tested the chinese rom yesterday on my 6045Y and it resulted in a loss of GSM signal, even after rsstoring the phone with mobile Q upgrade software. I would need someone's help here. Can people use DallasCZ backup-all.bat script and extract the original partitions of their phone to...
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    Thread Considering buying a ZE551ML. Questions about rom's development and different CPU's.

    Hi, I have an opportunity to buy a ZE551ML 16Gb for a very good price. I saw that on the specs, it's a 4GB RAM device, but with the 1.8GHz CPU. Will every Z00A rom work with it? Would there be any flashing restrictions considering that it does not have a 2.3GHz? The whole idea is... I can get...