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  1. Elluel

    Post Nexus 5 bad call quality on right hand

    Well, there is absolutely no reason why "call quality" would go bad when held with a specific hand. The only reason it would ever happen is if something were to obstruct (or similar) the microphone.
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    Post [Q] Battery level stuck at 0%

    Have you tried another battery?
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    Post [Q] performance setting

    It was removed. See here:
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    Post Nexus 5 bad call quality on right hand

    Only one of the "speakers" on the bottom of the Nexus 5 is actually a speaker and the other is a microphone. If the device is held correctly then it shouldn't be a problem no matter which hand it is held in..
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    Are there any modules that could provide a second clock in the statusbar using another timezone? The two current ones that I know of ('XMultiZone StatusBar Clock' & 'Xdual Statusclock') are either broken or don't work at all on Lollipop.
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED] XMultiZone StatusBar Clock

    I probably won't get a reply so quickly because you were last active a month ago, but any progress on making it work properly on Lollipop?
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    Post [Q] OTA Updates to Stock ROM w/ Non-Stock Kernel and Recovery

    The OTA update will fail. As of Lollipop, you have to have everything completely stock (including the recovery) to take an OTA update. You're better off just flashing another pre-rooted ROM or custom ROM which has been updated to 5.1.1.
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    Post No Tapatalk notifications

    Still looks kinda holo, just with somewhat-material colours.
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    Post Root and Good for Enterprise

    Probably an Xposed module.
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    Post Images not accessable in LP 5.01
  11. Elluel

    Post [Q] No USB connection while booted into Android or TWRP...

    It's most likely a driver issue.
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    Post New GPU Drivers for Nexus 5 || Compatible with Android 4.4 || Updated 8.8.14

    No, there hasn't been another preview release since August of last year.
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    Post [Q] Nexus 6 camera in a Nexus 5?

    It just won't work. A battery is standard, its just a power source and a circuit. A camera requires hardware/firmware/software/driver support (likely to be closed source) that is usually built specifically for that device. Even if you somehow get it to connect (which is extremely unlikely in...
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    Post [Q] Lost Root on my nexus 5 Download and flash in a custom recovery. Use TWRP if you aren't already.
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    Post [Q] How to dim soft keys Loli 5.1

    If you want to dim the navigation bar (why would you need to?) you'll probably have to decompile SystemUI, modify the drawables then recompile, or use Xposed.
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    Post [Q] [HELP?!] Google Play Services won't update, error "-501"

    You'll likely have to factory reset. What Android version are you on, and what modifications do you have (if applicable)?
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    Post [Q] LMY47D or LMY47I Either should be fine. Everything in the D821 is the same as the D820 with the exception of which radio bands they can access.
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    Post CM12 and CM12.1 bug?

    No point formatting /system since it does that in the flash script anyways. Report it in the CM bug tracker if you are certain it doesn't work. I recall others having the same issue previously, maybe they just haven't fixed their profiles yet.
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    Post Search bar gone from recent apps screen in Lollipop

    The recent apps (now renamed to "overview" in Lollipop) search bar just uses the search bar widget from the Google search app. If it has an issue with loading that widget for whatever reason then it doesn't show up properly. Don't know why a safe mode boot fixes it.
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    Post How i can make my nexus caf ?

    Build the ROM/kernel from CAF repositories or cherry-pick a whole lot of CAF commits from them.
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    Post CM12 and CM12.1 bug?

    Clean flash. If it still happens then it may be a ROM/kernel issue, or just user error.
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    Post [Q] Transparent search bar in the Recents screen (CM12)

    What is your Google App version?
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    Post password for recovery and bootloader?

    bootloader protection is called locking the bootloader. You will have to use encryption (which I don't recommend since it causes issues occasionally) to protect the data partition while in recovery.
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    Post [Q] Change Nexus 5 Soft keys on 5.1?

    You can: - decompile and recompile the SystemUI to change it's resources (there are also apps that do this e.g. SoftKeyz or something like that.. don't know if they work on 5.1) - RRO/Layers theme on a supported custom ROM - CM12 theme on a supported custom ROM - Xposed (but unlikely to work)
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    Post [Q] Does camera2 api affects front camera ?

    The camera2 API can be used for almost any camera sensor. Each sensor has different capabilities (e.g. focus, raw), see here: It CAN theoretically be used for the front facing camera, but it's capabilities are extremely limited and somewhat...
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    Post Other person cannot hear me when calling.

    You can try: - factory reset - putting your SIM in a friend's phone/put your friend's SIM in your phone - flash another radio version - ask your carrier
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    Post [Q]Unable to flash latest cyanogenmod nightly

    CyanDelta is unofficial. Maybe try flashing the regular zip, it'll probably work.
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    Post Oxygen OS Port

    Also, see my quote below.
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    Post Oxygen OS Port

    Gestures are done with the kernel, not the ROM. Porting the ROM as a whole is ultimately pointless - just use any custom ROM, which probably has all the features + more anyways.
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    Post Ridiculously easy upgrade to 5.1 and keep root/TWRP/no-wipe

    But seriously: fastboot flash system system.img fastboot flash boot boot.img fastboot flash cache cache.img fastboot flash radio radio.img fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img boot into custom recovery flash SuperSU/other stuff if desired isn't that hard. Driver issues? If you had driver...
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    Post Camera api 2.0

    The apps themselves do a bit of post processing too.
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    Post Oxygen OS-CM 12S?

    First of all, porting firmware from one device to another is extremely unlikely to function properly. If you can even get it to boot (the hardest part), a LOT will be broken as it was not built relevant to the hardware. Porting a custom ROM is even more pointless when it can be built...
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    Post Can't install OTA update...

    See quote below.
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    Post [Q] Going from 4.4.4 to 5.0.2 (already rooted)

    - returning to factory images to take an OTA is pointless (you could just flash the new factory images) - returning to factory images to take an OTA to then flash a custom ROM is pointless (you could just flash the custom ROM) Just your desired custom ROM and flash it in recovery. Best to wipe...
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    Post [Q] [Android 5.1 Upgrade]Custom Kernel

    download new factory images fastboot flash system system.img fastboot flash boot boot.img fastboot flash cache cache.img fastboot flash radio radio.img fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img boot into custom recovery then flash SuperSU/other stuff if desired
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    Post Another latest and greatest Google bug

    You're complaining in the wrong place. This is XDA, not the Google/AOSP bug tracker—it has absolutely no relevance here and therefore complaining here is ultimately futile.
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    Post Size of chrome app?

    A portion of cache seems to be stored in data instead of cache or something. If you're syncing your bookmarks you should be able to wipe data without really losing anything except one or two settings.
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    Post How to decrypt/wipe?

    Factory reset within Android just boots into recovery and performs a factory reset there. It should work, but if it doesn't then flash factory images using fastboot or LG Flashtool.
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    Post [KERNEL][N5] FrancoKernel - r115 - 2nd November - Stock & Oreo

    Pretty sure people have mentioned this a couple times in every kernel thread that has backlight dimmer. Its just the backlight not being even at the forced lower brightness. Nothing to do with or can fixed with the kernel, it might be different for everyone.
  40. Elluel

    Post Where to start to build a new custom ROM?

    First of all, it depends on how much you already know. There are numerous guides on how to build another existing custom ROM. I'd start with those first to be a little familiar with how a project is handled, but you could always just look for guides for building one from scratch AOSP if you...
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    Post [Battery Life Help] Troubleshoot battery issues here! (Noob friendly)

    First of all, that's hardly any wakelocks. If you have the same setup as before, it does not necessarily mean you'll have the same amount of wakelocks. If an app is granted a wakelock, then you'll have a wakelock. This can depend on the amount of notifications you receive and your usage on that...
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    Post [Q] cyanogen APKs

    The apks are open source. They just don't post them anywhere separately "officially". No particular reason to do so. Their official release is in the form of their custom ROM. Someone else will extract and post them anyways.
  43. Elluel

    Post [Q] cyanogen APKs

    They do not upload their sole apks anywhere "officially".
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    Post G+ insane storage use

    No, EVERYTHING in Google+ is stored in their cloud servers, even your app settings. All you have to do after clearing it's data is open it once so it can sign in.
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Nexus 5 | Ask any question

    1. No. 2. Factory reset the Android Wear device. You'll hardly lose anything since almost everything is on the phone or synced to it.
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    Post Wifi Problem - freezes sometimes and cant disable. Have to restart. LP & KK

    You mentioned that you only ran into issues after a month. During that month a hardware issue could have possibly developed and the device was fine when you initially received it.
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    Post [Q] Any Lollipop ROM with Navigation Ring yet?
  48. Elluel

    Post [MOD][PORT] LG G3 Keyboard

    Try dirty flashing your ROM to get rid of anything if you previously flashed the keyboard/installed to system, then install the apk as a user app. No need to reboot after installing a user app. If that doesn't work then its a ROM or some other issue.