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  1. Fiso

    Thread On Oreo 8.1 Headphones support Apt-X but Can't select on Dev Options

    I am running Oreo 8.1 on Nitrogen OS OPM3-171019.013 I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones Sennheiser Momentum Free and the definitely support Apt-X but the only allow me to use AAC (HD audio) or SBC. I want to use Apt-X but the damn setting in Developer Options won't change. Please help me...
  2. Fiso

    Thread Flashed latest MM vendor.img now TWRP says sdcard encrypted

    Hello, So I was updating the ROM on my phone (Dirty Unicorns). After flashing the latest version of the ROM, I found out that the Wifi wasn't working. Did some digging around and it turned out I had to update the vendor.img (MTC20F_vendor.img) . Did that through Skipsoft and even updated TWRP...
  3. Fiso

    Thread [THEME][5.0+] EDGE the first Xperia the with card style settings [Apha v1.0][Unique]

    I the developer of Flatisan have returned with a new theme called EDGE. Edge is a beautiful theme designed with an elegant, minimal, straight and angular design language. It's the first Xperia theme to feature the well known Card Style UI from CM12 Themes. I as the Dev wishes to continue to...
  4. Fiso

    Thread Looking for a Dev to integrate my unique theme into their ROM

    So I made a theme for Xperia called EDGE and wish to make it into a ROM, but I lack the skills to make the ROM. I am willing to make the necessary assets for the ROM and my goal is to make it the most beautiful looking Xperia on XDA (or if things go well all of XDA). If you're willing just PM...
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    Thread [CM12/12.1] [THEME] Gami-Geisha [v1.0.8][200% Free]

    Hello Good fellows at XDA just wanted to share something I have been working on with you guys. Follow me on Google+ for more stuff I'm working on or to try out Alpha/ Beta apks. Enough of this BLA BLA you came here for the theme. Take a look: SCREENIES WHAT ZA HELL DID YOU THEME...
  6. Fiso

    Thread Vote For Z1 to be one of the first devices to get Miui V6

    Today, MIUI 6 patchrom is released to public, which means that more non-Xiaomi devices could get MIUI 6 in the future! In order for us Z1 to be one of the first users to experience Z1 you have to leave a comment on the English Miui forum. Vote by leaving a comment here...
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    Thread [Q] Charging Issues - Is 300-400mA input normal for Z1 stock changer?

    For some reason (since lollipop cm12 nightly 20150121, currently on DStrikerz 4.7 stock-based ROM) my phone takes a while to recognised that the charger is plugged in ( an average of 1-2, sometimes not at all, sometimes longer and/or sometimes it randomly stop charging in the middle of...
  8. Fiso

    Thread [Theme] [4.4.2+] •Flatisan• Theme [FINAL][ 2 Versions]

    This is my first Xperia Theme. I wanted to make something beautiful and yet familiar. Inspiration was taken from Knowit Mobile AB's Triflat and Google's material design. Currently I have only tested it on my Z1 as its the only phone I own (not rich lol). This means that it most likely work...
  9. Fiso

    Thread [Theme] [4.4.2+] •Flatisan• Theme [FINAL][ 2 Versions]

    This is my first Xperia Theme. I wanted to make something beautiful and yet familiar. Inspiration was taken from Knowit Mobile AB's Triflat and Google's material design. Currently I have only tested it on my Z1 as its the only phone I own (not rich lol). This means that it most likely work...
  10. Fiso

    Thread Is it Possible to Port Flyme Os for N5 to Z1?

    Saw on xda that there was a stable version of Flyme OS and the best part is that its based on CM11 and that almost any CM11 kernel works on it. Here is...
  11. Fiso

    Thread Is this skin waterproof

    I want to get the black carbon fibre skin but I'm not sure if its waterproof or not because when I wash my phone's screen I rinse it in the tap then wipe it dry with a paper towel. yup owns Z1 and stuff.
  12. Fiso

    Thread [REQUEST] get floating touch for Z1

    Hey I was play around with a sketch app using pencil mode and I found out that the pen does not need to touch the display to work. So I though what about the fingers? I had the same results with the fingers but it was harder. So my request is that someone to please somehow make it work like the...
  13. Fiso

    Thread Camera stops working often after cwm on aosp roms

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this but every time I try to flash a custom kernel on CM11 and PA4 with cwm 6...4.8 camera app freezes like usual but then freezes again after 5 secs which is not usual. Not only does this happen on custom kernals but stock CM11 and PA as well e.g...
  14. Fiso

    Thread What happens when I restore 4.2.2 TA on 4.3/4.4?

    Just asked out of curiosity so plz don't hurt me. I heard some people only get bootloops but some SAY you will brick your device. Also let's say I bricked my phone. How much will it cost to repair from official Sony centre. I have insurance but they say for any damages I have to pay £200 in...
  15. Fiso

    Thread Xperian logo home button navbar

    I've been searching for a while for this haven't been able to find one so I downloaded the file from this site: Extracted the .pngs and shoved then in a zip I found from...
  16. Fiso

    Thread Reviving Z1 PA 3.99 from Z1 Android Development Forum

    I was wondering what would happen if I pull the boot.img from fully working with camera PAC 4.3 rom and replace the PA 3.99 ROM boot.img will the ROM work with functioning camera or will I get a bootloop or destroy my device? If that doesn't work will using PAC ROM 4.3 as base work for a port...
  17. Fiso

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to get expanded desktop on stock rom?

    expanded desktop is nice on CM and other roms just wondering if i can get it on sony stock based rom.
  18. Fiso

    Thread [Q] Is Build of PAC rom?

    HI, so I was just checking out PAC rom site and saw Honami nightlies and the latest one is 27 Feb 2014 which is today:cyclops:. I don't want to sound like im lazy or im a wuss but can someone please check whether this rom is usable as a daily driver or whether its flash-able because I'm fairly...
  19. Fiso

    Thread Does the Z1 camera have slo-mo capabilities?

    Just saw the Z2 and it had the same camera as Z1. After seeing that Sony enabled 4K on Z2, which Z1 was already capable of doing but not activated cause SONY, was wondering whether the Z1 has the Slow-mo feature too but was hidden cause SONY. Sent from my Xperia Z1 using xda app-developers app
  20. Fiso

    Thread [Q] Asphalt 8 not working on kitkat roms

    hi when i try to start a race on asphalt 8 on slimbean or beanstalk it keeps crashing. im not sure if im the only one having this problem as i wasnt able to find a solution online but if you have a solution for this problem i would greatly appreciate it if you can share it ;)
  21. Fiso

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to relock 4.3 and still keep root?

    I have .290 on unlocked bootloader with stock kernel and root. Since relocking is only a step away should i do it or will i brick my device or will i have locked bootloader without root.
  22. Fiso

    Thread Do I need to relock bootloader first when restoring TA?

    Sent from my C6903 using xda app-developers app
  23. Fiso

    Thread Root, Backup TA and Unlock Xperia Z1 running 4.3 on Mac OS X

    Rooting, Backing Up TA and unlocking bootloader on a Mac can be a pain in the backside especially if you're a nube. Since there isn't an obvious guide out there for us (the most hated computer users by developers) Mac users i decided to create one. Before we start make sure you're running the...
  24. Fiso

    Thread How to check if bootloader is unlocked

    Hi so I found some easy way to unlock bootloader from xperiafirmware(DOT)com (not allowed to post link because new account at xda) because Sony's official instruction are not mac user friendly (for me anyway). So i tried them and it want smoothly until i realised that sdcard was not wiped. So...
  25. Fiso

    Thread Z1 battery drains while playing gpu intensive games on charge.

    Is it me or does the z1 battery drain while playing games like asphalt 8 and charging tye phone at the same time. I had the GSII International before and this never happened it only happened whenever my charging port was broken. Sent from my C6903 using xda app-developers app
  26. Fiso

    Thread Does sony store your IMEI number in their database after unlocking bootloader?

    Hi Im afraid to unlock my bootloader so I can root 14.2.A.0.290 4.3 on my z1 cause sony is asking for my IMEI number. Will they keep that number in their database or something so that when i restore TA they know I messed with the software and they wont give me a warranty repair?