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  1. Jared20098

    Thread Soft bricked my GT-i9505 and now Odin won't work. Complete(Write) operation failed.

    Here's the Odin log. <ID:0/008> Added!! <ID:0/008> Odin engine v(ID:3.1100).. <ID:0/008> File analysis.. <ID:0/008> SetupConnection.. <ID:0/008> Initialzation.. <ID:0/008> Get PIT for mapping.. <ID:0/008> Firmware update start.. <ID:0/008> SingleDownload. <ID:0/008> recovery.img <ID:0/008> NAND...
  2. Jared20098

    Thread Phone keeps on rebooting!

    Help! My phone keeps rebooting and I don't know why. It actually doesn't go to lock screen or anything. When I put the battery in, it auto turns on, goes the most farthest to the Samsung glow screen, fails (to get to the lock screen), goes to a black screen, and then keeps vibrating each...
  3. Jared20098

    Thread New problem with phone..

    My LG-E612G was restored but had something worrying saying ".android_secure.img not found! Skipping restore of .android_secure.img!" I then just shrugged it off, but when I rebooted it and got to my unlock screen, it powers off. I already did a full wipe and restore. Now what?:confused:
  4. Jared20098

    Thread [Optimus L5] Can't go into ClockworkMod Recovery or ROM!!!

    HELP! I think my phone may be HARD-BRICKED! :crying::crying: I was trying to install this ROM but, I was being stupid and didn't look in the install instructions and then I kept struggling to get to CWM with the buttons without getting...
  5. Jared20098

    Thread [L5] Oh No! Device keeps restarting by itself!

    Finally was able to install ClockworkMod thorough ROM Manager (Yay! :victory:) I checked it out, looked at a few stuff, stopped using it for a bit, then I saw that it reset itself. My initial thought when this happened was "Hmm. Probably a standby thing..? :confused:" So I started using it and...
  6. Jared20098

    Thread Clockworkmod won't work..?

    Hello, I was using my LG-E612g (the South American version) , and I was installing CWM through ROM Manager. I was hesitating to do it since it said e610 and not e612g, but I did it anyways, so when it was done flashing, I started it up to find out that there was an error occurred, saying...
  7. Jared20098

    Thread AT-T Galaxy Note WON'T TURN ON after installing JellyBean! D:>

    :crying::crying::crying: Help! My Galaxy Note won't turn on after installing Jellybean through Kies! I went to install it, it seemed to to work at first, but then I reset it but now, it just stays at the Samsung screen with the logo staying being sky blue! No animation! Help please!:crying::crying: