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  1. Enea307

    Thread Note 8 AT&T Oreo Update? Still at 7.1.1?

    Hi can anyone help me? Why my phone does not recieve Oreo 8.0 its an AT&T unlocked. I Use it in Europe and say 7 have the latest update but its 7.1.1 ?
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    Thread 5.0.1 Wear Sideload
  3. Enea307

    Thread (Q) Smartwatches

    Hi want to buy a smarwatch. LG G Watch R or Sony Smartwatch 3? I would like to have a camera on this one. So can you please suggest any other smartwatch whith camera? Or at least which one of this 2 can i buy? I have an One Plus One phone so Galaxy watches are not for me. Plz help me. Thnx
  4. Enea307

    Thread Q Recovery fro OPO

    I want to install a costom recovery. And can i install it whith Color Os Recovery? Which one do you sugest?
  5. Enea307

    Thread Which Vesrion do i have? OPO

    I just get a 64GB OPO but I'm not sure which version do i have. In the back it doesn't say Cyanogen. But my os is CM 11 4.4.4 . I think the store have installed it manually , also i have Root installed. I bought it new. I want to now if i can install CM Nightly with stock recovery OS Color. Thnx ✌
  6. Enea307

    Thread CSC wont Change???

    Hi i have problem whith CSC on my GT i9300 i have installed Omega 44.3 Rom becouse had Multi CSC but i cant change it. When i try to change its still on EUR after i type install whith CSC Changer For Samsung S/S2/S3 it reboots,Wipe data and is still there in CSC EUR? I have also tryed another...
  7. Enea307

    Thread Rooting i9300BULG2 4.0.4???

    Hi. I had i9300XXELLA before , Rooted + CW Recovery + Sihay Kernel. I was installing some roms as second rom like (cm10.1 nightles, Piquidsmooth RC1, ParanoidAndroid 3.0, Supernexus 2.0) after installing the lates CM 10.1 i lost my ime and baseband. After i send to servis center and now i have...
  8. Enea307

    Thread Small Update after 4.1.2 International. What is?

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Update SGS3 International?

    My device is 100% stock what does that mean? Now im on 4.1.1 I9300XXDLJ4. When i search fir Update apears this. Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda
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    Thread Vodafone smart 2

    Problem get root whith recovery. Any solution? Thnx Sent from my Vodafone Smart II using xda
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    Thread OMNIA 2

  12. Enea307

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Ace Wont Turn On

    Hi Can u help me please? I have 7 days whith my Galaxy Ace and i heve Rooted it whith Superoneclick After i installed Rom Menager and i downloaded clockworkmod that wasnt for SG Ace(becouse SG Ace wasnt there) after that i turn my phone off and when i wanted to turn it On doesnt turn On ...