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  1. DanteGR

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth media streaming not working - Suzuki Vitara 2019

    Hello. I've been using CrDroid on my Poco F1 for more than 8 months without problems when streaming media on my car's infotainment system. Since an update in July (build of July 18th) media doesn't stream at all in the car's system but the phone itself seems connected and calls are working...
  2. DanteGR

    Thread Miui per app notification sound

    First time MIUI user here. Anybody knows if there is a way to change the notification sound for Gmail app or Viber for example without using a third party app? Thank you in advance and happy holidays to everybody. Swiftkeyed from my Poco F1
  3. DanteGR

    Thread Notification sound problems

    Hey all. I have a pretty strange problem regarding notifications and haven't found a solution. So I'm using the app called NotifiCon cause of the global problem the notifications have on this phone i.e. when you change the global notification sound, the notification sound for all apps changes to...
  4. DanteGR

    Thread HTC_622 update

    Hello all. I have the HTC _622(HK) model. I'm still on December security patch with no more updates available. Is this normal? Anyone can confirm? Thank you in advance all.
  5. DanteGR

    Thread Model type (region)

    Hello all. Excuse my ignorance but how can I check which model is my phone (Taiwan, European etc). Thank you in advance :)
  6. DanteGR

    Thread Color calibration through Kernel Adiutor

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone could share any color calibration profiles in Kernel Adiutor? Thanks in advance Swiftkeyed from my 1+2 A2003
  7. DanteGR

    Thread Overheating and rebooting.

    Hi all. So as the title suggests after playing Reckless Racing 3 for about 15 minutes the battery temp goes to around 40 degrees Celsius and after exiting the game the tablet every single time reboots. Anybody else has the same experience? Do you think it's a hardware fault and i should have...
  8. DanteGR

    Thread Can't make any calls

    Hello everyone. As of today i can't make any calls whatsoever with my One. Out of the blue the call button doesn't do anything. It registers the vibration but it won't call any number. I am on 4.2.2 Renovate with stock kernel. I have already tried reflashing the rom by only wiping system...
  9. DanteGR

    Thread Delayed or no push notifications at all when phone is sleeping

    So I searched and was not able to find anyone complaining on not receiving push notifications (whatsapp msgs, Gmail, Facebook messages etc) when the screen has been off for 10 minutes or more either on wifi or mobile data. It has been happening to me since day one and it is surely not a...
  10. DanteGR

    Thread Weather app/widget

    Hello guys. I am searching for a weather app/widget (preferably with clock too) like the default sense one, to use on an aosp rom. It MUST have accurate current location detection and hourly forecast. It doesn't matter if it is animated or not and it doesn't matter if it is a paid app or free...
  11. DanteGR

    Thread Nandroid restore

    Hello people. So i unlocked my phone and rooted it and before installing a custom rom i nandroid backed up the stock rom via cwm. Then i flashed a custom one and also backed it up. Problem is that if i try to restore either of the two backups i get a md5 mismatch and they won't restore... Is...
  12. DanteGR

    Thread When to wipe cache and dalvik cache

    Hello people! Have searched the forums and also tried googling but have not found a certain, conclusive answer to my question. The question is when do we have to wipe the cache and dalvik cache? I know what to wipe when flashing a new ROM but what about radios, RILs and kernels? What do we have...
  13. DanteGR

    Thread Camera Flash does not work anymore...

    My camera flash used to work fine but for the last week or so it just doesn't turn on. I've tried with the default camera app, Vignette and Camera 360 but no luck... The strange thing is that the flash is working fine as a flashlight AND when I turn the camcorder on. So for videos it is ok. I...
  14. DanteGR

    Thread [Q] wifi battery drain

    I always used to have much higher battery drain when on wifi than when on 2g/3g when idle with the same sync settings etc. When the screen is on and i am using the phone, the drain seems to be identical. Is this normal? Is there a setting or something that prevents the wifi from draining the...