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  1. theking_13

    Thread How to reset Samsung Account

    Long story short, phone is locked, guy forgot his password, wife in her infinite wisdom bought it thinking I could just wipe it and replace my M8. It was originally on OF4 but I couldn't find the .tar files, so I tried flashing OF3 with Odin, and it still says that it's locked. I've also...
  2. theking_13

    Thread How to completely wipe phone

    So my wife in her infinite wisdom, bought a Galaxy S6 off some guy at her work to replace my aging HTC M8. The catch being that he forgot his Samsung credentials, so he couldn't log in, and therefore is selling the phone to make up for his stupidity. Before buying it, she checked the IMEI and...
  3. theking_13

    Thread Anyone have the odin files for build G920AUCU2AOF4?

    As the title says, soft bricked my S6 and need the Odin files. The only ones I can find are for OF3 but downgrading on the S6 is impossible.
  4. theking_13

    Thread JB vs ICS battery life

    Is it just me, or do the JB ROMs, custom, official, just rooted, etc, get less battery life than the ICS counterparts? I first had a HOX back in July/August, and used only ICS ROMs. So I have a pretty good deal of experience with it, got about 5.5-6 hours of screen on time every single time...
  5. theking_13

    Thread My CID is 22222222, help me make it 11111111

    My CID is 22222222, even though I RUU'd back to 1.85. My Hboot 1.09, and my phone is S-Off'd. Why is it showing as 2222222? I've flashed other HOXs before and never experienced this issue.
  6. theking_13

    Thread Only VenomXL can be flashed, no other ROMs work?

    As title says, I can only flash Venom ROM, no other one is allowed. Every time I try, I get an error (Status 1) in TWRP. Do you guys have any similar problems/ways to fix it?
  7. theking_13

    Thread Can't flash anything, RUU isn't working.

    So, I used to be an Android expert and knew what was wrong just by the symptoms of the problem, having had an iPhone for about 4 months has changed all that. I'm still familiar with some of the stuff, fast boot, installing a recovery, mostly basic things, so I come here to the community I uses...
  8. theking_13

    Thread Few cases to review

    So I have a few cases, wondering if anyone is interested in a review of them. I already made one for my so far daily driver of the SGP Neo Hybrid case, but I have other as well. Here's my list, I would make one for all of them but don't want to waste of my if no one will read them lol - Belkin...
  9. theking_13

    Thread *REVIEW/PICS* Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Blue/White

    First thing, this case is wow, amazing. Really nice quality. Feels a lot better than the Speck Candy shell I had on. So much better. The color combinations look really good too since I own a white S3. Also, the screen protector that comes included is a very nice touch, one of my favorite, and...
  10. theking_13

    Thread Close thread, found my answer. :p

    As stated, how would I know? I know it charges through the dock, but not if it gives it those extra 10 or so hours of battery life. I bought a used one and would rather not drain it to wait and see. Any quick and reliable answer will be appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my sexy white Galaxy S3 on...
  11. theking_13

    Thread [Q] How to force 2G/EDGE

    So as the title says, how? Running FreeGS3 which is based off of stock. I know AOSP has this option but stock doesn't. Does anyone know the hidden dialer code to get to the network settings and change to EDGE? Much appreciated. :) Sent from my sexy white Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile ;)
  12. theking_13

    Thread Speck Candyshell

    Anyone use/used this case and can share heir likes/dislikes? Looks pretty good on a laptop screen. Lol Oh, and if pics could be taken too, that would be great. :D Sent from my sexy white Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile ;)
  13. theking_13

    Thread [HOW TO][EASY] ODEX your rom, make your phone faster!

    As some of you may know, odexed roms offer better battery life and superior performance compared to deodexed roms, but the one drawback is that they're harder to mod. I was looking for a odexed rom (coming from the HTC One X, almost all stock roms were odexed, so I expected the same, lol) but...
  14. theking_13

    Thread NEW Motorola Xoom $249 Not sure if anyone is interested, but I have a Xoom and love it! Great 10.1 inch tab, with 32 GBs of storage, plus SD card!
  15. theking_13

    Thread [Q] No odexed roms? Why?

    So I went through basically every ROM in the development thread, and was surprised that there was no odexed roms. I know this phone isn't the same as the One XL, but over there we had all the stock ones odexed, and all the AOSP ones deodexed. I'm not saying all stock based roms for the S3...
  16. theking_13

    Thread Sorry, didn't see there was a thread already open

    Interested to see what you guys are using, I have an Seidio Surface case with kickstand and love it. Currently Seidio isn't offering a kickstand with the SGS3, so wondering what cases you guys are rocking, and if you could post pics that would be much appreciated. :) Sent from my sexy white HTC...
  17. theking_13

    Thread CPU Master vs. SetCPU

    Anyone recommend one over the other? And their experiences? Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  18. theking_13

    Thread [Q] Stock HOX build.prop

    So I changed my build.prop to reflect that if a international Galaxy note, on I could download some otherwise incompatible apps. I forgot to make a backup of the stock build.prop however, and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to upload theirs to say Drop box? :D Sent from my...
  19. theking_13

    Thread [Q] How to dump EVERYTHING via ADB?

    So I unlocked the bootloader and rooted the phone, and forgot that the phone gets wiped. I downloaded a couple programs but most don't even recognize that the phone is attached. I've read that dumping everything from the phone to an external HDD can recover pics, but I'm not to familiar with...
  20. theking_13

    Thread [FIXED] HaxSync (for FB contacts) not working

    So, as you all know, FB can't sync its contacts with your phone from ICS to JB, and there's been lots of hacks/apps to allow this. Back when ICS was barely released, HaxSync was one of the only working apps, and also produced high quality pics. Fast forward to today, I can't use HaxSync to...
  21. theking_13

    Thread Expansys selling a FULL white Gnex? Fake?

    Exactly as said above, the entire Galaxy Nexus seems to be white, the digitialzer (which was always black before) is white also. Looks like a choppy image however, anyone bought it/planning on getting it and able to post pics? :D...
  22. theking_13

    Thread Amaze Screen on time/battery life

    So I might be trading my Gnex for an Amaze + cash, but my main concern is battery life. That, and learning a different process of flashing roms/radios, since I've only ever tinkered with Samsung/LG devices. So my fellow members, what screen on time (best way to measure battery life I think) do...
  23. theking_13

    Thread [Q] Quality WHITE cases?

    Hello there, currently have an Incipio Silicrylic Light gray on White, and the white is almost a yellow now. :mad: Anyways, looking for a white, quality case that protects similar to the Silicrylic, which is a rubber part that goes on the phone, and then a hard plastic back that holds it all...
  24. theking_13

    Thread Be careful while applying Zagg (and other WET apply protectors)!

    As the title says BE CAREFUL. While installing the wet apply Zagg, I guess there was alot of excess liquid, and some of it got into the Power Button, and it STOPPED working. Couldn't press it at all, so I figured maybe it was SW related, and took out the battery. The moment I put it in, the...
  25. theking_13

    Thread [FIXED] Your phone sees your router, but won't connect? See this!

    Gsm Gnex running AOKP M5 + Franco M3. Now, I last connected to Wifi this morning at 8 am. I come home, try to connect, and nothing. Forget network, reconnect, enter password, and nothing. Just says "Saved, Secured with WPA/WPA2". Tried reflashing the kernel, still nothing, suggestions please...
  26. theking_13

    Thread [Q] How to get the most of out Gnex Battery

    So I've tried various things, disabled apps I don't use such as Email, Exchange Services, News and Weather, and even disabled the Gallery app and using QuickPic instead (on GB, Gallery was known to waste battery for no reason). Also turned off data and connected via 2G only to save battery, have...
  27. theking_13

    Thread [Q] Lowest usable voltage settings for GNex

    Running AOKP with Franco's kernel, haven't tried anything else since most people recommended this combo, and I haven't noticed any cons (if there are any) to them. Anyways, been using the CPU Master app since the Mytouch 3G Slide days, up to Vibrant, G2x, and now GNex. There's always voltage...
  28. theking_13

    Thread New to Gnex, need help with ROMs?

    So just got my Gnex about an hour ago, already used the Toolkit to unlock, root, and get recovery. Now, there's SO MANY options out there, im not used to it coming from the G2x, lol. So, I've read up a little about great options, and I seem to want to try AOKP with Franco's kernel. Anyone else...
  29. theking_13

    Thread Who else got the Galaxy Nexus?

    Just bought my Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store, can't say I regret it... just yet. Anyways, who else bit the bullet? The HD screen, plus ICS and pure google made it irresistible...
  30. theking_13

    Thread [Q] Nexus S 4G Recovery/Rooting

    Hello, I just got my gf a Nexus S 4G, to upgrade from her HTC Hero (finally, right?), and I've been looking around and I can't find a way to root the phone. Maybe the thread is so deep into the archives, idk. Anyways, if someone could help me root/flash a recovery (I've seen the basic...
  31. theking_13

    Thread ICS out for the G2x!

    Check out the link below! Beta from LG! Jk, its never gonna happen. April Fools. :) Sent from my amazing G2x running EaglesBlood and Faux. :D
  32. theking_13

    Thread Lockscreen in CM7

    So I'm using EB,and I might've been messing around with my phone yesterday. Anyways, I turned off the lockscreen, as in if I press the power button, it unlocks automatically, without having to drag the ring to unlock and use the phone. I think I've tried everything,anyone know how to get it...
  33. theking_13

    Thread [Q] Ad blocking on EaglesBlood?

    I know some ROMs include ad blocking features, such as Bionix Relaoded. However, EaglesBlood doesn't (still a great ROM), but I want to know how to enable it. Whether it be by adding files, removing them, flashing, etc. Anyone that can explain this to me will be thanked. Please help!